Plenty Vaporizer Review

Plenty Vaporizer

Plenty Vaporizer Review

It may not look the nicest, but it provides a fantastic vaping experience

9.5 User Rating

Our Rating: 9.5/10

plenty vaporizer

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The Plenty vaporizer has hit the market from the creators Storz & Bickel. This company is one that has been able to produce vaporizers that set the standard for what to expect out of a great vaping experience. It is hand held and is also able to be plugged in. An exciting thought to a world of portable vaporizes that take hours of charging to use. While I am excited about another product from this company the design of this vaporizer has me feeling like I'm going to be fixing a cabinet instead of vaping.

plenty vaporizer review

That being said there is a quote that goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When using the Plenty vaporizer you will completely forget about the the device and focus on the inner beauty. Storz & Bickel have crafted this machine to work wonders and this device does function up to par with the Volcano desktop vaporizer. The Plenty is going to give you quality vapor that tastes great for a long time to come.

The Plenty vape has some extreme power behind it. It is able to pull everything out of your material from taste to the effects you are looking to get from it. This is not going to leave anything left over when you are finished. You are getting a device that uses convection heating to its fullest potential. When you begin to use the device you are going to notice how wonderful taking a draw from it is. There is virtually no pull from this device so it feels great as you use it.

If you do not like this version of the vaporizer you are able to look into their more updated models. There is not a Crafty and a Mighty vaporizer that can be seen as the cordless versions of this unit. This unit does have the advantage of at home use since you do not need to worry about batteries or charging. You are able to just plug it in a go.

The unit is fitted with a very large chamber. This chamber is much wider than that of other vaporizers on the market. This surface area gives you the space to pack your material in and get very strong vapor. For the price of this unit it is able to rival its competitors in terms of performance.

plenty vape

With the chamber being so large you are able to fit a lot of material if you choose. You do not need to put too much material into the chamber, and if you prefer you are able to use a oil pad spacer to help your material reach your screen. I find that the Plenty vaporizer gives me a good even heat as I use it. There is not any material that is getting too hot as it heats up. When you pull your material out of your chamber after uses it is very even in color.

plenty vaporizer temperature

Using the Plenty vaporizer is very easy. You are going to fill up your chamber and then hit the on switch. You are able to use a dial to set your desired temperature before you begin vaping. Once you have the temperature set you can pull the trigger to activate the heating process. This can take up to four minutes to get to the desired temperature. Once the machine is ready it will alert you with a light and you are able to begin vaping. When you are vaping you are not able to stand the vaporizer up, it does not have a flat end to rest on. The manufacturer has suggested using a cleaning brush that is placed into a screw hole to help prop the device up. While this does look it can make for a more awkward vaping session.

Something that I will note is that the cooling coil itself gets very hot. It does its job by keeping the air that comes from the coil very cool. It is misleading how cool this air is compared to the actual coil. If you are unfortunate enough to touch it you are going to be in for a surprise. It is not going to burn you, but you will not enjoy touching it either.

An aspect that I like in all of my vaporizers is a safety fail. If you have the device on but have not pulled on the trigger in a long time your device is going to turn itself off. For anyone that is a tad forgetful this can be a lifesaver for your material. No one wants to heat material and then not use it.

Something that this vaporizer allows you to do is to pack your chamber as you device is heating up. This makes the time it takes to heat the device feel not so long. When you have packed your chamber with an adequate amount of material you are able to attach the chamber back onto the device. This device does not have any hiccups in design like many vaporizer do. All of the parts fit together nicely and can be taken apart easily.

unboxing plenty vaporizer

When you do need to clean this machine you can easily take it apart. There are not very many pieces to keep track of and cleaning them out is very easy. There are three main parts to this vaporizer. There is the body which holds the heating mechanism, the chamber, and the cooling coil. One of the better aspects of this machine is that you will very rarely need to clean it. You are going to spend much more time vaping than cleaning. If you do need replacement parts like a vape mouthpiece, you are able to purchase them from the company.

plenty vape parts

This vaporizer is a powerful machine that may not look pretty, but it works beautifully. All of its components come together to provide a smooth and easy vaping experience. There are no design flaws in this mechanism and you are going to be able to use your material to its maximum ability. The flavor and vapor you get from this machine is going to challenge that of the Volcano Vaporizer. While many people have been leaning towards the portable wax pen vaporizers, this version is going to remind you of how vaping is suppose to be.

plenty and volcano vaporizer

It may not look the nicest, but it provides a fantastic vaping experience

9.5 User Rating

Our Rating: 9.5/10

rating for plenty vaporizer

*Best Price Guarantee

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