Vape Tools

Vaping Tools

Tools Every Vape Enthusiast Should Have

Vaping may seem like a pretty straightforward activity, but real vape enthusiasts know it is more like an art form than just a casual event. With an increase in popularity that doesn't seem to be waning, many people are increasingly concerned with the proper care and maintenance of their vape pieces.

Improper care can shorten the lifespan of even the best quality vape and can impact the quality of vapor produced.Whether you're a new vape enthusiast or consider yourself a seasoned expert, several tools can elevate your vaping experience. It's important to keep your vape in top condition and have the necessary tools on hand to rebuild or fix things when needed.

Vape Worthy Cleaning

While you can't just toss your vape in the dishwasher and hope for the best, cleaning your vape can be a relatively easy process with the right tools and products on hand. Keeping it clean will help improve the function of the vaping device, prolong its life, and give the best possible flavor and vapor. Dirty vapes taste bad, look bad, and are typically unhygienic in general.

Keeping your favorite vape in top condition doesn't have to be difficult, time-consuming, or even expensive. Several items can make it easier to do.Rubbing alcohol, tiny cleaning brushes, and q-tips are common items used to help clean vapes, but other tools can be utilized for a better cleaning effect in addition to or instead of these primary products.

MicroFiber Cloth or Towel

Microfiber Cloth

Using cheap towels or disposable towels can be disastrous to your vaporizer. They often shed or can easily scratch finishes. To help prevent this, we recommend using only microfiber towels when cleaning or working on your vaporizer. Zwipes microfiber cleaning towels come in a 12 pack and hold up to washing well.

Be sure not to use any dryer sheets or fabric softeners when you wash any microfiber towels. These may make the towels smell great, but they will leave a residue and make them less useful for cleaning as well as making them deteriorate much more quickly.

Another brand to consider is Magic Fiber, which comes in a package of 6. They look classy and are perfect for cleaning any delicate electronics or other items you may have as well. They come in black and gray with a size of six inches by seven inches, which we've found to be the perfect size for most vape cleaning needs.

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ivation IVUC96W

The most expensive and technologically advanced tool you'll find on this list, an ultrasonic cleaner will help keep your vape parts sanitary and in good condition. They are the easiest and most thorough manner to clean small parts such as atomizers and tips. There's no reason harsh chemicals that will break down your vape's pieces or anything else you decide to clean in the ultrasonic cleaning machine need to be used. They simply use water and ultrasonic waves to get the job done!

Ultrasonic cleaners are advertised for items such as jewelry, watches, or even eye glasses. Most of these will work well for your vaporizer pieces. A couple cleaning machines to consider are the Ivation IVUC96W Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner and the Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry and Eyeglass Cleaner With Digital Timer MGUC500.

Both of these machines are reasonably priced at under $50 while still offering excellent cleaning abilities, making them ideal for any budget.The Magnasonic MGUC500 features 42000 HZ of ultrasonic waves to get every crevice of your vape pieces clean. It has a digital display to make it easy to use and has five different preset cleaning cycles depending on what you're cleaning and how much cleaning you need it to do. It also has a large 20oz capacity so it can hold most, if not all, of your vape pieces at once for efficient cleaning. Although it doesn't require anything more than water, it is safe to add just a small amount of dish soap to the chamber for demanding cleaning jobs.

The Ivation IVUC96W Ultrasonic Cleaner boasts that it offers the most settings available in its market, making it ideal to clean items ranging from your favorite pair of earrings to dental retainers while still providing a large enough tank to clean items like CDs and DVDs, making it truly versatile. The display makes it easy to use, and you always know which program you're selecting. The water tank is removable and easy to carry, making filling it for cleaning a breeze. It also comes with a removable cover for additional handling comfort.

When looking for an ultrasonic cleaner, look for one with an easy to read display, easy fill tank, a large tank made of stainless steel or other durable material that won't easily rust or corrode, and one that offers different settings for different cleaning needs. You can use them to clean other household items as well, so it is certainly worth getting one that is versatile and well made to further make the investment worth your money.

