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Top 20 Marijuana E-Juice Vendor Brands

When you are looking to get a good vape juice there are a few different aspects you should look at. Of course we all want to have a couple flavors that are favorites from a vendor, but this cannot be the only part of the company we look at.

It can be nice to purchase that one flavor that a company has somehow managed to produce that tastes good. The problem can be that the first time you try that flavor you may find it to be outstanding and then the next time you could find that it is sub-par. A vendor that has inconsistent quality can make the vaping experience very disappointing.

Sometimes the best vendors are the ones that you are always able to get good quality juices from, not the ones that occasionally have one good flavor with inconsistent quality. The vendors that pride themselves in a good product and their consumers happiness are the ones that are going to have repeat customers.

Customers are typically the best form of advertisement and you can get a lot of knowledge by looking at the reviews from others. This is a list of the top twenty brands a long with a few that almost made the cut but were not quite up to par.

In this article we present weed flavored e liquid reviews for many different companies. Here is our list of the top 20 best weed flavored e liquid suppliers

Top 20 Vape Juice Brands

20 – Castro's Flavors at Wildcat Vapor

This vendor has just managed to slip onto this top twenty count for the best weed flavored e juice . This is the fresh vendor to purchase your cannabis flavored e juice from. Joe Castro is behind Castro's Flavors and can be recognized from FlavorZ by Joe which was another reputable brand.

When you purchase e cig weed flavor here you are able to get a range of options for the amount of nicotine you want in your product. If you are someone that is weaning off nicotine you can use this as a way to slowly back down. There is also a large scope for PG/VG ratio. It can change from 20 to 70 percent VG depending on your preferences. The prices vary according to the size of bottle you would like to purchase.

They start out in a smaller 15ml bottle for $8.99, 30ml bottles for $12.99, 50ml bottles for $17.99, and a whopping 135ml bottle for $39.99. With this wide variety of sizes you are able to try new flavors that you are unsure of and if you find one that you love, buy in bulk and save a little bit of money in the process.

A benefit of this vendor is that these are all hand-crafted juices and there is a wide variety of flavors that they come in. There are flavors encompassing sweet flavors like breakfast foods, fruits, desserts, custards. For those that vape and like more traditional flavors there is tastes like tobaccos, coffee e juice and teas, as well as many more. Some of the more popular flavors include Moose Milk which is a combination of cinnamon, honey, and butter and Unicorn Poop which is a fruit roll up.

19 – Jimmy the Juice Man

Jimmy the Juice Man discount

Jimmy the Juice Man is a vendor that has an exclusive line of flavors that have earned a lot of praise from his Chicago-based clientele. One of the most important parts of producing juices is to please your clientele. Jimmy has been able to do this and has created followers that are very dedicated.

These flavors come in a 60 percent VG. There is a choice of what level of nicotine you would like ranging from none to 24mg in every ml. If you want to purchase a bottle you can choose a 30ml bottle or 120ml bottle priced at $18 or $65 dollars respectively. While there is a limit in the sizes you are able to purchase these two sizes are decent and you can still use a 30ml bottle to test out a flavor before you invest in a 120ml bottle.

The flavors that have become popular are Carmel Pear, Creme Brulee, Strawberry Astornaut which is a strawberry apricot blen, and Shurb. Shurb is by far the best-selling and best tasting flavor which is a unique blend of raspberry, lime, and orange to create a wonderful sherbet flavor.

This weed flavored vape juice company is worth checking out

18 – Mt. Baker Vapor E-Juice

Mt. Baker Vapor E-Juice Review

When you look into Mt. Baker Vapor you are going to find a vast variety of choices in flavor. There are so many that are great tasting it can be hard to choose which ones to purchase and personally I like to purchase many of them. To purchase a bottle you are able to choose between a few different sizing options. There is a small 15ml bottle for $4.99, a 30ml bottle for $7.49, and a huge bottle of 236ml for $34.99.

