Grasshopper Vaporizer Review

Grasshopper Vaporizer

Grasshopper Vaporizer Review

The taste and vapor is of good quality and can compete with some of the similarly priced vaporizers.

9.4 User Rating

Our Rating: 9.4/10

grasshopper vaporizer

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Unfortunately this dry herb vaporizer is no longer in production. We recommend taking a look at either the pax 3 vaporizer or Flytlab lift vaporizer. Both are fantastic values for the price!

This is a vaporizer that I had seen a lot of great reviews on. I was not sure that I was going to be as impressed as many people had said that they were. I am pleasantly surprised to say that my expectations have been exceeded with the quality and performance of this device.

grasshopper vape

One of the aspects that I could not believe was how quickly you are able to heat this device up. Currently the vaporizer to beat for heat up time is the Firefly 2, which is an impressive device in itself. The Grasshopper has some how managed to cut the Firefly heat time in half. It feels like as soon as you turn this device on it is heating and you are able to vape with in seconds.

This device has a very slick design. It is made to have a more pen-like feel to it with its slender case. However, it is a little be heavy to be called a pen. That being said it does not weigh much at all compared to come vaporizers on the market. This unit comes in at about sixty-five grams.

This vaporizer is certainly on the top of my list in quality. It can be bought for under two hundred dollars, which is very low for what you are getting. This pen really seems to give you a high-end vape with a middle-end price. You are able to order this directly from the manufacture for $175.

If you prefer you are able to spend a little more money, around $225, to get the Titanium Grasshopper. One aspect of this company that I enjoy is that both models come with a lifetime warranty. When a company puts out a warranty like that you know their product is going to deliver.

This is an impressive pen vaporizer. It does its job as it tries to look like a typical pen you would write with. Even down to the pen clip. You can use it to fasten it on to your pocket on your shirt or jeans. With its design looking a lot like a pen the only aspect that does detract from this facade is the weight of this device.

The standard model, the stainless steel, comes in at 65 grams. If you are looking for something a little lighter you are able to buy the Titanium model that is about 56 grams in weight. Either way this pen is going to weigh a bit more than a typical pen, but its design is spectacular.

the grasshopper vape

Even though there are variations in weight both versions of the pen are similar in size. There are about 5.6 inches long and .55 inches in diameter. With it being so small you could actually trick someone into thinking it is a pen that you are carrying around, especially with it clipped to your pocket. The only part that you are going to need to worry about is if someone asked to borrow it to write with.

This vaporizer is perfect for the person that wants to have an on the go vape. The size alone makes it great to carry with you. Its performance is able to outshine many of the other portable vaporizers on the market. I have found many portable vaporizers just can hack it when it comes to taking harder draws from the vaporizer. The heaters will seize up and stop producing vapor.

The Grasshopper vaporizer has none of that. It is able to keep giving you vapor no matter what kind of vape user you are. You are able to take a few very deep draws from your device and have a lot of your material in your system. The other portable vaporizers can take up to fifteen minutes to give you the output the Grasshopper does in a few minutes.

grasshopper vape review

The vaporizer is able to achieve this feat by having a stronger heater at 45w. This heater is going to warm in less than five seconds, so you are going to be ready to vape in no time. With this capability it really puts it at the top of my list for portable vaporizers. I am able to take a few draws in less than a couple minutes and be on my way again.

With this vaporizer you are able to uses the tactile clicker as you vape. This means you are going to tap the clicker, take your puff, and then hit it again to turn the device off. Once you do turn the device off be sure to take another puff or two from the vaporizer to pull out any vapor that may still be in there.

This is going to help you cut down on the smell that can be caused by left over vapor and material. Once you are ready, this device is instantly ready to go again. If you want to you are able to also use this procedure to share the vaporizer with a group of people.

A downside of the small stature is that it does tend to get hot after you use it for a long time. To combat this problem the grasshopper comes with a mouthpiece that is silicone to help your lips stay safer. If you would prefer you are able to choose to get a 14 millimeter water pipe adapter that can also be used with this mouthpiece. This is going to allow you to have a lower temperature vaping session to avoid being burnt in the process.
the grasshopper vaporizer

This vaporizer is impressive with its chamber size. The unit itself is small and they have managed to make much of it for the chamber to hold your material. You are going to be able to fit about .3 grams into the chamber at a time if you make sure you have it packed well and have at least a normal grind on the material. If you are someone that prefers to have a more fine grind you may be able to pack it a little more.

This vaporizer gives you even heating through all of your material so nothing is wasted or getting burnt as you vape. The best aspect of this is that it does not matter how much you have in the chamber. It is still going to heat evenly. If you have a very loose pack or a tight pack in the chamber you are not going to be disappointed with the uniformity of vapor.

The batteries for this vaporizer are cheap. You are going to be able to pick up any extras you want for about seven dollars a pop. If you do not have an extra battery you are going to be charging your device with a USB cord. It does take about an hour to charge the battery back to full after it has been completely drained. I would recommend getting some extra batters and a portable charger that way you can always have power with you on the go.

grasshopper vape pen

There are a few accessories that are going to come with your Grasshopper when you purchase it. I have already mentioned the mouthpiece guard and the USB charging mechanism. You are also going to receive extra mouthpiece screens. There was originally some talk of adding in from cleaning tools or tools to help you load the device, but they have not as of yet. Even without the tools the device is relatively simple to clean and load.

One of the biggest praises I have about this vaporizer is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. This warranty is going to help you get your unit replaced or fixed if needed. This company is adamant that their device is going to work well for you and if it does not then they are going to fit it so it does. It makes me feel safe with this company. I know that my money is not going to be wasted on some product that I will have to through away in a few weeks.

Usually I can say something that I do not like about the device itself. This one has nothing bad to tell you. There is quality in every portion of the device. It is able to heat up almost immediately, has a lot of space in its chamber, is able to evenly heat, and if all else fails you have a lifetime warranty. If you are worried about price or quality you do not have to be. This is going to give you a great buy for the amount you are spending on it.

Anyone that enjoys vaping is going to like this machine. It is able to produce clean taste and massive amounts of vapor that its competition is not able to. Not only are you getting a great vaping experience it is extremely easy to use the pen. You will be able to sneak in a quick vape in between obligations and no one will be the wiser since this pen blends in very well

The taste and vapor is of good quality and can compete with some of the similarly priced vaporizers.

9.4 User Rating

Our Rating: 9.4/10

grasshopper dry herb vaporizer

*Best Price Guarantee

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