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vape tricks

Cool Vape Tricks Anyone Can Learn

Think vaporizer smoke tricks are just for regular smokers? Think again! Vaping is far healthier than traditional smoking and offers endless flavors to fit anyone’s taste. Best of all, it’s still possible to perform vape tricks to entertain yourself or your friends. What’s not to love?

If you were previously a smoker and could do smoke tricks vape the same methods can be applied to vaping. If not, there are several smoke tricks with vape you can learn ranging from relatively easily to extremely advanced.

Vape Smoke Tricks are a great way to break the ice with a group of people you don’t know. Everyone will want to know how you learned your tricks. Start by practicing beginner vape tricks, once you’ve mastered those you can move on to intermediate, advanced and even the best vape tricks!

If you are new to vaping, check out our article on vaping pros and cons.  You'll see why it is wise to start.

Equipment Needed To Perform Vape Tricks

Before you start performing Vaporizer Tricks, you will need to have the proper equipment. Without the proper equipment it can be quite difficult to perform these cool tricks.

Box Mod

Having a high powered box mod is a great way to get insanely large clouds! I personally use the Smok X Cube Ultra as it is both affordable and great quality!

Smok X Cube II 160W Bundle


It's wise to use a RDA while trying to produce massive clouds. My favorite RDA on the market is the tugboat. Not only is it American Made, but it is also very affordable!

Vape Trick RDA

Sub-Ohm Tank​

The Uwell Crown series is known for their epic production of clouds. I can honestly say, these are the best Sub-Ohm tanks on the market for the price.  While Uwell is a small company, it will definetly be increasing in size in the future if they continue to produce quality products.

sub-ohm vape trick


While cloud chasing, you will most likely be sub-ohming. Without using the proper batteries, there is a chance of possibly getting hurt. Its recommended that you purchase a high quality battery to keep you safe.

Personally, I use LG HG2 Batteries. LG is one of the top brands in the world, and is known for their high quality products

Vape Trick Battery


When selecting the correct vape juice for cloud chasing, you want to have as much VG as possible. The ideal amount to have 100%, but anything close to that number should be adequate. 

My Personal favorite is  watermellon punch from Juice Roll Upz. Not only do I get a great flavor, but I can also produce massive clouds allowing me to perform any trick I want.

Vape Trick E-Juice

While it isn't necessary, I would highly recommend getting a case for all your vaping equipment. Check out our article on the top vaping carrying cases.

Beginner Vape Tricks

Ready to start learning some tricks to enjoy during your vape sessions? Here is how to do cool vape tricks that are basic and a good place to start and will offer a foundation for more impressive tricks later on.


This is an incredibly easy vape tricks to master while still looking impressive. However, it does require a little pre-planning.

You’ll need a bottle, like a water bottle, with a little bit of frozen water in the bottom. It doesn’t need to be any specific amount, just enough to stay frozen for a while so you can do the trick a few times.

Once you have your bottle ready to go with water frozen in the bottom of it, you’re ready to start. Inhale as much vapor as you can into your mouth, and then slowly blow it out into the bottle. Next, slowly pour the vapor out of the bottle just like you would pour water out. You want to do this on a clear, flat surface such as a table.

The result is a waterfall effect with the vapor pouring out of the bottle and onto the flat surface. Once you learn some more tricks you can add additional effects by using this as a place to drop rings or triangle. You can blow other tricks into the flat smoke to make it disperse with some interesting effects. Be creative!

Vapor Clouds

This is the easiest trick to master and an excellent place to start. Vapor clouds are exactly what they sound like, clouds of vapor! The size of the cloud exhaled depends on the amount of vapor inhaled.

The more vapor you can inhale and hold in your mouth to exhale, the bigger the cloud will be.

Remember, no matter what trick you are attempting to do, if you pull the vapor into your throat, you’ll have less vapor to present the trick. It’s important to hold the vapor in your mouth.

If you keep your mouth firm and your lips puckered slightly as you exhale the vapor, the cloud will start out narrow and extend into a cloud as it dissipates. If you open your mouth more, the cloud comes out bigger and bolder. As you practice you’ll start to understand how different placement of your lips and tongue affect the results of the vapor cloud. Congratulations you’re ready to try something new!

Vapor Rings

Remember old school cartoons where the characters could blow smoke ring tricks and thinking it was only because it was a cartoon? People can actually produce smoke or vapor rings too! It happens to be even more entertaining in person than in those cartoons, why not give it a try?

