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The Best Wax Pen Vaporizers for 2018

In the recent years vaping has become more advanced and easier to access. When wax pens were first made, they were made of material that was not great quality and did not have any of the features we expect in a vaporizer. Now we can effortlessly find wax pens that are made from materials that are of good quality like titanium, ceramics, and quartz. These materials used to be hard to come by, but now most manufacturers choose to use them because of the quality that they offer their consumers.

The battery life of portable vaporizers has gotten better, temperature control has become easier which gives you wax pens that will last a decent amount of time. The portable wax pens have become more popular and a great way to enjoy your concentrates on the go. Previously if you wanted to get a good vaping experience from a concentrate, you had to purchase a desktop version such as a volcano vaporizer or hot box vaporizer. With all of the updates to vaping pens, you get similar quality to these larger versions and still use the discreetness of the pen.

In this list we are going to look at the best wax pens on the market. There are a variety of aspects to look into when choosing the best one for yourself. You will want to look at how much they cost, what features they have, and the overall quality of the pen.

Top 10 Wax Pens

#ThisThingRips R Series 2

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#ThisThingRips has made the R Series 2 a very discrete vaping pen. For those occasions that you are in a public situation that may cause you issues you are able to hide your vape pen quickly with the pen cap that is placed over the wax chamber. This cap makes your vaporizer appear to be a simple writing instrument to avoid getting any nasty looks from people.

While it is easy to hide what this pen looks like it does have a unique design that many people prefer. The top of the chamber is clear enough for you to be able to look into it as you vape. You can see your wax as it is heating up and see the vapor cloud that is being shaped. This chamber is #TTR Polycarbonate Visual Heating Chamber that their pens always feature.

This company has been able to create an unparalleled design that does not cost a lot. You are able to purchase this pen for $50. This new product builds on the quality we have seen in all of their other products. They have changed the old heating element to a ceramic rod. This new element allows more flavor to come through when you vape. This ceramic rod is able to heat your material at a lower temperature and still deliver on great performance. With a lower temperature you will not have a chance of making you material too hot and releasing a scorched flavor.

Atmos Kiln

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The Kiln wax pen is made by Atmos and is available in a glossy black or white finish. You are going to love this innovative wax pen as it does fall into the category of a wax pen and mod hybrid. It features a 100% ceramic disc atomizer. This atomizer does not have any uncovered wicks or wires. This will allow you to have a longer session without the worry of burning your material. You are going to be running at a cooler degree and it is going to give off better flavor because of it.

The only thing I do not like about this wax pen is that there is only one temperature setting.  

The battery of this vape pen is impressive at a mighty 950mAh. You are going to be able to vape for longer and enjoy it more with this wax pen. Its sleek small design makes vaping on the go easier and an experience you will savor. This pen is one of the cheaper designs at $70.

#ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0

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The OG Four 2.0 can be easily recognized as a product of #ThisThingRips by its clear polycarbonate visual chamber. This chamber comes in a variety of colors making this wax pen's appearance stunning in use and while just sitting on the table. The outside of this device is glossy and sleek and features the name of the pen OG across it. The pen also has a 510 threaded chrome battery and chamber connector that emphasizes the quality of its design.

#TTR always produces devices that can easily surpass the competition in performance and design. This pen is the first take on using a quartz atomizer. This company always strives to produce a product that uses its elements well. While this is their first try at using this type of atomizer they are able to give us a great vaporizer.

They have pushed this design to the next level by using only lava-quarts. Lava-quartz is a copyrighted technology. This technology has the biggest capacity for atomizers in its grade. This lava-quartz and lower temperature coils allows the pen to deliver clear flavor every time. The quality you receive from this pen is great for its lower price of $75.

Dr. Dabber Ghost

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This wax pen is one that has been on the market for a while and is still very popular. This popularity comes from its ability to provide a great experience, as well as a customizable one. This wax pen is not going anywhere anytime soon and is a great investment to make from a company you can trust to provide great quality wax pens.

Since this pen is one that has been on the market a while you will find that it still holds a unique quality of using a wicked atomizer. This is going to allow you to use a more liquefied wax without the mess because it is going to be absorbed by the wick.

The Dr. Dabber helped pioneer the standard for wax pens. They have built their vaporizers to use atomizer coils from titanium. These coils are the reason you are to get low temperatures as you are melting your waxes. This will help your material to heat slowly and will not give off that scorched taste you can get from pens that do not have a good quality heat system. While this pen still uses some of the older original ways to vaping, it still gives you a great vaping experience and can be bought for a decent price of $85.

Something that not many vaporizers offer is an attachment to allow you to get a more cool moisture filled session. You are able to purchase different glass percolator attachments to give you a more enjoyable experience.

Dr. Dabber Aurora

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This weed vape pen is one of the newest inventions from Dr. Dabber. It is quickly becoming a favorite and has plenty of new features to fit all vaping needs. The first portion of this pen that I am loving is that is has two different mouthpieces to choose from. It does come with the standard flat mouthpiece, but it also comes with what is called a shotgun version. This version helps airflow through the device and will prevent it from being obstructed.

This vaporizer has a beautiful matte satin finish that is going to look sleek every time you use it. Something new that this vaporizer is trying is the SnapTech magnetic technology. This easy to use technology is a welcomed substitution of the normal 510threading that almost all wax pens have. This is something new to vape pens, but I can see it quickly becoming the new feature to copy in all of the industry.

