G Pen Elite Review

G Pen Elite Vaporizer

G Pen Elite Review 

The G Pen Elite is a good vaporizer for its price range.

9.6 User Rating

Our Rating: 9.6/10

*Best Price Guarantee

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The G Pen Elite Vaporizer is a sensational new vaporizer that is made by Grenco Science. This is not the first vaporizer by Grenco Science that I have tried. It is the first one that was not a disappointment in performance. The other vaporizers that Grenco Science have released were products that they have re-branded and typically their performance was lack-luster.

When they decided to release a product that was completely their own, I was skeptical that it would be worth the money to try it.

Nevertheless, this new vaporizer's design works well and the features exceeded what I expected. The G Pen Elite is a good vaporizer for its price range. It typically runs around $170 from Grenco Science. Overall this is a simple to use product with more advanced features.

A feature that I like on this vaporizer is that it has an LED display so you always know what is happening during your vaping session. The LED makes the display clear and crisp. So far there have not been any glitches in my screen. It is very easy to see all the information and makes your vaping experience that much better.

Another aspect that I like about the G Pen Elite is that it has a quicker heat up time. In under 30 seconds this vaporizer is able to heat up to 400 degrees. A shorter heat up time helps when I am on the go and want to use my vaporizer quickly. One issue that I have is the short vapor path. This forces the vapor to travel a much shorter distance which makes it heat up the mouth piece, which causes both of them to be on the warmer side.

G Pen Elite Design and Accessories

G Pen Vaporizer

The G Pen Elite is 4.5 inches tall, 1.5 inches wide, and 1 inch thick. It is very light at only 88 grams. With its size it is easily handled and carried with you. It is round in shape, but does have notches to hold onto when you are using it. Since it is not very large, it can easily be stowed into your pocket, purse, or backpack.

When you are using this vaporizer on the go, its quick heating capabilities make it very easy to squeeze in a quick vape. After you are finished and shut the device down, it is best to take a couple of extra draws to cool down the herbs that are in the chamber. This vaporizer is designed to cool down quickly for those quick vaping sessions and to avoid any chance of burning yourself when you put it back into your pocket.

One aspect to consider is the smell from your herbs in the container. If you do leave them in the chamber for too long it can begin to absorb the smell. This smell is lessened if you remember to empty the chamber when your herbs have been exhausted. The chamber can be cleaned out if you do forget.

Temperature, Heating Element, and How it Affects the Vapor Path

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The heating element used with this vaporizer is ceramic. It is able to heat your material in the chamber from 360 degree to make sure you are getting an even heat throughout the whole chamber.

While this unit is described as a convection unit and uses some convection to heat, it does use conduction as its primary heating element. The whole chamber is heated for an all around heat on your herbs. Personally I prefer a convection-based vape, but the G Pen Elite is still able to give a decent vapor with its continual contact with the heated chamber.

Since this vaporizer has an LED display, it makes it easy to utilize its full temperature scope. When the temperature needs adjusting, you are able to read the display and change as needed with the two buttons that are on the right side of the screen. The temperature spectrum this device uses goes as low as 200 degrees up to 428 degrees. With a shorter vapor path it does run hotter. I have found that a good balance with this device is around 350 degrees, depending on what material I am using.

g pen review

I like how well this device has been made. The buttons react to being pressed very well. There is not any fighting with them to read that they are being pressed down. They also do not feel like they are loose in the device or that they are flimsy like some devices who have their buttons crap out on them right away.

As I said before the LED display is made well and there are never any annoying glitches in the screen.

An aspect of the G Pen Elite that I did not like was the smell from manufacturing when you first get it out of the box. This smell can affect the taste of any product that is initially put in if you choose not to clean it out first. To clean the unit out, I did do a few rounds of burn-offs as soon as I got this unit. This saved me from wasting good product in a bad round tainted by that manufacturer smell.

To clean the unit by doing burn-offs, you turn the unit on and heat it up without any product. You must draw the air out of the chamber to get it through the whole device. Do not inhale this air. After a few turns it does rid the vaporizer of the smell and taste. This is something that can be avoided in the more expensive vaporizers.

However, I do not find it to be that big of an issue as it does go away after a few burn-offs.

Chamber Loading and Size

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A great characteristic of the g pen vaporizer is that it has the capacity to hold a large sum of product. The chamber is able to hold up to .4 grams of product on average. If you get a really good grind of your herbs you might be able to get up to .5 grams in this chamber.

It is not required to pack the vaporizer full every time. In fact, the G Pen Elite works very well if you do not pack it full and if you do pack it full. Unlike many other vaporizers it is versatile with how much product it can use without losing quality. Even with a very limited amount of product you are still able to have a good vaping experience.

This vaporizer is so simple to use. It does have safety mechanisms built in that can seem annoying if you do not know how they work. To turn the device on, click the power button 5 times repeatedly. This is also how you would turn the vaporizer off. When the device turns on it will always show the last temperature you have set. As a safety feature, on the off chance the device is turned on by accident, it will not start to heat up when it turns on.

To start heating up the device you must hold the power button down again. While some people may find the repeated clicking annoying, I do like that I can carry this vaporizer in my pocket and not worry about scorching the inside of my pants. I have had cheaper vaporizers that will heat up and accidentally burn me.