To start smoke ring tricks, take in the vapor and hold it in your mouth. Your tongue should be held toward the front of your mouth with the tip against the back of your teeth, but as you practice the trick you’ll learn what works best for you.

You’ll use the middle part of your tongue to help push the smoke forward out of your mouth.

Try pretending the tip of your tongue is glued to the back of your teeth and push your tongue forward like you’re going to lick a Popsicle, that motion is going to help produce gorgeous rings. Your mouth should be open in an O shape, similar to the mouth on a surprised emoji face. Hold the vapor in your mouth while you’re forming your lips into the O shape, and then gently puff out some of the vapor keeping your lips in the same shape as you use your tongue to push it forward as described. You should see something resembling a ring or donut. You’ve just completed a vapor trick!

If you struggle to products rings using this method, you can also try curling your tongue upward on both sides and curling your lips inward then back out as you exhale the vapor to produce the same effect. The lip movement is similar to the way a goldfish maneuvers its mouth to eat or search the water for food fragments.

One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to pucker your lips like the dreaded duck face, instead, you want your mouth and lips to be wide and firm, but not tense as you complete the motion.

vape tricks

Once you've mastered one method or the other, you can start playing with the size of the ring by adjusting the amount you keep your mouth open. When going for mini rings make the opening small and use small jaw movements to help form the rings as you carefully puff each ring out.

Mastering vapor rings can lead to an endless number of more advanced tricks, so be certain you don’t skip learning this if you want to do tricks that will leave your friends memorized.

Ring Bending

Once you can constantly produce vapor rings, it's time to start manipulating them to do different things. Blow out a ring, and then push your hand up behind it, without going through it.

This will not only slow the ring from flying away so fast but also allows you to redirect the ring depending on how you push the air behind it. You can push it to the side, down, up, or even make it spin.

Ring bending looks very impressive, making it a great goal for someone new to vape tricks.

Intermediate Vape Tricks


Everyone loves bubbles, right? Making vape bubbles entails filling a bubble with the vapor for an interesting visual effect. It may sound complicated, but it’s actually rather easy to master and sure to impress anyone who sees it.

The size of the utensil you use to blow the bubble will determine the size. If you don’t have any kids bubble sets lying around, you can even use the cardboard tube from a roll of toilet paper.

To make a bubble solution, use a good quality dish soap that isn’t watered down like many generics.

smoke tricks

Mix about one tablespoon of the dishwashing liquid with about a cup of water and pour into a shallow dish to dip the end of the tube. You’re ready to blow a vapor bubble!

With your bubble utensil loaded and ready to go, take in a fair amount of vapor. Slowly and steadily blow into the bubble tool just like you are blowing a normal bubble. The bubble will fill with the vapor as it expands, voila, you’ve done it! You can let the bubble do its own thing or pop it and let the vapor cloud disperse in the air. Be careful not to let the floor get slick if you get carried away blowing bubbles, it’s easy to do!


This trick is referred to as a ghost because of the way the cloud disappears. To do the trick, inhale vapor and let it sit in your mouth. Carefully blow it out in a ball by making a short puff out so the vapor stays concentrated.

Quickly inhale again, which should pull the ball back into your mouth and create a visual effect in the process. Practice infant of a mirror or record yourself so you can see what happens.

After a few tries, you’ll realize what you’re trying to achieve and have yet another trick mastered in no time.

how to do vape tricks

French Inhaling

This trick requires some amount of concentration and control of your breathing. You’re going to hold the vapor in your mouth, slightly open your mouth and let the vapor creep out gently.

Once this happens, simply inhale through your nose to pull the vapor up. Getting the level of smoke to exhale in line with the inhaling through your nose will likely take several attempts to get right.

cool tricks

The more you practice the easier it will be!


Known as the friend in your circle with a temper or dragon obsession? If so, this trick is perfect for you! The dragon vapor trick requires you to blow vapor not only out of your nose but simultaneously out of the sides of your mouth, which makes you look just like a dragon!

The hard part about this cool vape trick is getting the smoke to come out the sides of your mouth, blowing the vapor through the nose is relatively easy for most people. Practicing each part separately will make putting the trick together easier.

To blow vapor out of your nose, take a good amount of vapor into your mouth and exhale through your nose, that’s it!

