Indica Vs. Sativa

indica vs sativa

Types of Weed: Indica Vs. Sativa 

Indica and Sativa are two of the most popular types of Marijuana in the United States. 

Others include Purple weed and caviar weed

Currently marijuana is a popular discussion point all around the world. The United States has been in a heated discussion over the use of Marijuana for medical and recreational purposes for decades.

There are some places that it has become legal to use marijuana, but many people are still confused about what marijuana does to your body.

Everyone has a different experience with marijuana. It is no different than other medications. Some people find that it works well for them and others will find it doesn't work at all.

Three Types of Marijuana

sativa vs indica

First, this article is going to outline the types of marijuana to help better explain the experiences that you can receive with different variations.

There are three different versions of the marijuana plant which fall into the categories of sativa, hybrid, and indica. The hybrid version of the plant is a new variation. It came about by intermingling the seeds of different plants and locations to create new plants. The two common variations are the indica and sativa which have been around since the 1700s.

Differences Between Indica and Sativa

Types of weed
There are visual differences between the indica and sativa plants.

These changes are mainly seen in their leaves. The indica is going to have a darker green color with broader leaves.

Sativa on the other hand has a lighter green color with skinny leaves.

The coloring of the plant can help you remember some of the effects. The indica affects your body and can help you feel calmer. This makes it better to be used at night, which can be remembered by its dark color.

Sativa is a lighter color and it is best used in the day time. This is because it effects your mind giving you a elated feeling. This helps you feel more awake and full of energy.

There are many people that devote their time to producing the best flavors of marijuana. Many enjoy the marijuana as well as the process of of growing it. With there being many different cultivators, it is no surprise there is multiple different variations of these plants. Many of them are a mixture of of both indica and sativa.

​Indica: Colors, Strength, Strains

Indica is rumored to have stemmed from a Hindu “Kush” region that is close to Afghanistan. If you are unaware, Kush is a very potent form of weed.

Because of the region it is grown in, indica has a layer of resin on the plant that helps protect it. It does have a rough environment and this resin allows the plant to survive.

Indica stains usually have a higher amount of CBD than that of the sativa. Some of the more popular purple weed strains include Granddaddy Purple, Northern Lights, and Purple Haze. Indica marijuana tends to help you unwind. It is going to make you want to stay in the house and relax. It's great for those nights that you want to stay in and watch a movie.

​Sativa: Colors, Strength, Strains, Effects

what's the difference between indica and sativa

The sativa strains are completely different than that of the indica. Sativa is going to push you to have more pep in your step. I would only use this in the morning or afternoon, unless you do not mind being up late.

There are some popular flavors of this plant including Jack Herer, Lemon Haze, and Sour Diesel. These typically contain more THC than their indica counterparts.

This specific type of marijuana is often used by people that are suffering from depression because it can help them feel more motivated in their life. It can also help people that are feeling extremely exhausted.

These strains have been cultivated to grown taller with light branches. They are able to grow up to 20 feet tall and are a skinny plant. Many people have found that taking sativa helps them be more productive and will make your creativity flourish. Sativa has also been thought to help with mood disorders and ADD with its uplifting effects.

Hybrid Marijuana Strains​

Now we are going to dive into the hybrid plants. This plant comes from two older strains of marijuana. As there were multiple strains in closer geographic locations, the seeds were able to intermingle.

This created a cross germination of the plant which helped to produce a more balanced product. You are going to get some of the effects from either strain in the hybrid strains. It does vary according to what specific strain you are getting.

There has been a lot of breeding of marijuana plants over the years. So much so that many of the strains are muddled with each other making them hard to distinguish their characteristics from each other. With in each plant are chemicals that are called cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are what causes the effects like a high feeling or a calm one.

The most common cannabinoid that many people know is THC. The less commonly known cannabinoid is CBD. Each plant contains different variations of these two cannabinoids as well as a variety of other.

Example hybrid Strains (video below)

These chemicals are what give the plants the ability to have medicinal properties.

The cannabinoids are changed as the strains are cultivated and bred with other strains. Depending on where you purchase your marijuana, you are going to have one that has different concentrations of cannabinoids and different effects on your body.

