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Best Marijuana Games for Android and iPhone

If you have been paying attention to the gaming industry, you will know that smart phone games have been rising in popularity and are a staple on any modern-day phone.

Many people love to play a game that is simple and fun, without too much pressure to perform. Most people are using their phones to pass time on the bus to work, in lines, or waiting around while meeting someone. There is always a little time for distraction and everyone always has their phone handy.

There are new games that are hitting the market that are advertising to a more specific market. If you are someone that enjoys marijuana, you are going to want to check out these eight different cool weed game app that have been designed just for you!

 These games are going to give you a taste of many smokers dreams. You can grow your own marijuana, start a shop to sell your baked goods, and much more. These games are available on both Android-based phones and good weed games for iPhone.

These games are much like the typical simulation games that are found on all of our phone. Even those that do not enjoy smoking will be able to enjoy these games. They are a relaxing distraction from the real world that appeals to anyone. Here is a list of our favorite free weed growing games for android and iphone

GameDownload Here
Weed Firm 2
Garden of Weed
Weed Shop
iSmoke Weed HD
Pot Farm:Grass Roots
Ganja Farmer: Weed Empire
Weed Bakery
Bud Trimmer

Weed Firm 2

This is one of the best weed games for Android or iPhone. It is reminiscent of a typical business tycoon game. Your main goal is to run a successful weed business. This game allows you to grow product, sell it to customers, and find out what works best for them.

This marijuana game for android and iphone will start you off as a man named Ted that wants a successful weed growing job. You are going to need to figure out what pot growing games helps your plants grow the best and make sure you water them! There are also different records that you are able to use to help your plants grow even faster. The right combinations are going to make you more successful in this game. You are also able to choose between different types of weed. There are multiple different types of customers that are going to come through your shop. Each customer is going to bring a different aspect to your game. Make sure you pay attention to each one throughout the game to find out what is special about them.

Check out our review of the Firefly 2 vaporizer. The successor of the Firefly is stunning with all of the advanced features that have been added making it the best marijuana vape in our opinion.

Garden of Weed Game

This is a weed game for android. It is going to be similar to Weed Firm in many aspects. The game also add another dimension that is typical of the farming games you will find. You are going to be able to grow in your own game, but you are also allowed to visit others games to see how they are using their game. If you are stuck on an aspect of this game, you can pop into someone's game that is more prosperous than yours and get a few pointers.

This pot game for android has added the ability to grow weed games app, mushrooms, and coffee plants. You will have a little more growing and harvesting to balance with these added items. You are going to be in Colorado in a village that is populated by hippies.

As you would expect, you are going to find nothing but love and peace in this town until there is an officer that takes down the pot growing game business. They take it out by burning the whole town down. You step in as the new leader for this town in this business, to help them regrow.


There are multiple aspects to try to balance. You are going to need to grow multiple plants.

In addition there are bong shops, bud trimmers, and joints.

You have a lot to do in this weed game so you are not going to get bored easily.

Weed Shop

You can enjoy this  weed game on both Android and iPhone. This game does differ from the first two because you are not growing weed illegally. In this game, you are going to be running a medical dispensary for weed.

This game brings a different aspect to the table. It has 3D graphics that are much more appealing than the 2D games that are out there. Another aspect that everyone can enjoy is that there is great music in the background. You are not likely to become annoyed with the music with these reggae beats that help you get in a relaxed mood.

This game has the ability to mimic lifelike strains of marijuana. There is a vast variety of strains and supplies that are used to grow. They took the time to make this game so that your plants are not just copies of each other. Each strain looks unique.

There is more of a lifelike feel to how you run this game as well. You are going to need to balance promotions, customer satisfaction, and all of the goals of the game. The customers do need to be paid attention to so that they say happy and keep coming back. The game play of this game is very addicting and you are not going to be able to put it down until you have the best dispensary around.

iSmoke Weed HD

This is a different type of weed game that can be played on Android and iPhone. In this game, you are not going to be growing or weed selling games. Instead you are going to be smoking it. Feel like it is a strange concept over your phone? It probably is. It is a 3D-based game that is easy and focused on being a time waster. You have basic game play, but it is not too repetitive. You are able to unlock different levels so the game keeps evolving. One part of the game that people have loved is its original song. It is called Smoke the Ganja and it is by Earth Dawg.

