Purple Weed

Purple Weed

The Best Purple Marijuana 2018 Guide

This list is going to introduce to you the best purple marijuana, for the year of 2018. These strains are not only more appealing to the eye than other purple weed strains, but are going to deliver a great smoke session. All eight of these best purple marijuana strains will give you amazing flavor and good strong smoke.

While you might think that they are more of a gimmick with their interesting purple color, they actually do deliver on all spectrums.

You can find flavor, quality, and nice sized buds on all of these plants. These plants all purple weed have diverse histories and have been bred specifically to bring out the best qualities possible. There are a mixture of indica and sativa strains to pick from depending on your preference. Each offering their own unparalleled effects.

Grape Ape

grape ape weed

The Grape Ape is from Barney's Farm an Apothecary Generics. This is a strain of  weed strains purple that couples Skunk, Afghani, and Mendicino Purps. These variations are all purple weed strains based around the indica strains of weed. The reason this one is called Grape Ape is its distinct grape smell that you can detect instantly. It is also encompassed by very dark purple weed strains leaves. These leaves grow darker as the plant matures leaving them a deep purple marijuana strains when fully matured. It reaches its mature state in about eight weeks of flowering time.

When you first see this strain's buds, it does not scream purple top weed like some of the others on the list. It is typically trimmed well so that most purple weed leaves are gone when you receive it.

The smell will still come through to remind you of the name. It does have an embellishment of hairs. This strain can help you achieve a more relaxed state of mind. Grape Ape can help you if you have anxiety or stress in your life that you would like to help lessen. Pain is another aspect that this strain can assist you with.

Purple Kush Strain

purple kush

The Purple Kush features mostly green buds that have suggestions of a best purple strains of weed tint throughout the plant. They are typically very compact and are of moderate size in comparison to most buds. The plant itself does not grow as tall as many plants, instead it grows out like a bush. This plant also has a flowering time of eight weeks. It is a pure indica strain. It does originate in California and is a cross between the Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush strains. The smell of this strain is typical of Kush plant but also adds in a sweeter, earthy tone.

This strain is great for relaxing. It lasts a long time and gives you a euphoric response. While the body relaxes, you are able to help decrease your pain or stress.

It may also help you sleep if you have issues getting rest. The taste of this strain will give you some bodily traces of grape and is a very potent, flowery taste. The effects from Purple Kush last for up to two hours, it does vary according to how it was processed and dried.

Void Strain

purple marijuana

This strain is going to be one to reach for if you prefer a strongest purple strain effect. Many people report very high levels of joy and even spontaneous fits of laughing when using the Void. This strain not only helps someone's mood increase, but it can also cause people to become more lazy. There are some people that have reported the opposite effect of being stimulated by the weed. It does depend on your personal reactions to the substance. People have rumored that this strain gives you more of a whole body experience instead of just a mental one like some strains.

One of the perks of this purple strain is it's unique and strong taste. If it is grown correctly, it tastes like a saltwater taffy that is grape. It is a variation of both Apollo 13 and Querkle and was produced by TGA Subsoil Seeds.

People have said this strain will give you the munchies which seems to stem from the full body high. Most do not have negative side effects, besides this one, but you could have a dryer mouth or eyes, dizziness, and if you use this in higher concentrations some paranoia has been reported.

Purple Haze

purple haze weed

This best purple weed strain is one that leans towards having a much more pronounced purple color. This is because of its unique flowering in which it turns purple. Some strains are forced to turn purple by growing them at a temperature that is lower than usual. This strain does not need this technique to find its purple hue. It was derived from Haze and Purple Thai. Purple Haze as up to a 9-week flowering time where it has the chance to morph into variations of purple.

This strain has descended from the original Haze. It was able to produce purple buds and is a plant of sativa variation. This specific strain may have been lost according to most people,

but they do think that Purple Haze is derived from it and crosses of indica strains. If you want Haze, the Flying Dutchmen does still sell it in seed form.

You are going to get an extreme euphoric state. Anyone that is well versed in smoking is going to be reminded of old times when trying this bud. Purple Haze stimulates your brain and many people find that they have the ability to be more creative and overall more happy throughout their day. You are going to find that this one has a sweeter, earthy taste that does have hints of berry with some spice to it.

