Sub Ohm Vaping

Sub Ohm vaping

Sub Ohm Vaping Guide for 2018

sub ohm vaping

This guide will give you a basic run down of sub ohm vaping. It will also give insight into what sub ohm tanks to use to get the best experience while vaping. When talking about sub ohm vaping, in technical terms you have an atomizer coil that has resistance less than 1 ohm.

This is what gives us the name and term sub ohm when talking about this type of vaping. This is the more technological way to explain what sub ohm vaping is, but it does not really explain what it means. When actually explaining what sub ohm vaping entails for the user, you will find that you get better taste, a ton of vapor, and vapor that typically comes out a little warmer. If you are someone that is a cloud chaser, you might be interested in trying out sub ohm vaping.

If you are just beginning to sub ohm vape, you want to purchase a tank that has a prebuilt atomizer. Some people do prefer to build their own coil themselves to be able to truly customize the experience, but this is for more advanced vapers. Until you know that you prefer sub ohm vaping, I would recommend just purchasing one and not going through the effort and hazard of making your own. Remember the tank that you do purchase needs to have a mod that is able to provide sub ohm vaping.

An important aspect to consider is safety. Many people have avoided sub ohm vaping because of the risks involved with vaping in this manner. In the past only more knowledgeable vapers would be able to use sub ohm vaping with less worry of dangers that come with it. When you sub ohm vape, you should have a good perception of how watts, volts, and ohms work together in a device to avoid damaging your device's batteries. Even more important than the annoyance of destroying your device's batteries is that you could damage them to the point they may leak gas, start on fire, or even explode. This could potentially seriously harm you and anyone around you.

sub ohm

Now there is a better alternative for those that do not understand the relationship between volts, ohms, and watts. You can use box mods that are built to be used with sub ohm vaping without concern over damaging the components. The prebuilt boxes and mods will not need altering from you and are a safer alternative to the older models people used. Any user with these devices do need to remember that type of battery is compatible for their device and with sub ohm vaping. This will make sure these devices are safe as possible.

sub ohm vaping dangers

Recommended Sub Ohm Tanks

Uwell Crown 2 Subtank

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This tank is made to last a long time without any damage. Its body is made from stainless steel and it has a quartz glass tank. This tank is going to give you the ability to set the airflow to your liking and you will get very large clouds of vapor. The goal of this tank is to challenge the RDAs that are on the market. RDAs are rebuildable dripper atomizers.

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When you purchase this tank you are going to have a preinstalled 0.15 ohm Ni-200 TC Dual Coil that is fitted with an organic cotton wick. If you prefer a different coil you can choose from two prebuilt coils that come with this unit. There is a 0.5 ohm and a 0.25 ohm dual coil that both come with organic cotton wicks as well.

One thing I don't like about this subohm tank is that you can't vape comfortably at 80W (single coil: 0.5/1.2) or 120W (dual coil: .25/.5)

You can avoid refilling this tank because it is able to hold about 4mls of your material. This is going to give you plenty of time to produce a large amount of vapor before refilling. Once you do need to refill this device, there is a choice to use a bottom filling method or a top filling method. You will not need to worry about vapor that is too hot because of its progressive cooling method. There is also a replacement glass tube that comes with this device.

Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank

The TF-V8 Beast is a more powerful version of Smok’s TF-V4. Although not noticeably larger on the outside, TFV8 can carry bigger coils with a greater 6ml capacity tank.

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The TFV8 comes with three different turbo coils – the V8-Q4 (a four head atomizer rated at 0.15 Ohms), the V8-T8 (a 0.15 Ohm eight head atomizer), and the V8 RBA which has two in-built Claptons.

Designed to work at high wattage with these coils, the Beast has highly adjustable airflows. It offers a mild and cool vape even at temperatures of 120 – 140W. The RBA base is ideal for use between 60-100W with the pre-built Clapton coils which should last for a couple of months (with regular dry burning and re-wicking).

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At 70mm tall and weighing about 75g, the TFV8 has a glass and stainless steel build. It features a top filling swivelling mechanism.

Months of research and development has given the TFV8 one of the most smooth and delicious sub ohm vaping experiences on the market. It is ideal for cloud chasers who like to fill a room with lots of cloud vapor.

The Beast comes in range of seven colors including gold, stainless steel, black, blue, greem red and purple.

The kit also includes extra seals, vape bands and O-rings, a spare Pyrex glass tube, and a pouch of cotton. Plus, of course, a user manual.

Sub Ohm Box Mods

Kanger NEBOX Starter Kit

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If you are looking for a sub ohm box mod that is widely liked look no further than the Kanger NEBOX. It has a massive capacity at 10mls and is by far the largest you are going to find on the market. If you want to be able to fill your well and vape for long periods of time, you need this device.

There is an output wattage that varies from 7W to 60W and it has a max voltage of 9W. The temperature you will find with this device does vary and comes with temperature control mods. You are able to change between 200 degree to 600 degree Fahrenheit. When you replace this battery it does take a 18650 battery.

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You can use multiple coils with this device including Titanium, Ni200 Nickel, and Nichrome coils. There is an RBA system that is optional if you prefer to use it. When you purchase the device you are going to have a Ni200 0.15 ohm coil. You will also receive a Mini RBA coil, an OCC coil, and a USB charging cable.

Innokin Cool Fire IV TC 100W Starter Kit

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The Cool Fire IV TC 100W starter kit comes complete with a sleek 100 Watt mod sized proportionately to fit in the palm of your hand and paired a newly designed iSub V Sub-ohm Tank but with all the reliability that Innokin fans have come to enjoy. This starter kit enables the Vaper to gain a fully enjoyable experience with many feature options such as a 1-100 wattage range, easy to use 0.2 second click to vape system, various temperature controls, adjustable airflow, built in 330mAH battery, pyrex glass tank, OLED display, 3mL e-liquid capacity and Innokins innovative “no-spill” coil system. This user friendly kit comes ready with all the necessary accessories to give the Vaper the full experience with a reliable and well-priced mod/ tank combo. (E-liquid Not Included)

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