Wood Conditioner

John Taylor Butcher Block

If you are a fan of mods with wood features, don't skip this supply in your vaping tool box! Wood can provide a great looking accent to many styles of vapes and mods. They're an excellent way to make a fashion statement while participating in an activity you enjoy.

Using a real wood conditioner and wax will help keep your mod looking brand new and vibrant. Without conditioning, wood can become dry and brittle, the color will fade, and it could even start splintering. Ouch!

Wax will help protect the wood sections from scuffs and scratches. We recommend Renaissance Wax, which is reasonably priced and a quality product that will help protect your mod's wood finish. It is resistant to water and alcohol as well as being acid neutral. If it is good enough for the museum to use, it is certainly good enough to help protect your favorite vaping mod!

A good wax to try is John Taylor Butcher Block Conditioner, which contains food grade oils, not cheap alternatives. It is water resistant and helps buff out any pre-existing scuffs that may be present. It also won't leave behind an offensive odor or taste, making it ideal for vapes that have wood on or near the mouth piece. Remember to use the wax sparingly, to begin with; you can always add more if needed but too much at once can be troublesome to work with and is wasteful. Make your supply last longer by adding more as needed, after a few times you'll be able to eyeball how much you'll need easily.

Metal Polish

Mothers 05101 Mag & Aluminum Polish

Copper and brass may lose their shine over time, but polish will bring them back to life quickly. The previously mentioned microfiber towels are an excellent tool to apply polish! Mothers 05101 Mag & Aluminum Polish works well for most polishing needs. It is easy to apply and safe for use on a regular basis to help keep your pieces looking brand new. It can also be used on aluminum and alloy, making it extremely versatile to keep around the house for multiple purposes. The same product you use to help keep your vaporizer in top condition can be used on precious metal pieces you have around the house and even your car wheels!

Dremel or Buffing Machine


If you want to get the shine back on your vaporizer or mod, consider a Dremel or specialty made Buffing Machine. Dremels can be purchased in virtually any price range and have many applications around the home and as part of your vaping toolkit. The Dremel 684-01 20-Piece Clean & Polish Rotary Tool Accessory Kit is a great starter set for Dremel-based polishing. It has a storage box, 20 bits, and even comes with a polishing compound. This kit does contain items that aren't meant for cleaning, so select your accessory carefully to prevent accidently damaging your favorite Vape! The tools include an engraver, sander, grinding stone, cutting wheel, two polishing wheels, and a carbon steel brush. Using the polishing accessories will quickly bring back the shine to your piece without waiting for an ultrasonic cleaner to do its job.

Dremels are an excellent way to touch up between deep cleaning or touching up areas that have more build up on them than the rest of the mod.Mothers, the same company that makes the polish mentioned above, also makes a mini polishing tool that many people find work well for small or detailed jobs.

Buffing machines are a little harder to come by and are geared toward jewelry store owners rather than individuals in a home but may be worth the investment if you have several vaporizers in your collection. They usually run around a couple hundred dollars but do the job quickly and often better than most people can do manually.

ReBuilding Supplies

Precision Screwdriver Set

ourcingBay – 45 in 1 Precision Tool

No, we are not saying you have to become a handyman, but having a good set of screwdriver bits will make vape life easier. Every atomizer you have may use a different type of screw, and it's best to be prepared. Look for a set that includes all kinds of bits, or at the very least hex, Phillips, slotted, triangle, pentalobe, torx, and sp2 if not, even more, variety. Consider either the SourcingBay – 45 in 1 Precision Tool Set or the abcGOODefg – 45 in 1 Portable Magnetic Precision Tool to make sure you're prepared for anything.

Needles and Syringes

Needle And Syringe

This may sound more risque than it is! Syringes and needles can be used for precise cleaning, rebuilding, and even filling your vape. Glass syringes are best for filling because they can be utilized for any vaping liquid, will not break down, and won't have an adverse effect on the flavor of the liquid when it is being vaporized.