Purple Urkle Strain

purple urkle strain

If you are someone that cannot sleep, this strain is going to be great for you. It is a California indica strain that can help your body loosen up. Purple Urkle is going to help anyone that suffers from insomnia. If you also need relief from serious pain, its powerful relaxing tendencies can also help you. I would not recommend using this strain during the day if you want to be very productive. It is best utilized at night.

The origin of the name of this strain is not exactly known. Many people do think of a certain character out of Family Matters. It is not actually clear if the strain was named after the nerdy character Steve Urkel or not.

This strain was possibly derived from Granddaddy Purple or the Mendocino Purps strain. You are going to get a substance of berry, grapes, and skunk when using this strain.

Blueberry Strain

blueberry strain

The Blueberry Strain is one that you might know as being an A-List choice. Not only does this best purple weed strain deliver in taste, but it also has the title of Best Indica. It was awarded in High Times' Cannabis Cup 2000. While it has become very popular, its original strain can be traced back as far as 1970. The person that introduced this strain was DJ Short, an American breeder who was experimenting with landrace strains.

This strain was distributed through many hands because of his working with different breeders and seed banks. With many people working with these strains, there has been a lot of cultivation of this product to create different strains.

Blueberry gets its name because of its crisp taste of blueberries. There is also the possibility to enhance this flavor with a flavored paper. You are going to be able to relax with this purple cannabis strains. It also gives longer results and a sense of elation. Blueberry weed can help you reduce your stress in your life and lessen any pain you are experiencing. Many people enjoy this strain because of its bright color and a higher concentration of THC that gives you the strong effects.

Querkle Strain

purple weed

The Querkle Strain was an experiment to see if TGA Scubcool Seeds was able to produce a plant that was similar to the Urkle Strain, but had a better growing time. They did succeed. This strain is able to flower at around eight weeks and does give off a higher yield. The buds that come from this plant are more compact than it's counterparts.

It is a combination of the Purple Urkle and Space-Queen which are more heavy indica strains. This plant is almost eighty percent indica.

To get this large quantity of product, Subcool propose you use the vegging method to produce a larger bush of product. With methods like this, you are able to see a yield of around a quarter pound for every plant that you produce.

The grape scent carried over from the parent plants into the Querkle. It also mixes in a scent of berries and gives its user a potent fruit flavor. Both parent plants have been praised for their quality and the Querkle has followed in their footsteps.

Granddaddy Purple Strain

purple weed strains

The Granddaddy Purple weed strains has become very popular. It has an interesting color as well as a dusting of a white crystal resin on its leaves that makes it's purple pop. This coloration gives it a very distinct look along with its brighter colored buds. While the color does not change the end product of the marijuana, it does make for a more colorful and playful choice of weed. The plant is beautiful with bright purple leaves that have light green buds scattered across them.

It is a strain that has been around for a few years and was introduced by Ken Estes. In 2003, it came about as a mixture of the Purple Urkle and the Big Bud strains. These two strains have come together to create a more complex strain. It has taken its berry grape scent from the Purple Urkle and has inherited the massive dense buds from the Big Bud to create this California strain.

When you use this strain, it is going to give you a potent effect in both your mind and body. It puts your mind in a more jubilant state and simultaneously gives your body the ability to unwind.

You are going to want to find a comfortable spot to park yourself in while you enjoy the effects of this weed. Your creativity is going to soar, but you are not going to want to move much to act on it. You could have an enjoyable day-dreaming experience.

There are a variety of ailments that people use this strain to treat. You are able to use this for insomnia, stress, pain, appetite, and even muscle spasms. One of the benefits of this plant is that it has a quick flowering time at about sixty days and is going to give you much more product than any other plant on this list.

All eight of these strains are going to give you a great experience while using them. Many of them share similar effects like helping with insomnia and pain. Some are seen as more potent than others and it is up to you to find the one that works best with your body and for you. There are a variety of flavor components to choose from with these eight unique strains. Many of them are based around a grape berry flavor and have other flavors that accent this unique quality.

These are all variations of purple weed which stems from not only their flavors, but from their colors as well. Many people are drawn to the unusual coloring of these plants. You are going to enjoy every session with the wide variety of effects that these have to offer. If you prefer indica or sativa or vice versa, you will be able to find at least one new variation to try. Over the years, these plants have been cultivated to give great results. Breeders have chosen qualities from parent plants that they prefer and have combined them for great new products.

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