Magic Flight Launch Box Review

Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB)

Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB)

Exceptional vapor quality, natural design, huge packing bowl, and competitively priced. The perfect vape for simple functionality & smoking regularly!

9.1 User Rating

Our Rating: 9.1/10

Magic Flight Launch Box

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The Magic Flight Launch Box is a unique take on vaporizers from its name to its design style. The MFLB has become a popular vaporizer from this unusual look and its low price. The appearance of this vaporizer makes it seem like it has been hand crafted by an artist and is sure to pull some attention from your fellow vapors.

One of the perks of the vaporizer is that it does not cost too much and comes in around $119. This is a great price for the portability this device offers. The MFLB is one of the best portable vaporizers if you are looking to stick to a budget and are willing to give up some of the more fancy features.

For a beginner the Magic Flight Launch Box is a great device, but for someone who is familiar with vaporizers it may cause you some irritation with how it works.

The main aspect of the MFLB vaporizer that makes it so unique is its appearance. The Magic Flight Launch Box is made to hold a lot of material in its large chamber which makes it great to use with multiple people.

Even though the MFLB holds plenty of material, the vaporizer itself is small and portable; it can easily be carried with you. In fact, the Magic Flight Launch Box may be overlooked because of its size and that it does not appear to be a vaporizer at all. It is artfully crafted from different woods.

The taste and vapor is of good quality and can compete with some of the similarly priced vaporizer for weed

Unique Appearance

Magic Flight Box

While aesthetically pleasing, the MFLB will not be able to last forever like some of the more advanced devices. The material can make this vaporizer more susceptible to deterioration over time if not properly used. However, if you make it your goal to take good care of this device, you can make it last for years. The Magic Flight Launch Box is a durable product and has been very well made by its company. Usually the cause of problems with this device is not components breaking, but human error.

Nonetheless, for the price of the MFLB, you will be able to get a good vaping experience for however long it does last you.

This device has a great price and a very simple outward design. This simplicity may make the MFLB vaporizer seem like it is not worth your time or money. However, the Magic Flight Launch Box is an awesome vaporizer that has its own tricks that make it more appealing than other cheaper devices. Its main feature above the rest is how it is powered. With some of the physical drawbacks there are some redeeming qualities that I will discuss.

The main focus of the MFLB device is to be a simply designed vaporizer that does not take much maintenance. The Magic Flight Launch Box is a small wooden box and only has the most basic components to clean and learn to work. To anyone that is not familiar with vaporizers, they would not be able to spot it as one. Which can make for a more discrete vaping experience if needed.

If you want to customize your vaporizer you are able to. There are three different choices of wood which are cherry, maple, and walnut. While this does not change the functioning or life of the vaporizer it's nice to be able to make it your own.

Physical Features


Even though the Magic Flight Launch Box's appearance is basic, its inner workings are anything but. The MFLB runs strictly on batteries. While this can be convenient for the user, it does take a more advanced design to make the vaporizer work.

The company has devoted a lot of attention to the inner workings of this device. The simplicity that this device offers is refreshing in the fact that not a lot can go wrong using it as long as you are using it correctly. It is appealing to be able to change out the dead double A batteries when the time comes, but this can also be more costly depending on how often you use this vaporizer. The vaporizer accepts rechargeable batteries as well. You will need to invest in a charger pack for your batteries as this device does not come with one. If you do invest in rechargeable batteries, it will cut the price down if you use this vaporizer frequently.

Its simplistic design also carries over to its mouthpiece, which is a plain plastic tube attachment. While this is not a luxurious choice, it does serve its purpose in allowing you to pull vapor from the device.

Many people are drawn to certain vaporizers because of their physical appearances. This is very important to some people and they are willing to pay more to get the look and more polished features they prefer. The Magic Flight Launch Box is not a vaporizer you would buy for its sleek design, however its appearance does have its own charm. It pulls the user back to a more simple design that makes you feel a little more connected to the environment that the wood was pulled from.

You cannot expect to have an advanced vaporizer in terms of features at this low of a price point. While lacking in the traditional outward beauty, the MFLB makes up for it in cost, performance, and portability.

Using The Device

Magic Flight Launch Review

Typically when you get a new vaporizer, there are small changes to each model that you have to get used to. The Magic Flight Launch Box takes this to the extreme. When I first got the MFLB, the simplistic design did make using it slightly confusing.

