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The Best Dab Vaporizers for 2018

To find the best dab pen, we must first explain what dabbing is for those who don't know. Dabbing consists of using a vaporizer with cannabis oil in a highly concentrated dose. When using this type of material, you need to use a vaporizer that is made specifically for wax. These vaporizers, when portable, are referred to as a wax pen or a dab pen. Here at Vaporizer For Weed, we compiled a list of the best dab pens.

The devices in this article are dab pens that offer portability, superior taste, and are some of the smallest vaporizers available. Another feature of these dab pens compared to other vaporizers is that they help to reduce the amount of pollutants that are produced when waxes are burned. This makes it much more enjoyable and safe experience for you.

dab pens

Best Dab Pen Vaporizers

Kandypen Galaxy

The Galaxy is a straightforward, uncomplicated alternative vaporizer for wax and oil concentrates (not dry herbs). The ready-out-of-the-box device won the High Times 2016 Best Vaporizer award in the Wax Pen category.

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The Galaxy’s biggest plus is its robust quartz atomizer. It is designed to produce thick clouds from relatively short draws. A quartz crystal-lined chamber has two quartz rods wrapped in titanium coil positioned near the bottom. Unlike ceramic or fiber wicks, Titanium doesn’t absorb as much concentrate, so these rods don’t produce a burnt taste. This metal allows for purer-tasting and smoother vaping.

The Galaxy has airflow holes high up on the sidewalls, plus carb holes in the mouthpiece section. This gives you quite a bit of controllable air intake to control vapor density.

The battery has three adjustable temperature settings ranging from 350° - 430°F to control the heat of the coils. A low setting is good for light vaporing, while the medium produces a little more vapor. The high setting makes for great, big clouds.

The battery life is reasonable, especially when you consider it powers two coils.

The kit includes a travel case and accessories such as a USB charger, dab tool, and user instruction card.

Pro Series 3 Vaporizer Kit with Wax Cartridge

V2 pro series 3 Kit Best Price

V2 is a company that has offered many improvements to how people vape. They have created products that were innovative and have adjusted the way people think about vaping. The Pro Series 3 is no different. In many areas the Pro Series 3 surpasses the competition. It is a versatile machine that is able to be used with dry herbs, e-liquids, and waxes. One of the best parts about this unit is the price which is around $60. For the quality that this vaporizer provides its price is way below that of its competitors.

It is an easy to use device wherever you are. It is simple to fill your cartridge for this device and then attach it to the main unit. With the quality that V2 supplies with all of their devices the Series 3 has a cartridge capacity and battery quality of those of devices that are much larger in size. When vaping with this device you are able to get vapor that has a lot of flavor.

To be able to use this vape pen as a dab pen you do have to purchase specialized cartridge which can cost around $25. Even with the inconvenience of needing the extra parts it is still a good vaporizer for dabbing. Looking at the devices V2 produces the quality you receive, the overall performance, and the general system setup is superior to its competition.

The one downfall of using the Pro Series 3 is that the V2 customer service leaves much to be desired. In the past they have not been very responsive to their consumers which can be very frustrating if your device does malfunction. Luckily this unit is durable and usually continues to perform after continued uses.

Cloud V Phantom

This portable vape is specifically designed for dry herbs. It is a simple, straightforward pen vape, which keeps the price down compared to more sophisticated vapes on the market.

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The Phantom only has a few basic parts. The mouthpiece is held in place by a small O-ring and pulls out at the top. The bottom cap of the vape unscrews allowing you to insert a battery.

The chamber component, where you put the herb is built into the body of the vape and can’t be detached. The chamber is not particularly large but should hold about 0.2 to 0.3 grams of your favorite herb – about ten decent draws worth.

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There is only one button on the Phantom, to turn it on. Click this three times, and a red light comes on to tell you the vape is heating up. Once it’s hot enough, the light turns blue. There is a two-minute automatic shut off.