You are probably wondering how the concept of smoking weed over your phone works. You are going to use your microphone jack to play this game. Reviews of this game are mixed. It is a basic game and you probably will not actually receive a high from playing. One unique review has stated that they used the simulation of smoking to help them quit smoking cigarettes. While this is probably not a phenomenon that is going to catch on, if it works, more power to you!

If you love smoking weed then you'll love our review of the top vaporizers for weed of 2018!

Pot Farm:Grass Roots

marijuana games

This game is only available on Android. This is another weedgame that is based around growing and weed selling game. It is more interactive than the other games on the list. You are able to connect to other players as well. This is an addictive game that you are going to want to try.

Pot Farm: Grass Roots is going to give you references to some of the more well known strains out there. Two that are mentioned are OG Kush and Pineapple Express, but there are many more. It gives you a more realistic weed growing games for android experience because you must use grow lights, generators, and water pumps. These items are upgradable to make your production work more smoothly.

If your business is booming, you can spread out your business and hire others to help you harvest and sell. You will need to build your dispensary to sell your variations of marijuana. There is an in-game market for marijuana that you are going to sell to.

Make sure you invite all of your friends that you would typically invite over for a smoke session. They are going to enjoy playing this game with you. You must protect your crops from the mites that will attack you. Be sure you are not too addicted to this game, you may be tempted to take advantage of the in-game purchases. These purchases are going to help your game progress faster.

Ganja Farmer: Weed Empire

This game is available to download on Android or iPhone. This is another installment of the marijuana growing games. It does have very similar characteristics as many of the other games I have mentioned. What makes it unique is the different ways you must choose to grow and dispense your marijuana. Each game is unique with different possibilities.

This weed game has created a more involved method in terms of its economy. Your direct choices change your business from profitable to failing depending on what choices you make. It is truly reminiscent of making real choices within a business.

The graphics are based on hand-drawn pictures giving it more of a cartoon feel. This is a variation from many of the typical games you find on your phone and can reduce the way phones tend to glitch when running 3D graphics.

You are able to run your business while you listen to very chill music. It has a variety of reggae melodies. You can distill moonshine, bake goods, and help fulfill all of your customers desires to make sure they are leaving happy. This game also features in game purchases. If you are too impatient for that next item, you can always purchase it.

Weed Bakery

This is a different aspect to the weed games. You are looking at making baked goods and selling them to your customers to make them happy. Not only are you selling these goods, but you are going to need to grow the appropriate strains to put into them. This game is going to reference real life strains that you might enjoy yourself like White Widow, the Chronic, and Purple Rain; not to mention many more that you will discover as you play.

The dispensary is a little more customizable than other games. You have the ability to choose from posters and other pot referenced items to decorate your shop. Perfect your perfect shop and keep those customers coming back. You will need some time management skills to thoroughly enjoy this game. You will need to grow and produce product that is going to match what your customers are asking for. If you do not have a good plan of action, you are not going to do well in this business.

Bud Trimmer

This is a strictly Android-based game. This game could easily become a part of your daily routine. You might even want to introduce it to your friends the next time you get together. It is very reminiscent of Fruit Ninja. You are not going to be growing, selling, or smoking weed with this game. Instead you are going to be able to enjoy a fast pace reaction game.

There are going to be two different modes for you to choose from. There is a timed mode and an arcade mode. Each one comes with its own features and power-ups to gain. The game is often being updated so you are able to find different “Easter Eggs” that the producers have hidden within the game play.

weed iphone game

As you play, you are going to earn what is called Kush Ka$h. This currency allow you to buy different items for game play. Including different kinds of knives to use to slash through your marijuana buds. You will need to have a keen eye to watch for nuggets that are crawling with spider and mites.

There are as wide a variety of weed games to play as there are marijuana strains. You are sure to find one that is enjoyable to play. Whether you prefer to grow weed, run a shop, smoke it, or even cut through it, there is a game that will interest you. This popular pastime is sure to produce many more games in the future. Check back to see what has popped up!

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