There are many people that are hoping to find the first plants that the indica and sativa plants stemmed from to have a more pure reference base.

Marijuana Usage in Many Countries

marijuana effects

The United Nations tries to keep track of marijuana usage, along with many other drugs.

Whether this is entirely accurate I cannot be sure, because I would doubt many people come right out and tell someone if they are using a drug.

Regardless of their methods of getting these results, here are some of the statistics that they have put out in regards to marijuana use throughout the world.

Jamaica is able to use marijuana without risk of being persecuted for it. In fact, ten percent of their population does participate. On the other hand, Australians do not have a legal way to use marijuana, yet ten percent of their population is reported to use it as well.

Spain has a little more of a gray area with marijuana. It is illegal for someone to sell marijuana and to produce it. However, it is legal for anyone to use it. Over ten percent of their population does smoke marijuana.

Canada has allowed marijuana to be legalized for medicinal purposes. It is still illegal there to use it recreationally. Twelve percent of their population is able to use medical marijuana. 

marijuana's positive effects

Fourteen percent of Italy's population uses marijuana. They are able to legally use it if it is for personal use, but they are not allowed to produce plants or sell it.

Iceland takes the cake with its stance on marijuana being illegal, yet over eighteen percent of their population uses marijuana. Dry herb vaporizer are becoming increasingly popular in their country as well. 

It is obvious: whether it is legal or illegal, people are going to find marijuana and use it. Some people are strictly looking for the high that they can get with the drug and others want relief from a medical ailment. Either way, many people have been able to use marijuana as a benefit to their health.

Marijuana for Medical Use

effects of marijuana

There have been many stories of people that have had diseases or disorders that have been significantly reduced with the help of marijuana. That is one of the reasons so many people have been pushing for the legalization in all countries. These people should have safe access to something that can help them when no other medication has been able to.

There has been a lot of controversy over the information regarding marijuana. Many people believe that industries have suppressed the growth of marijuana for their own gain.

Some believe that the pharmaceutical industry wants people to have disorders that are unsolvable so they have to continue their medical treatments. Regardless of how true this is, there has been a lot of research that has proved preconceived notions about marijuana to be wrong. There have been multiple instances where it seems marijuana is a great alternative to typical disease treatment.

In the 1970's, there had been studies that helped show that marijuana was able to decrease pressure in a person's eyes. Marijuana can be used to help someone that has glaucoma. It has been thought to help slow the advance of this disease and deter blindness.

side effects of marijuana

A popular treatment marijuana is currently used for is epilepsy. It was first studied in rats that suffered from seizures. When they were given the extract from marijuana, it helped slow the rate the seizures that were occurring. It helped deter seizures for up to ten hours. The way that this works is THC is able to actively work on the brain. The cells that are the cause of seizures are effected and it helps the brain to control it.

People also use marijuana in helping those with nerve disorders. Currently, the most famous case is a young girl named Charlotte Figi. She had a very serious disorder that caused more than 300 seizures per week. When she started medical marijuana, this number was brought down to only one which gave her a much better quality of life.

Common Uses of Marijuana

marijuana side effects

There have been studies that have indicated that marijuana may affect a gene called Id-1. This gene is where a cancer cell replicates. Marijuana may be able to help stop this gene from becoming active and help slow the spread of cancer within your body.

The more common uses for marijuana are in the realm of depression and anxiety. Many people have been using marijuana for these uses for a long time. It can also help you reduce your stress and help insomnia. It is also shown to help slow the advancement of Alzheimer's. It is able to block what is killing brain cells which are called “amyloid plaques”.

There are many people that will argue over the hazards of marijuana. Many people are going to tell you that marijuana is a natural substance and therefore can cause negative side effects. This is not necessarily true. Marijuana can help you alter your mood and feelings. If you are someone that already has a hard time with this, you may not be able to maintain a balance with marijuana.

You might abuse this if you delve too far into the relaxation of marijuana. You may find yourself perpetually putting yourself into a funk you cannot find your way out of. The same goes for gaining energy with marijuana. You may feel like you have to have it to be able to function at all, it can consume you. Many people need to understand how it specifically effects them and regulate how much they need to obtain desired effects.