One of the drawbacks of this on/off system is the lights are quite faint. If you are outside or anywhere bright, it can be pretty hard to see if it’s glowing at all, let alone red or blue.

The biggest drawback to the Phantom is its single heat setting. This is pretty high at 428°F and will make the vapor smoke a little too hot and harsh for some people.

The Phantom’s heavy duty design has a sturdy feel to it, and it fits nicely in the hand. Overall it is simple to use and offers a decent smoke at a very competitive price.

Dr. Dabber Aurora

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This is one of the more elegant pens on the list. Its design comes only in a black satin finish. Its design and performance is reflected in its higher price of around $100. If this was a cheaper pen it could have been higher on my list of preferred pens. The performance that you are going to get from this pen is fantastic and it is able to be customized to your own vaping experience.

Many of the pens that are available for vaping wax concentrates only have one heat setting. This pen features 3 preset heat settings so you are able to choose the best temperature for the type of concentrate that you are using. The Dabber Aurora features snaptech magnetic connections. These connections are what makes the mouthpiece, atomizer, and battery connect flawlessly for a great running device. This also makes it very easy to pull the device apart to fully clean it and putting it back together is also simple. This is one of the most customizable devices with its multiple atomizers and its strong battery.

G Pen Elite

The G Pen Elite is a nice small device that is very easy to hide while you are out and about. The way that this pen was made looks like it is going to be durable for some time to come. To get the best performance you will want to make sure your pen is always clean.

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This requires you to have regular maintenance on the device. The good part is that there are not a lot of pieces to this pen so you are going to be less hassled when you have to take it apart. To make sure there is a clear flow of electricity you need to spend special time cleaning the screw threads. These can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.

This pen is one you would like to use if you like thicker vapor from your concentrates. Grenco Science has created a pen that has been able to perform above many of its competitors. The chamber can be filled easily and you will always get vapor quickly at the push of its button. You are able to purchase this pen at about $60.

MicroG Dab Pen

microG dab pen

This is another vaporizer by Grenco Science and it does offer similar quality then that of the G Pen Wax Vape Pen. Its main feature is that is it actually smaller then the other vape pen. Even with its size it is able to work with medium to thick concentrates. It is able to produce larger clouds of vapor, but they cannot compare to some of the larger vape pens. It is the more expensive vape pen at $70 and this can be seen in its more classy design.

The aspect of this vaporizer that I love is that it has a Li-ion battery. This battery is able to last up to two days while you are vaping. While you are using this pen there is an auto shutoff feature. If you take a pull from the vaporizer that is longer then 15 seconds it will automatically shutoff the device. With its size it is one of the smallest dab pens available. It has a higher price, but it has great performance to make up for it.

Kandypen Mini Vaporizer

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The new limited edition Kandypens Mini is a sleek and versatile device designed to be compatible with various forms of concentrates. At just 4.45 inches tall this device is relatively small and is ergonomically designed to be discreet and fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

This device comes equipped with many features including but not limited to a 950 mAh lithium ion battery, a deep ceramic chamber for greater concentrate capacities, direct pass through mini usb charging, advanced ceramic disc “sloburn technology”,various temperature controls adjustable to the user’s preferences (350 degree, 390 degree and 430 degree options), an elevated air flow system and a ten second auto shutoff system as a safety feature to prevent overheating. This device comes equipped with a ceramic oven like heating element that eliminates the need for any coil systems, wicks or traditional vaping methods that allow the user to experience a cleaner and smoother hit that delivers both better aroma and flavor.

The ceramic heating element acts as an “oven” that allows for even heating of the concentrate without combustion or burning. This system enables an easy to use experience that is both less cumbersome and less prone to creating spills as the device is leak proof. This product is developed and designed in the United States and is handmade at a limited production of only 500 units per model. This product comes in various limited edition colors including black, white, lilac, pink, and turquois. However, at such a limited production purchasing is limited to one unit per house hold.

What is a DabPen?