This vaporizer is more advanced then its similarly priced competitors in terms of performance and features.

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If you are satisfied with your default temperature, you can enjoy a vape with-in 30 seconds. If a temperature change is needed, you can change quickly by pressing either button to the right of the screen. Another safety mechanism is the auto-shut off where the device shuts down after 40 seconds if the heater is not initiated.

The device allows the heater to be on for 5 minutes after the heater starts. If you have not finished all of your product after 5 minutes just press the power button 5 more times to restart the device.

I have done a variety of tests with the G Pen Elite Vaporizer. It works well with any level of packing and any herb type. The vaporizer does allow you to pause in the middle of a session and finish it at a later time. Although it does take away a bit of the quality from the product and you have the chance to leave a smell in the device. The quality decreases in terms of taste and vapor, but that is typical of all vaporizers.

One part of using this vaporizer on the go is it's time consuming to load. It is possible to do, you just need to tap the device softly and eventually you will have the chamber packed well. If you prefer to have a vapor that is thick you should pack your product a little more. With patience this device works fine on the go.

Battery Charging and Options

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As batteries go, the G Pen Elite has good quality. The vaporizer can be used on multiple occasions without dying. Typically, I can get upwards of 6 fully packed chambers. It does vary depending on what temperature, herb, and level of packing that you use.

A down side to the battery is that it is not replaceable. However, it does have the ability to be charged with a USB. Which is typically accessible no matter where you go. If your battery does die completely it can take up to 3 hours to charge to full again, depending on where you are charging the device. Different outlets do have different power outputs that can help the device charge faster or slower.


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Cleaning has been very easy with the G Pen Elite. The important part of the cleaning process is to make sure to get the screen in the mouthpiece clean. It is easy to pull off the silicon cover on the mouthpiece to clean it. This cover can be soaked in some isopropyl alcohol to clean out any gunk. Usually after soaking a quick rinse with water will clear everything out of it.

The G Pen Elite does come with a one-year manufacturer warranty. This is shorter than the average vaporizer warranty. You can see a comparison of vaporizer for weed here. However, with the quality that I have seen so far from this device, it does not seem like this warranty will be needed any time soon.

How It Compares to Similar Vaporizers

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Pax 3

The Pax 3 Vaporizer has better vapor quality than the Elite. It is also the most durable vaporizer around. Not only does this vaporizer tend to not break, it is also guaranteed to last with a ten year warranty which is much longer then the Elite. The Elite does have more advanced features.

pax 2 vaporizer

The Pax has four temperatures to compare to the full temperature control you are able to use with the Elite. The Elite does heat up faster and have an LED display. With all of the features that are better with the Elite, the Pax quality in terms of vapor is so much better that it will be worth the extra money you will pay for it. It costs around $200.

Vapium Summit

Vapium Summit vaporizer

The Vapium Summit does have a better price of $150. Vapor from the Summit is cooler because it has a longer vapor path. The Elite is able to heat quickly, tastes better, can produce a larger cloud, and does not require stirring. It is an easy choice to pay this much for this type of quality. The Vapium just lacks the quality that the Elite offers.

Goboof Alfa

Goboof Alfa vaporizer

The Goboof Alfa does have some qualities that are better then the G Pen Elite. It does have better vapor quality and fits better in your hand as you vape. The Elite does have a leg up with its full spectrum temperature control. The Alfa has only 3 set temperatures to choose from.

The Elite is simple to pack and unpack compared to the Goboof Alfa and its battery life is much better. These two vaporizers both have short vapor paths that can make the mouthpiece and vapor hotter. With its qualities falling short of the Elite, its price of $199 is less than appealing.

The Grasshopper

Grasshopper vaporizer

The Grasshopper vaporizer is a little more advanced then the G Pen Elite and comes in at around $175. It does not have a LED display. However, it does have the full temperature spectrum that can be used on a rotary dial. Its able to heat very quickly in about 3 to 7 seconds.

The most incredible part is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. The issue with this vaporizer is that you are only able to pre-order it currently. It is so popular right now that it is going to be months before anyone gets their shipment which is being delayed way past its original release date.

G Pen Elite

The G Pen Elite is not as expensive compared to some of the vaporizers on the market. It is about $170. This vaporizer is more advanced then its similarly priced competitors in terms of performance and features.

The features that are superior are its clear LED display and its full spectrum of temperature. Most of the vaporizers of similar price have a more limited control in temperature, or only have a few presets you can choose from.


The G Pen Elite is a shocking change from the typical products from Grenco Science. I am impressed by the quality that they have been able to produce, especially with their less than appealing products of the past. It has features that surpass those of its similarly priced competitors. The portability it offers is amazing and I never have to worry about it accidentally turning on as I carry it.

The full spectrum temperature control is the feature I always come back to. I love that it gives me the power to get the temperature at just the right level for my vaping experience. The LED display is sensational and makes using the vaporizer pleasant. This is a great alternative to the more expensive vaporizers and worth the money you will spend on it.

9.6 User Rating

Our Rating: 9.6/10

*Best Price Guarantee

g pen elite Vaporizer
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