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For anyone that is curious about these two versions of Atmos vaporizers I will say do not get your hopes up too high. A huge disclaimer goes out to say that these “vaporizers” are not going to act as a vaporizer for weed. There have been many problems that I have had with these vaporizers, which can be very off putting especially since they have put out multiple “fixes” that have not fixed anything.

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The original version was the AtmosRaw or the AtmosRx. It was created to be like a vaporizer, but it is more like using a updated version of a pipe. Atmos started to receive many complaints about the combustion heating process that these units use. Many people turn to vaporizers to get away from this type of process and it is disappointing to find something that is advertised as a vaporizer when it is not.

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With these complains the first fix was introduced. There was a glass honeycomb like screen that was sent to everyone that wanted on. It was suppose to help prevent this combustion as you vaped. This also did not fit any problems people were encountering. You were still getting a combustion heat and poor results. They then tried an updated glass screen with less holes. This did not improve the devices quality in the slightest.

At one point they suggested trying two of the screens at once. Unfortunately this completely stopped the production of vapor and the combustion process. It is a neat unit, but it is not great for vaping. You are able to use this weed vaporizer to vape concentrates. With concentrates there are not nearly as many problems and it actually performs well. If you are okay with getting a device that is not going to act as a vaporizer this one could work for you.

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In general this device does work well if you take it as a stand alone device and do not compare it to vaporizers. The part about this that does work well is that it is easy to use. Not thinking about any of the extra parts they have tried to sell as fixes. When you pack your material in you are going to hold down the power button that is on the front of the device. As you hold this button down you are going to see that there is a blue light that will turn on.

You are going to hold this button down for a couple seconds, the light will turn on, and then you can start taking puffs of your “vapor”. After about five seconds you are able to let the button go. This device is able to heat up that quickly and also cool down for you to put it back into the pocket you were carrying it in. As portable devices go the battery is appealing. You are able to get a few different draws in before you are going to need to charge it again.

This vaporizer is not going to give you results you would expect from a vaporizer. It truly uses combustion to heat your materials. There is not a space or chamber to put your material in to keep it away from the heating element. Your material has to sit on top of the metal coils and get directly heated.

With the many complaints about the original Rx that was shipped out as a vaporizer, but does not act like one, Atmos updated it and created the R2. There are some similarities between the two devices, but there are also many deviations. The updated version has grown larger in size. It is no longer able to be called a vape pen because of this size. It could have been done to try to fit some of the problems that were found in the smaller version, but it does not make it easy to carry this “pen” around.

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The R2 still has a coil in the bottom of the heating chamber that is suppose to heat your materials. The chamber has been modified. The old chamber was a ceramic chamber that was prone to chipping with too much fiddling. The improved chamber has been anodized which gives it a more shiny glossed look. The light has also been updated. The strange thing about this light is that it is crazy bright. It can be distracting to you and others that are around you, especially if you are trying to get a discreet vape session in.

atmos vaporizer review

This device can work for you if you are okay with its false advertisement. Many people have had success with using concentrates with this device and in general it is a cool units to own. It is similar to the Magic Flight Launch Box. It is almost a novelty item more than a vaporizer.

Many people have found that shops have been per-modifying these devices. Some people have bought them with a screen that is fitted into the device. These modified pens have actually produced some vapor. It is not quality vapor by any means, but it works more like a vaporizer. There is less combustion happen as you use the pen. One trick is to use a adapted screen and to hold your button down for a shorter amount of time. The screen and less heat allows you to get a cleaner vapor instead of smoke from the device.

Even though some people have had success with this device I still feel like it should not need so much effort. You should be able to take a unit out of the box and use it as a vaporizer right off the bat. I have not been able to find a screen that I have modified myself to make a decent vapor. Some vape shops have had more success in modifying before they sell them.
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With all expectations thrown out of the window this device can bring you some enjoyment. You are going to be able to use this device insanely quickly. The heat up time for the unit is almost non-existent so it is able to deliver in that aspect. This can be a great addition to your collection with its unique design.

Check out the g pen elite vaporizer if you want an actual vape pen that can perform well. Its a great value for the price.

An Updated Version of Using a Pipe

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atmos raw review

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