These prices are spectacular for the size of the bottles you are getting and for the flavor profiles you can choose from. One of my favorite parts about good quality companies is that they are often able to give their customer discounted prices because they are successful.

A portion of the flavors you can choose from includes juices made by the band GWAR, spices, beverages, desserts, nuts, tobaccos, candies, and fruits. The top selling weed flavored e liquid that they sell are Hawk Sauce which is a sweet and sour berry with menthol e juice, Moo Juice which is strawberries and cream, and Thug Juice which is berries, melon, and menthol. Depending on who you talk to any one of these three flavors are the best ones that you can purchase.

17 – Space Jam E-Juice

Space Jam E-Juice

Space Jam E-Juice is a familiar vendor that has been widely praised by its customers. Anyone that uses this vendor has reported that they are satisfied with the service they receive as they are a more personable company. Their customers also enjoy all of their nine flavors that you can choose from.

Besides the flavors their vape juice comes with a 50/50 PG/VG ratio and a choice of five different nicotine levels between none and 18mg per ml. A bottle starts at $11.99 for 15mls and moves up to $21.99 for a 30ml bottle. I do prefer to be able to choose what level of nicotine that I put into my pot flavored e liquid. I like to keep my level very low or if possible have none added to my marijuana vape juice flavor.

Many of their flavors revolve around being fruits and creamy. Some of them include Andromeda which is cream, pomegranate, and blueberry, Pluto which is melon, bubblegum, and mint, Starship1 which is kiwi and vanilla custard, and Eclipse which is a creamy vanilla tobacco. The Andromeda is the first flavor that Space Jam produce and still comes up in many vapors favorites list.

16 – Pinup Vapors E-Juice

Pinup Vapors E-Juice best price

Pinup Vapors pays homage to 50s pinup girls in not only their name, but also in the names of the vape juices that they produce. They do lean towards being very VG dense which depending on your preferences can be good. Their PG/VG ratios range from 25/75 and up depending on which juice you choose. There are not as many options for nicotine with this brand, but what you can choose from starts as low as 0, and moves up to 3, or 6mg per ml. To purchase a bottle you will spend $22 for a 30ml bottle.

This is a company that has been founded in St. Louis. There are five different fruit or dessert juice flavors that you are able to choose from, which are the most popular types of flavors in the industry now. There are ones like Lana which is a sweet, tart, and fruity juice, Marilyn which is a vanilla custard, butterscotch, and caramel juice, and Betty which is sweet fruity mix. Betty is one of the more popular juices that they produce.

15 – Teleos E-Juice

Teleos E-Juice best price and discount

Teleos offers a variety of flavors and variations of PG/VG ratios. Depending on the flavor that you choose you are going to end up with the different ratio as they change according to the liking of the company. That being said most of their flavors are very VG dense. You are able to purchase a 30ml bottle for $22.

There are a few levels of nicotine that you can choose from ranging from 3, 6, to 12mg/ml. Some of the juices are nicotine free if that is something that you prefer. You do have to do a little research to see what ones come with nicotine and which ones do not.

The flavors that this company has produced are progressive and there are 15 different ones to choose from. There is a Milk that is a fruit cereal and milk combination with brown sugar and other ingredients, Cloud Science Alpha which is strawberries and spun sugar, and Crunch which is an imitation Captain Crunch with cereal, marshmallow, milk, and berries.

The company itself is unique because it was made by two people that were into vaping that actually lived very far apart. They came together with their love of vaping and their desire to make quality marijuana flavored e juice. Their main focus is great taste and making sure their juices are always great quality.

14 – Suicide Bunny E-Juice

Suicide Bunny E-Juice

Suicide Bunny has varying levels of nicotine in their juices depending on where it was made and purchased. This can be a tad annoying if you are not aware of this fact. It can be between none and 18mg per ml, so pay attention when you purchase this juice from different locations.

