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The Top Vape Carrying Cases of 2018

An important aspect of caring for your vaporizer is to make sure it is not damaged in transit. Using a carrying case is going to help you avoid this damage as well as help you carry all of your accessories that you could possibly need for your vaporizer.

It is easy to take a portable vaporizer with you if you prefer, but if you are going to be anywhere that you may be gone for more than a few hours you might need some of your accessories. Especially your charger, your materials for vaping, or even extra batteries and wicks.

For a vape case that is going to give your the most bang for your buck you are going to want something that is going to help you organize your items. If you are someone that does not care and is okay with items bouncing around a bag you can go for a cheap one that does not have any pockets or dividers. If you are someone that is going to want to be able to open your case and find exactly what you need on the fly.

You are going to want to be able to safely carry your e-liquids without breaking or spilling them. There are also many tools you could carry with you in case of an emergency break of your system. All of the cases in this list are going to give you the convenience to carry your components with you.

Haze Leather Case

This is a very well made and stylish black leather case for all of your vaping kit and accessories.

The case is waterproof and resistant to odors so that it won’t smell of stale e-liquid smoke. You can smell what's inside if you put your nose close up to the case, but it won’t reek unpleasantly if you sit it on a table.

haze leather vape carrying case

A thick elastic strap holds a Haze vaporizer or other brand securely on one side of the interior. There is a very handy mesh pocket on the other side for spare batteries, e-liquid vape bottles and more. You might want to add some small pieces of foam yourself to the pockets to make sure your kit doesn’t slide around in the mesh pocket.

A fabric divider between the two sides is great for storing tweezers, a mouth guard or other small bits and pieces.

The inside of the case is covered in an EVA foam which is thick enough to protect your kit from the accidental drops or if the case is banged around in your bag. There is also a Velcro patch on the outside if you want to attach the case to anything.

VaporFi Tank Systems Large Carrying Case

This is slightly smaller than Vaporfi’s ‘’Larger’’ case but still has enough room to store all your day to day vaping equipment.

VaporFi Tank Systems Large Vape Carrying Case

On the inside, there is a mesh net pocket and wide elastic strap arrangement on one side to hold your vaporizer, sub ohm tank, etc. On the facing side, there are two mesh pockets for you to stash your vape juice bottle and any other accessories such a USP charger, cable, etc. You can fit two vials on this side, but that won't leave you much room for anything else.

The black case is sturdy enough to protect your kit from any knocks if you are carrying it on the move in your bag. It is ideal for everyday use to keep all your vaping stuff together. The case is stylish and discreet enough to be taken anywhere, from the office to casual social events and more formal occasions if you need to carry a few extra batteries. It is also useful if you just want to keep your spares and bottles neat and tidy in one place at home.

The case is probably a little too small to pack all your vaping kit for vacations but is well worth checking out.

Vaporfi Larger Case

This is Vaporfi’s answer to needing to use two cases to carry around all your vape stuff. The Larger case is roomy enough to hold nearly all your vape tools in one place

vaporfi large vape case

The inside of the case has woven stretchy bands to keep your vaping kit on one side and a mesh net pocket and strap on the other. This latter is perfect for holding juice bottles, spare batteries, extra atomizers or anything else you might need for your smoking enjoyment. These attachments are secure and tight enough to keep your kit in place without moving about. The outside also has enough padding to keep your devices and accessories safe from knocks and bangs when you are on the move.

Despite being roomy on the inside, the case is not so big as to make it awkward to carry in your hand or bag or even attach it to your belt. It has a sleek black design that is stylish enough to be taken anywhere without drawing attention to itself.

The Larger Case is ideal for either just keeping all your vape kit in one place or if you want to safely carry a decent amount of supplies with you when traveling.

Coil Master Equipment Case

This is a well-built and stylish black case large enough for just about all of your vaping kits and accessories.

Each side of the interior of this hard case has two different types attachment arrangements. On one side is an interweaving mesh of elastic straps. These are a smart little idea and can be configured to hold just about any shaped object big or small.

coil master vape carrying case

The other side of the interior has a single large mesh pouch that stretches the full width of the case.

You have to be a bit careful when packing to make sure the various bits of kit stored on either side don’t press into each other when the case is closed. Otherwise, you might squash some of the items like juice containers or make the case difficult to open and close.

The case is waterproof and resilient enough to take a few knocks without damaging your equipment.

If you are struggling to fill your case, Coil master also make a wide range of accessories perfect to vapers who want to routinely modify their vaping. P-Bags, battery sleeves, 316-L wires, Fuse Clapton coils - you name an accessory and chances are Coil Master makes it.

Coil-Master Kbag Storage Case


This is an interesting carrying case. It is able to fit a lot of different items in it without much effort at all. It has a lot of space to start off at 330 millimeters long, 210 millimeters wide, and 49 millimeters in depth. What makes this case unique is that is does have one main pocket on the lid of the case. The bottom of the case has a criss-cross design of elastic bands that are able to hold any items.

Because there are so many different bands you are able to fit any sized item into the case. It creates a very versatile case that allows your to customize your organization in any way that you would like. This is going to be great to carry any vaping merchandise that you have picked up along the way.

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