You have to learn how to use the MFLB before being able to use it properly. That being said, once you understand how to use the device it is very easy to continue using.

The MFLB works best with weed shake. If you put herbs that are too large, they are likely to get stuck in the component. It becomes a very annoying task to try to get them back out and is best to be avoided all together.

If you are able to get a good fine grind on your herbs, you will not have any problems putting them in or taking them out. This also helps this vaporizer get an even heat throughout the entire chamber for a better vaping experience.

This vaporizer differs from others in the fact you need to take long, slow draws. The draw resistance is stronger from the Magic Flight Launch Box is greater than what I'm used to and on top of that, if you try to use it like a typical unit you will be disappointed in what little vapor you get. As you take in more draws, it is best to shake the bowl once in a while to make sure you are using all of your herb and not just a portion.

Another issue with the MFLB is that the temperature control can be tricky. When you first start using this device, you may find that there is no way to actually know how hot it is running until it is already heated up and at the wrong temperature point. Once you start to get a feel for how the device works, you are able to fine tune the temperature easily.

Mflb Vaporizer

This vaporizer requires more testing then others to find the right temperatures, but it can be done. This is because you are paying such a low price.

Vaporizers that cost more are produced to be easier to use. This one is made to work well if you understand how to use it.

The wood on Magic Flight Launch Box makes helps it have a unique look.

Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

The best part of the simple outward design is that you know exactly how much herbs you have left at all times. You will never be left trying to pull from an herb that is already exhausted. The MFLB has a clear plastic screen that allows you to see into the device. All you have to do is shake the device slightly to be able to see the herb inside, doing this during a vaping session will also ensure you are using the herb evenly.

With all of its tendencies to be more difficult to control, the Magic Flight Launch Box does have the ability to use all of your herb as you vape as long as you are able to get the grind very fine. To get a fine grind, you will need to invest in a good weed grinder. It is not hard to find one that does a satisfactory job.



While the Magic Flight Launch Box may be difficult at first to master, this vaporizer does perform very well once you do. It is going to be reliable in its vapor quality as long as you use it correctly. It is a durable piece of equipment. The company that makes it takes the time to make sure its appearance is beautiful and its complex structure inside always runs smoothly with the help of the disposable batteries. The most important part to making this vaporizer last is to make sure you are not messing with its design.

Clean the vaporizer carefully and make sure you are not pushing on the plastic screen. While this device can take some wear and tear, it will not withstand you fiddling with its parts. In the event that you do break the device, the replacement policies are great and easy to use. The company has very good customer service and they are always willing to help you with your product.

The battery life of this product can be discouraging if you are an avid vaporizer user. Double A batteries can last for several hours at a time depending on how you are using the device. The type of material you use and how hot you run the device is going to change how often you are going to need new batteries. I would recommend finding a good charging station for rechargeable batteries to cut down on cost.

Summary and Recommendation

MFLB Review

I will not sugar coat it. The Magic Flight Launch Box is not the very best one on the market for experts. There are units that have much more sophisticated features and will run smoother right off the bat. The one aspect of this vaporizer that is going to win out every time is the cost.

For the amount of money you are spending on this vaporizer it is going to last you a decent amount of time and is going to work well. If you are unable to go out and drop a few hundred dollars on a vaporizer, this is going to be one of the best alternatives.

Another similar vaporizer to the mflb is the Atmosrx vaporizer. It's not the best performing vape, and is also more of a novelty item than an every day vaporizer.

I would recommend this vaporizer for anyone new to vaping. If you are coming into this without high expectations of fancy features and would like to see what it is to vape, this vape will be a good unit to start with. It gives off decent quality vapor and is going to be cheap.

If you have already used more advanced vaporizers, you are likely to be disappointed with the simplicity of this device. When it comes down to it, the MFLB gets the job done. You do not need those fancy features, but they are nice to have once you get used to them.

While it may not look like the most high-tech vaporizer, its appearance is still nice in its own way. The wood makes helps create a unique look. It can be a great talking piece for anyone sharing their vaping experiences and the company does a great job making it look and work well. The service this company provides is much more personal and working with them is easy. The company's ability to service people so well comes from the fact that it is a US-based company.

9.1 User Rating

Our Rating: 9.1/10

Magic Flight Box Vaporizer

*Best Price Guarantee

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