When you are getting this wax pen you are able to choose from three atomizers that are of the highest quality. You can choose from dual quartz rod, dual ceramic rod, or coil-less ceramic dish depending on what you want out of your vaping experience. To further customize this vaporizer, its battery also has voltage control that will allow you to change the power settings to have a tailored to your preferences vaping session. All of this technology can be bought for $100.

Cloud Pen 3.0

The Cloud Pen 3.0 is building on the strong base that this company has already solidified. Time and time again these vaporizer pens have come out above the competition. They have been talked about in High Times Magazine multiple times in their Vape Pen Buyer's Guide. This company has created vaporizers that you are able to purchase and know that you are buying a quality product.

This vaporizer has been improved upon with its battery power. It now features a 650mAh flat battery that is able to produce double the power for dabbing. Not only has the battery become more mighty it also has dual ceramic rod atomizer with titanium coils with an atlas glass globe attachment. This pen is able to be used in multiple ways. You can not only use wax concentrates you are also able to use dry herbs. Making this device well worth the money you are going to spend on it. It can be bought for $100.

KandyPen Galaxy

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KandyPens is a company that always tries to produce products that change the way you are able to vape. The Galaxy pen is one of the most customizable pens that I have seen on the market. You are able to choose from twelve different colors and finishes. KandyPens does occasionally put out colors that are temporary like a limited edition rose gold that is very slick in design.

Not only is this pen going to look good, it also is able to produce a good quality experience. This pen has a dual quartz rod atomizer that many other wax pens have tried to copy. This way of vaporization the waxes gives it a better flavor then other pens. It uses inert quartz crystal to access this higher flavor profile. This pen is not too expensive for the flavors it produces coming in at just under $100.

The battery in this pen has been changed to help its user more than other vaporizers. It utilizes a temperature control battery that has the ability to change to a few different temperature settings. These settings start at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, move up to 390 degrees, and max out at 430 degrees. If you are someone that likes to change the temperature depending on the concentrate you are using this pen is going to offer you that ability.

Source Orb XL Flosstradamus

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This vaporizer is one of a kind. Source Vapes has joined Flosstradamus to create a vaporizer like no one has even seen. If you are someone that enjoys vaping and listening to music this vaporizer has been made with you in mind. This is a super powered version of the Orb XL has been improved on in all areas.

This vaporizer is the premier vaporizer to upgrade to a triple quartz rod atomizer. This atomizer has grade 1 titanium coils and sports 1 gram capacity which is the biggest capacity you can get for a wax atomizer on the market today. This pen is able to keep up with even the most powerful desktop vaporizers.

If you are looking to get the mightiest vaporizer available you need to try this one out. As if the atomizer was not enough, it also has a new 30W sub-ohm box mod battery that is going supply you with more than enough juice to get you through all your vaping needs. In fact it is five times more electric potential then what the competition is going to give you. This vaporizer is going to be able to mow over the competition in all aspects and you can purchase it for $120.

KandyPens Gravity

This wax pen has challenged the way we think about portable vaporizers. KandyPens has created a new product that has features that are going to blow you out of the water. This vaporizer is going to give you flavorful vapor and you are not going to need to worry about it breaking down as you use it.

KandyPens only used superior materials when it made this pen. The outer finish is a sandblasted black color that gives it a unique look compared to most pens that have a glossy finish. The inside works of this pen consist of a quartz crystal and a coil-less ceramic. This has allowed the pen to heat up instantly. The coil-less design allows you to have long sessions for vaping without burning your material. When your material comes into contact with coils you are more likely to burn it and release chemicals into your vape.

You are able to change the temperature on this device with up to four different heat settings. KandyPens does give you a lifetime warranty on its battery. The pen is able to be purchased for a decent price of $130. It is a versatile pen with the use of its innovative atomizers elements. You will be able to preserve more of your material with this slower heating factor.


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The Dipstick vaporizer is breaking all of the typical laws of dab vaporizers. This vaporizer is going to allow you a no hassle way to clean the vapor path by making it stainless steel and removable. This is something that I have never seen in a wax vaporizer and makes it much less time consuming to clean. This is not the only feature that is changing the way you are able to dab with this mechanism.

Most devices make you load your wax into the chamber by placing it onto the coil or another container that holds it in place. The DipStick lives up to its name and allows you to dip your vaporizer straight into your wax. This works by having its coil atomizer jutting out of the vaporizer. This has created a much more enjoyable experience since you can avoid the mess that you have with waxes.

They have also changed the way you inhale your vapor. Most pens on the market have the mouthpiece on top of the atomizer. The Dipstick goes against the grain and has the mouthpiece on the opposite side with an inverted inhalation method. This makes for a much more smooth session since the vapor has a longer distance to travel before reaching your mouth.

The vapor is allowed to cool to be a much smoother experience. With all of its innovations it is no surprise that is pen comes in at $200. You are paying for the quality and changes they have made to this device.

Wax pens have come a long way since they were first released. Many leaders in the industry bore new innovations to the vaping world that have come to be standard for all wax pens. There are more choices for the consumer and you are able to find quality pens that are not going to break the bank. This list has covered a variety of manufacturers and wax pens that are able to deliver great vaping experiences. All it comes down to is the features that are most important to you.

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