Now there are some people that have gotten so used to the high from marijuana that they feel like they need to increase it. To feel even better than before, they have created different substances that are very THC concentrated including some hash oils, waxes, and what is called shatter. These extracts are sometime prepared with lighter fluid. They are more dangerous because you can cause a huge fire or even explosions. Not to mention the fact that too much THC can actually put you in the hospital. Typical strains of marijuana are not going to be so saturated with THC that this would happen to you.

Marijuana  Side Effects

different types of weed
There are some physical effects that marijuana can have on a person's body. When thinking of physical effects, you have to consider how much marijuana is being taken in at a time and how often. If you are someone that smokes consistently all day long you are likely to develop breathing issues. These issues are coming from an increase in phlegm that is going to make you cough.

With anything that increases your heart rate, you are going to have a higher risk of a heart attack. Not only can marijuana increase your heart rate, it may stay increased for up to three hours after you have smoked it. Another consideration is if you are becoming pregnant or are pregnant. There have been studies with marijuana stating that it can affect different developmental stages of your child while in the womb. Consult your doctor if you are using marijuana to make sure your pregnancy is not in jeopardy.

There is also controversy surrounding the mental effects of marijuana. Some people have found that it can help them “cure” their mental disorders and others have reported that they have gotten worse with the use of marijuana. This really circles around the fact they everyone will react differently to different substances. A very simple comparison is, not everyone likes broccoli. Someone might find it to be their favorite food and others could be disgusted by it (It's not my favorite!).

Someone's mind may respond well to the introduction of marijuana and it could help them regulate their condition. While someone else may have the opposite effect triggered. Marijuana could make their condition more pronounced or even bad enough to push them towards suicidal thoughts. It all comes down to how you personally respond.

Some of the more common effects on a person's mind are a decrease in the ability to remember events, in turn decreasing the ability to retain information learned. There can be a delay with the ability to think and react to situations quickly. Marijuana can also heighten your paranoia which could make anxiety worse. There may also be mood swings while you are on marijuana and when it is leaving your system. Hallucinations are a possibility as your mental state is being affected.

The Discovery and History of Marijuana

sativa weed

When marijuana was first found by our ancestors, there was not a large debate over its uses. It was utilized in more medicinal and mental situations. There have been thousands of years where people have been able to freely use these substances to help their health or even use recreationally without penalty. Some people have said that even our earlier ancestors used marijuana as it was found in the dumping grounds of hunters.

Not until recent years has this substance become illegal. The French originally “discovered” the indica species. This discovery was the first declaration of marijuana as a substance to be studied instead of a home remedy that was passed from generation to generation. Later, a Russian botanist found another strain that was called the ruderalis, but it is not one typically seen today due to lower THC content.

The marijuana plant can be traced furthest back to Mongolia and Siberia. Mongolia and Siberia were some of the first areas to see these plants and many classify them as having the senior cultivated harvests. There were marijuana seeds that were found as early as 3,000 BC in Siberia. There were also some tombs found in China that had marijuana placed in them. These tombs were from around 2,500 BC. When South Asia was occupied by Aryans, they took the plants with them to India.

Once it had reached the Middle East, it spread to Russia, Ukraine, and all into Europe. There were Germanic tribes that helped to push it into Europe where it was shared with Britain. Seeds from cannabis have even been found on remains of some Viking Ships.

Marijuana did not make its debut in the United States until into the 20th century. Immigrants from Mexico brought it with them when the Mexican Revolution took place in the beginning of that time. Some speculate that the crime that was brought into America was brought with marijuana. Much on the controversy and arguments started then as many people did not trust the substance.

Marijuana is a diverse plant that can be used by a variety of people. There have been more studies done about the negative and positive effects that it can have on a person's body. Some people have found that it works wonders on their ailments, and I hope they are able to continue these treatments. For anyone that does need a medical treatment of marijuana, I hope the United States is able to push towards clearing up the misconceptions that have come with the drug.

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