You are able to buy a bottle of 30mls for $22. They do not specifically detail their PG/VG ratio for their juices. It is typically seen as around 70% VG.

This is a vendor that is based in Texas and has many true-blue followers. There are five typical pot flavored e juice to choose from. One being the Mother's Milk which is many people's favorite best marijuana flavored e liquid. It is a standard strawberries and cream mixture.

There is also a aged version of the Mother's Milk that has been deemed the Obsidian Edition. There is one flavor called the Sucker Punch which is a creamy fruit mix and one that is a snicker-doodle cookie with cinnamon and banana juice. Anyone that uses this vendor will tell you that Mother's Milk is the way to go and is by far the most popular.

13 – Good Life Vapor E-Juice

Good Life Vapor E-Juice review

Good Life Vapor has a wide variety of flavors to choose from. You are able to pick out of 48 flavor combinations that vary from typical tobaccos to candy creations. This amount of flavors is crazy from a company that is able to deliver on quality in every bottle. They got their start in Georgia and has since put out quite the collection of juices in which anyone can find at least a few flavors that they like.

The juices that you can buy vary in VG ratio depending on the line you choose the flavor from. The Signature and Virtu lines are about 50% and the Nebbia and Suduction lines come in at 70%. You can choose from six different levels of nicotine from no nicotine up to 24mg per ml. There are sizes that vary from 10ml which is $6 to 100ml which is $35. Their typical size bottle they sell is a 30ml that will cost you $15. This makes it very convenient to purchase the best size bottle for your own liking.

Some of the flavors include a watermelon bubblegum called Gamma, the Deadly Sin which is a tobacco blend, the El Kamino which consists of graham cracker, cocoa, and tobacco, and Zombie Blood which is a strawberry gummy candy.

12 – Sicboy Industries E-Juice

Sicboy Industries E-Juice discount

Sicboy prides themselves in providing an e-juice that is going to be able to last you all day for vaping. They took a lot of the comments made by their customers and tweaked their designs to fit the desires of their vaping community. This personalized touch has made their followers very devoted to the company. They are based in Colorado and chose to use their favorite foods as the inspirations for their flavors.

Sicboy Industries E-Juice

You are able to get their flavors in 30ml bottles that cost about $20. They have a 65% VG and are produced in four different nicotine levels. These levels vary from none up to 12mg per ml. Some of the best flavors are the M.B.Y.C. Which is a praline, vanilla ice cream and custord mix, the Deviant which is a vanilla ice cream with cherry studel, a Sicker Than Most a mixture of creeam,tangerine, strawberry, and blueberry, and the Catatonic which has a cinnamon crumble base to the blueberry cheesecake flavor.

11 – Cyclops Vapor E-Juice

Cyclops Vapor E-Juice

Cyclops Vapor has an interesting story for the creation of its name. Of course, it is taken from the mythological create the Cyclops, but is also derived from one of the founders having just one functioning eye. They are an Alabama-based company and they prefer to put out a small amount of flavors to make sure each one is up to the best quality possible. They know they can concentrate on producing great flavors instead of giving out multiple flavors that are of only tolerable quality.

The flavors have also taken names based around mythology and deities. There is the Artemis which is a berry cobble, the Athena which is a green apple blend, the Poseidon a melon and mixed fruit, and a Colossus which is a vanilla custard.

You are able to get a few different sizes from 15mls which costs $7.99 to 120mls which is 49.99. A common size that they sell is their 30ml bottle that is $13.99. The juices come in six different nicotine levels varying from none to 24mg per ml and they are 65% VG.

10 – Cuttwood Vapors E-Juice

Cuttwood Vapors E-Juice discount price

The Cuttwood Vapors vendor does have varying levels of nicotine in their juices depending on where you buy them. It will vary between none to 18mg per ml. They do not state the ratio of PG/VG. You are able to choose between two sizes the smaller 15ml for $11.99 or the larger 30ml for $21.99.

