Cost of Marijuana

Weed Prices 2018 Guide 

how much is a gram of weed

This is a very simple question, with a not so simple answer. What should I be paying for marijuana?

While many people want to make sure they are actually paying an appropriate price, it is not so easy to give a definitive answer. There is not going to be one cost that is able to encompass all variations of weed that you encounter.

When you look into how much you should be paying, you are going to have to look into many different factors. All of these factors added together can help you get a better idea if you are paying the correct amount for the quality and quantity you are getting.

What Marijuana You Are Purchasing

how much is an ounce of weed

One of the important aspects of knowing what you are paying for is making sure that you know that you know exactly how much you are getting. This is in terms of weight, specifically in grams.

The easiest way to do this is to purchase a cheap digital scale. It is simple to order one, and many of them are decently portable so it will not be hard to carry with you when you are making a purchase. Depending on who you are purchasing from this can be more important. Those that are able to purchase from a dispensary will find it less likely to have light product.

We recommend purchasing the Ozeri Pronto. For the price, this scale offers amazing quality. Check out the best price on the market below.

how much is 2 grams of weed

There are many factors that go into buying weed. They depend on where you live and who you are purchasing from. We are going to discuss each of these factors individually so you can better understand why the cost can fluctuate so much.

By using each of these factors together, you will be able to better determine what price you should pay. After a while, you will begin to recognize these factors easily and will not need to put too much effort into considering your purchase.

Legality of Weed

how much is a gram

The biggest factor is whether marijuana is legal or illegal in your specific area. Currently there are a few places where it is legal to use weed for recreational use (this number will hopefully start to increase in the upcoming years).

For anyone that is living in an area that it is legal, you are going to be able to find cannabis at a better price. This stems from the fact that dispensaries run a legitimate business without worry of persecution and have a consistent manufacturer to obtain marijuana from.

You may be able to purchase an eighth (an eighth of an ounce, 3.5 grams) for as low as twenty five dollars and as high as fifty. It does change dispensary to dispensary just like any other product.

If you are trying to purchase cannabis illegally (which we DO NOT recommend or condone), you are going to have a huge fluctuation in price. Each person is going to charge you differently, probably depending on the effort it takes them to secure the cannabis and what quality they believe it is. Dealers are going to factor in the fact that they can be caught illegally selling it and be put in jail.  Due to this possibility, it will dramatically inflate the price.

Something that is common with any product is the quality. With better quality, you are going to have to pay a higher price. If you are buying cheap, illegal weed you are likely to find that its quality is poor.

If you are purchasing from a legal institution with a higher cost, that typically correlates to a better quality.

Everyone that has tried marijuana has probably came across a terrible product in the past due to a lack of knowledge. This article will not be focusing on weed that is poor quality. Instead we are looking at marijuana that has good quality. The prices therefore are going to circle around better quality products instead of looking into the variation that low quality product brings.

An aspect of price that can vary from area to area is competition. Depending on how populated your area is, there may be multiple dispensaries that are able to dispense cannabis.

With more competition, dispensaries are likely to lower their prices to try to entice you into purchasing from them instead of their competitors. If there is only one dispensaries for miles, you are likely to see a mark-up in price because the dispensary knows people are likely to come to them to purchase their product.

how much is a quarter of weed

Time of the year

how much is an 8th

Just like fruit or vegetables, cannabis has a certain time of the year that it is able to be grown and harvested outside. When it is able to be grown and harvested outside, which is typically around September, you will find prices typically drop.

When the climate does not allow for outdoor growing, cannabis production must move indoors. This is going to force producers to spend more money on production of cannabis. Prices will likely hike during these times to accommodate for their increased prices.

As mentioned before, there is a difference between using medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. There are currently only a few states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use (This is changing rapidly). For these states, the prices will vary according to which version of marijuana you are purchasing and at what locations. Typically you see that medical strains are much less in cost because they focus on a treatment instead of enjoyment.

To try to answer this question with somewhat of a concrete example, I am going to discuss prices in ranges. I am only going to talk about good quality cannabis because anything that is of lower quality is going to be cheaper and will broaden our ranges.

Quantity Purchased

how much is an eighth of weed

When you are purchasing marijuana, take into consideration how much you are buying. When you purchase large quantities of marijuana at a time, you are typically given a discount of sorts.

Most suppliers do this because they know you are likely to come back to purchase more if you are an avid user and it is more convenient for them to sell in bulk. The price usually decreases as the quantity increases. If you pay attention, some dispensaries also have deals that they will run where you are able to purchase product at a lower cost.

The weights that I will be referring to are specifically marijuana weight measurements. This is something that you should familiarize yourself with if you are going to be purchasing marijuana frequently.

The smallest amount most people are willing to sell is one gram. Many people do not want to sell at this low of a weight, so you will be charged more for the inconvenience to them. Typically you are able to find dispensaries that will sell a gram for $10-$15. If you choose to find someone on the street you are likely to pay between $15-$20.

Moving up to the next standard weight is an "eighth", an eighth of an ounce. This is 3.5 grams. Most dispensaries are going to charge you $35 to $50. If you are looking on the street it is going in increase to $40 to $60. If there are multiple factors working against you, the price may hike up to around $70. If you are buying around or above this price point for this quantity, you are probably paying too much.

The next weight is a "quarter", or a quarter of an ounce, which is 7 grams. You are able to find this at around $70 to $90 in a dispensary. On the streets it may be from $80 to $110.

There is also a half ounce which is 14 grams. This is typically when you start seeing more of the discounts for buying more product at a time. You are able to find these higher quantities in recreational dispensaries, but in Colorado you are only able to purchase if you are a resident of the state. You can see prices around $120 to $150. On the streets it will be around $140 to $180.

how much is an ounce

One of the larger amounts you would be buying is an ounce, which is 28 grams. You might be able to find a deal at certain dispensaries that will offer an ounce for $100, but this is typically a lower quality cannabis. The more common prices are anywhere from $200 to $300. If you are buying off the street it can be from $250 to $350.


There are many different types of weed to purchase. We have a few articles for you to check out to provide you with more information: Caviar weed and purple weed and Indica Vs. Sativa. These should supplement your knowledge on some of the different types of weed currently available.


With the many factors that can go into purchasing marijuana, you will have to be your own judge if you are getting a decent deal or not. You are able to take into consideration all of these factors to calculate your specific deal. This is a basic guide to help you understand the different aspects that can go into factoring price. The most important ones being legality, quality, and quantity.

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