To get the mouth effect, keep the middle portion of your mouth closed by keeping your lip pressed together and the corners of your mouth open. This may take a little practice to get right and may seem a little awkward, but once you practice it a few times this trick will become rather easy.

how to do smoke tricks

Once you’ve mastered the two parts individually, it is time to combine them. Pull a large amount of vapor into your mouth.

As you exhale the vapor, blow it through your nose and both corners of your mouth at the same time. Getting the pressure right to result in equal streams of vapor out of all four spots may take a few tries.


Similar to the waterfall in that it requires a flat surface, the tornado is always a fun way to pass the time.

Take in lots of vapor and carefully blow it out on a flat surface such as a table, you don’t want a lot of movement in the vapor so be careful not to create additional air flow with movements or breathing.

Once you’ve done this, take one hand down on the flat vapor in a chopping motion and quickly flick your wrist up and in a spiral motion, this should create a tornado-like vortex in the vapor.

There are several different ways to create tornado effects with different movements of your wrist and fingers, so play around and find out which works best for you and which effects you like the best.

smoking tricks

Advanced Vape Tricks


Yes, we do mean the villain! This trick turns vapor into Bane's mask, talk about creepy! If you haven’t mastered the French inhale, you should get comfortable with that trick before trying to master this one.

You’re going to use your top teeth and lower lip to filter the vapor as it gets exhaled to create individual streams creating the bane mask effect as you inhale it through your nose.

cool smoke tricks

When you do inhale through your nose, you’ll want to do so quickly to help create the effect. If you inhale slowly the streams won’t be as defined and the trick loses its power.


Exactly what it sounds like, this trick is simply turning rings into triangles for a different visual effect. It takes some practice to get bending the rings into triangles down, so try mastering this trick when you’re feeling patient. Timing is very important and it will take numerous attempts to master.

To start, blow a ring, ideally a thick on that gives you more area to maneuver. Push your hand behind the ring to slow it down, then immediately use your hands to turn it into a triangle. To do this you can either use both hands and push in the two sides or use one hand and do two quick taps, the first one will spin the ring and the second will create another flat side to give the triangle effect.

Overachiever Vape Tricks

Advanced tricks not enough? Take your vape trick skills to the extreme by mastering this trick and more!


One of the most impressive tricks around, the jellyfish is also referred to as a mushroom cloud. Once the basics of this trick are mastered, it can easily be manipulated into many other forms. You’ll probably come up with one specific result you like and it can become your signature trick!

In order to do this trick, you must have blowing rings mastered. If you haven’t yet done so, take the time to do so then come back to this trick.

The jellyfish involves blowing a single O, then blowing the second one through it. The rings pull each other and expand out to create an effect that resembles a jellyfish or mushroom cloud.

To keep the first ring from getting too far away before you can blow the second one, use your palm pushed toward the ring to alter the airflow and keep it hanging around.

cool vape tricks

Be careful not to push your hand through the ring, which will destroy it.

The vapor you push through the first ring will alter the visual effect of the trick. Another structured ring looks more like a mushroom cloud. Play with it often and see what you like, maybe you’ll start a new trend!

You can create even more effects utilizing triangles and circles together while performing the jellyfish. Once you get really comfortable completing this trick, try doing several in a row before the others dissipate, your audience will not be disappointed.

Helpful Tips for Tricks

While trying to teach yourself these tricks, remember to pay close attention to the positioning of your mouth and tongue. Be patient with yourself as well. Some people may pick these tricks up with no problem at all, but most people need lots of practice spread out over time in order to master them. Don’t try to skip ahead to the more advanced tricks. Instead, take the time to master the basic tricks that will offer a solid foundation for more advanced vapor manipulation and more impressive looking tricks.

Another important factor is air flow. Having fans, furnaces or air conditioning running will greatly affect the way you can manipulate the vapor. The more still the air is, the better control you will have over the effects of the vapor shapes.

What you choose to vape and the vaporizer you use will also impact how easy or difficult vape tricks are. Look for products that produce lots of thick vapor when smoked for optimum results. Cigarettes and traditional smoking material may produce more smoke for tricks, but the health benefits of vaping far outweigh this convenience, so do your research and invest in a good vaporizer and vaping e liquid.

Using these tips and the instructions above, you’ll be the master of cool vape tricks in no time!

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