Plastic or other materials may break down quickly if you use anything containing menthol or cinnamon and may also leech chemicals and unpleasant flavors to the liquid it contains. 14, 16, and 18 gauge needles are sufficient for most tank styles, and a good vape toolkit will include at least those three.

Drill Bits

Blank drill bits may not seem like they have much application to your life, but if you vape they do! They're an excellent way to wrap coils or rolling mesh if it is used. The company drill blank sets offer some good sets for this purpose that are reasonably priced as well. After all, the better you budget for your tools, the more you can budget for your next vape!

Soft Jaw Pliers

Soft Jaw Pliers

If you've ever had an atomizer get stuck, you understand why we've included this on our list. If not, you'll appreciate having the soft jaw pliers around when it inevitably happens to you. These pliers will help unjam the stuck atomizer without damaging it like regular pliers will. Try the boulderfly soft jaw cannon pliers, which also have replacement pads available, so you don't have to replace the entire thing when it starts showing some wear and tear.

Wire Coiling Machines

Wire Coiling Machine

If you rebuild your vape routinely, own several, or like to help out your friends with their favorite vape or mod, a wire coiling machine may be a sound investment. They are much quicker than hand coiling and are a good solution for people who lack the patience to coil wire by hand. These are available in hand crank machines or more advanced machines that coil wire with the push of a button. The best fit for your needs will depend on how often you'll need to be twisting wire as well as your budget. Hand crank machines are generally more budget-friendly than automatic machines. If a coiling machine doesn't fit your budget, be sure you have the blank drill set we mentioned earlier!



Not just for perfecting those awesome eyebrows! Tweezers are a godsend when working with small parts. A real vape enthusiast will likely end up with several pairs for different applications. Thin tipped tweezers will be the most valuable if you need to choose just one set to start. They will help you grip the end of coils or other tiny pieces to your atomizer. They can help you make fine adjustments when rebuilding a mod or place and remove mesh as needed.

If you are going to use the tweezers to handle heated pieces such as wire, consider finding some with rubber grips to help make using them more comfortable and to prevent the danger of burns while working on your vape mod. Ceramic Tweezers are also popular because they are durable, easy to clean and retain heat evenly while metal ones may zap the heat from whatever they touch instantly and unevenly.

Other Options

There are also specialty rebuilding kits and cleaning kits that come with several of the items needed for either project. Some people may opt to purchase one of these, to begin with rather than purchasing each component. It may be a good decision if you're just starting out, but over time you're probably going to want to purchase more personalized pieces based on how you like to rebuild and clean your vape, and most kits contain general parts only.

If you do want an all-inclusive package, the Van Cave pax cleaning kit may be used on several different models of vape pens or mods for general cleaning purposes. It has a bottle of mouthpiece lubricant, three in one tamper or pick tool, twenty alcohol wipes, over 40 zen pipe cleaners, five micro dental brushes, five bamboo poker sticks, a three in one poker/scoop/level tool, and works well to help clean many different types of devices.

As far as rebuilding goes, the Updated Vape DIY Tool Kit 6-in-1 Coil Jig Kit by Seasleay is a decent option. It does not contain a pair of soft jaw pliers, which we still highly recommend to help prevent damaging your vape. However, it does include many other useful tools such as ceramic tweezers, an 8 in 1 coil building jig, diagonal pliers, stainless steel scissors, an ohm meter, ten ft of wire, and even three sheets of organic cotton all conveniently placed in a storage pouch. It offers a total of 10 rebuilding items and even has a warranty to help make sure you're satisfied with the products.

No matter if you decide to purchase complete kits or build your personalized vape toolkit, we're certain you won't regret having these supplies around to help keep your vape in top condition. When your friends start having trouble with their vapes and mods from lack of proper care, you'll know your investment and time was worth while!

A good quality vape isn't cheap and taking proper care of it will help make your money go further and prevent unnecessary replacement caused from neglecting to clean it, and many minor problems can be fixed through a simple vape rebuild.

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