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Dab pens do not typically look any different from other vape pens. They usually have similar components to other pens. They have a battery, heating element, and a mouthpiece. Using a wax pen is similar to others as they are turning your waxes into vapor for you to enjoy. The difference is with the internal components. The inside design they have are altered to allow you to use waxes efficiently.

Waxes are materials like hash oil for medical use, or if it is legal for you to vape in general. These pens will have special chambers that are able to hold waxy concentrates without hurting the device. Usually they will have different attachments to hold different kinds of materials which can be expensive if you have to buy multiple ones.

How to Choose the best dab pen?

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There are a few different areas you should look at when trying to choose the best dab pen. There are pens out there that deliver great quality, but the industry is also flooded with the expensive pens that do not live up to expectations.

Not only do you need a wax vape pen that works well, you also need one that specifically fits your needs. Depending on how you prefer your vaping experience, you are going to want to buy a different vape pen. There is no one-size-fits-all device. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing your new device.

Price is one of the first aspects I think of when looking to buy anything. You have to decide how much money you are willing to spend to get a good vaping experience. If you know that you are unable to spend more than X amount, do not look at vaporizers that are above that price point.

Once you have a price point, you are able to browse and see which ones will work best for you. That being said, I am always willing to spend a little more on my devices to make sure I get good quality. Usually if you do your research and spend your money on a product that has not had bad reviews you will end up saving money in the long run by avoiding the complications of fixing or replacing faulty devices. This list consists of pens that are under $100. Even though they do have a good price they are still able to deliver on performance.

The next most important feature of choosing a vape pen is deciding what type of material you will use the most. If you are just going to focus on one type of material you will not need to purchase a device that is able to use multiple types of material. Usually these pens cost more for the convenience that they offer. If you do not know what type of material you prefer, it may be best to choose one of these pens. Once you do have a feeling for what you like you can always invest in a new, specialized pen.

How long the vape pen lasts is another characteristic that you will need to consider. The battery life of a vaping device can become one of the most annoying parts if you end up with a pen that does not match your vaping tendencies. If you rarely vape or take long breaks between sessions you will not mind a vaporizer that needs a long time to recharge. However, if you are someone that vapes constantly or are typically with a crowd of people you will need a battery that can handle those long drawn out sessions.

Typically the price of the vape pen can be an indicator of how long your battery will last. The cheaper pens will have a shorter battery life, while most of the costly ones have focused on trying to prolong that time frame. How the vape pen charges can also be something to think about. Some vaporizers will need their specific customized charger while others are more convenient and use something common like a USB cable.

Dab Pen Charging

When choosing a vape pen consider where you are going to be vaping. Will you be in your home where it does not matter to anyone that you are vaping, or are you going to be in public place where discreetness is preferred? Wax pens can come in very small packages that can be used under the radar if needed. The smaller your device the smaller the batteries and the heating chambers will be as well. That is something to take into consideration if you want to have a more powerful vaporizer.

While many people will not care what their vape pen looks like, it can be something to consider. Most pens are made to have a polished design. Depending on the manufacturer of the pen there will be variations with the screens and the buttons on the device.

If you want to pen that looks good you may have to shell out some extra money. The outer design on the vaporizers does not change the quality of your vape. However, you may want to look for those pens that are not made out of cheap materials. If the materials are sturdy and durable your pen is going to last you much longer.

Warranties can be an indicator of the quality of vaporizer you are getting. Companies that put longer warranty on their devices are confident that their product is going to last around that long as least. If your vape pen has a warranty of only a few months I would look into the reviews that others have put out there. While these pens may cost less they may die sooner.

Final thoughts

When you are deciding to choose a dab pen you have to look into a variety of different characteristic. There are vaporizers at all price points, that are able to be used with multiple materials, with varying battery levels, the ability to be compact and portable, and have different styles of appearances.

Depending on what you want from your vaporizer you have to look at the aspects that are best for your experience. If you are just vaping on the go a dab pen is something that can be affordable and convenient.

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