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hot box vaporizer

Hot Box Vaporizer Review For 2018

If you are looking for a different way to enjoy your dry herb, a hot box vaporizer could be your new favorite item. This is something that has been out for a long time. It has many devoted fans and could be a fun new vaporizer to try if you have not before. These vaporizers have unique qualities that give you a new way to vape.

These are a type of legal marijuana vaporizer. Hot Box vaporizers are going to be a more cost effective choice if you prefer a desktop vaporizer. Many of the larger desktop vaporizers such as the volcano vaporizer  are pretty expensive, while worth the price you pay for them. The prices for these do vary according to who and where you are buying them from. Some are sold at $185, but you might be able to find one as low as $120.

For the price you are paying for a hot box vaporizer, you get a decent vaping experience. There are other desktop vaporizers that are going to perform better, but you will need to spend a couple hundred more for these.

This vaporizer does give you huge amounts of clouds of strong vapor. There is a bit of loss of taste when you use this vaporizer. Sometimes while vaping, the vapor is a little more rough than with the more expensive versions.

An aspect that I always look for in a good product is if it is covered under warranty. The Hot Box Vaporizer is covered under a warranty for five years. This is a decent amount of time for the price of the vaporizer. This warranty is only extended to the vaporizer's heating system. The elements that are glass are not covered, but this is typical of most vaporizers.

hot box vape

Something that may deter you from wanting a hot box vaporizer is the extended heat up time. Many people are used to the instantaneous heat of a portable vaporizer. Desktop versions are typically slower and can take up to ten minutes to reach the adequate temperature.

The good news is that prepping your vaporizer to use is simple. There are no controls to set. You only need to fill up and then turn on the vaporizer.

If you are looking into buying a hot box vaporizer, there are two different styles that you can choose from. There is a standard glass connection version and the hands-free version that is a ground glass connection. They are similar in that they have a want that consists of two pieces that is easy to pack and unpack. Cleaning is also a breeze with this device.

Taking draws from a hot box vaporizer is easy in comparison to some desktop models that use complicated methods to achieve simple functions. The tubing can make it a little harder to use. This specific tubing is a very immobile material. This makes it difficult to insert into both versions of the vaporizer and it can make the wand separate from the ground glass model.

The hot box vaporizer only has one temperature setting. For anyone that is not experienced in vaping, this can save you on your material. It is set to make sure you are not running too hot. Anyone that has had practice tweaking their temperatures for just the right level may find this feature to be confining.

One disadvantage of a hot box vaporizer is that you are not able to change your temperature to what you desire. Many people are used to vaporizers that have at least a few settings, if not a whole spectrum you can choose from. This specific vaporizer only has one setting, but it is specifically chosen to help avoid combustion of your material. As mentioned before, it does take longer to heat up to this temperature in comparison to a portable vaporizer and some desktop vaporizers.

You do need to use this vaporizer with some caution. While you use it, the outside of the vaporizer and the wand do heat up very quickly and become hot. Vaping can be more difficult with the addition of the tubing that is very hard to move. There is a chance that it will make you knock your wand out of place.

Now there are benefits to trying out a hot box vaporizer. If you would like to delve into using a desktop vaporizer, but would not want to spend four hundred dollars or more at once, this is a great substitute vaporizer that costs less. It is a cheaper alternative and you are still getting a decent vape. This Hot Box Vaporizer is also easier to use than almost any device out there. You are not going to need to fiddle with any settings, you just turn it on, warm it up, and go.

hot box vaporizer review

You will not need to devote a lot of time to cleaning this machine. There are very few components and the wand is two pieces so it is easier to clean. If you want a choice with vaping, you can choose whichever version suits your needs the most.

If you want to get the best experience possible with the hot box vaporizer, try a few of these ideas. Make sure you are getting a very fine grind on all of your herbs. This is going to make the machine heat much more evenly. Do not touch the outside of the vaporizer or the wand after you have heated the device up. If you do, there's a possibility you are going to get burned.

If you want to vary your temperature a little, you are able to by varying the speed of your draws. To have a lower temperature, you need to take quick draws from the device. To make the temperature higher draw slowly. It is useful to have the “hands free” model, but I would suggest still keeping a hand on this version to avoid any accidental connection issues.

In the long run, this makes for a more enjoyable experience if you are not adjusting items that have disconnected constantly. This is a great beginner desktop vaporizer that gives you decent quality vapor. 

If your not looking for a desktop vaporizer, you should check out dab vaporizers or dry herb vaporizers. They might be better for what you are looking for.

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