They have spent time producing flavors that are of the utmost quality. They are always delicious and have been put through a variety of tests and trials before they are even put out to the public. This has made all of these flavors truly unique and consistent in quality.

One of the most familiar flavors from this company is their Unicorn Milk which is a strawberry and cream mixture. This is one of the most asked for flavors that they produce. Their four flavors are also popular being a Sugar Bear which is a cinnamon cereal and cream, a Bird Brain being a fruit cereal, the Boss Reserve which is a mixture of milk, banana, but, honey, and graham crackers, and a Mega Melons which is cantaloupe, papaya, and mango.

9 – Beantown Vapor E-Juice

Beantown Vapor E-Juice discount

Beantown Vapor is a vendor that has been around for quite a few years. They were founded in about 2010 and were founded in Boston. It has not been until recently that they have started buckling down and producing some very topnotch juices. They now have a few different flavors that are more popular and have an outstanding taste.

You are able to choose from their twelve different flavors that have a PG/VG ratio of 33/67. There are five different nicotine levels that you can choose from starting at 0 and increasing up to 18mg per ml. There are two sizing options of 30mls for $17.99 and 120mls for $60.

With their variety of flavors there is Snozzberry which is a blue raspberry and melon, Soul Custardy which is vanilla custard, Flesh and Bone which is a unique peach blueberry pastry, Oh-Face which is strawberries and cream, and Banana De Leche which is bananas and caramel.

8 – Smiley E Liquid

Smiley E Liquid review and discount

Smiley E weed tasting e liquid has eight different flavors that they offer. They have six that are from their general line-up and are familiar flavors and two that are Psycho X branded. All of these flavors deliver on having good tastes when you use them to vape. These tastes vary from candy, to savory, to fruity flavors. You are going to be able to taste the quality of these best weed e liquid. This company is based out of California and first came out in 2014 meaning their quality and popularity has rose very quickly. I imagine there will be many more flavors that they produce in the upcoming years.

Smiley E Liquid

You are able to get five different levels of nicotine in these weed flavor e juice. There are ones that are nicotine free up to 16mg per ml. There is a variation of PG/VG ratios depending on the flavor that you choose. They vary from a 50% ratio to a 70% VG. To buy a bottle you are going to spend $11.99 for 15mls. Some of the flavors are easily explained just by their names like the Jolly Watermelon, Vanilla Dream, and Apple Pie. The two Psycho X liquids do have names that are more typical of weed flavor e liquid like Jealousy which is apple pie and caramel and Drama Queen a strawberry vanilla mixture.

7 – Dr. Crimmy's V-Liquid

Dr. Crimmy's Vape Liquid

Dr. Crimmy's V-Liquid has more choices and variation than many vendors out there making it very hard to choose which one can be my favorite. This company was started by a retried veteran who began vaping and started to make his own flavors. Over the years he has produced over 66 different flavors that are now available. Many of these flavors are self explanatory like Boston Cream Pie being a chocolate creamy custard, Peanut Butter Cookie, Pineable Upside Down Cake, Crimm Brulee which is his idea of a crème brulee, the Banana Caramel Crimm, and many more interesting flavors.

You have many more choices with Dr. Crimmy with eight different nicotine levels varying from no nicotine to 18mg per ml. There are choices of PG/VG ratios anywhere from 50% to 80% VG. You are able to purchase a bottle of 60mls for $20, 125mls for $30, and 500mls for $110. If you would like to, you are able to add extra flavor if you do like a more bold flavoring. Which can be great if you like a certain flavor, but feel like it needs just a little more power.

6 – Mitten Vapors E-Juice

Mitten Vapors E-Juice

Mitten Vapors has a wide selection of flavors that include candies, fruits, mints, drinks, desserts, and breakfasts. You are able to choose from 45 different flavors and if you would like they do give you the choice to get an additional shot or two of flavor if you like to have an intense flavor.

You are able to get these mixtures in either a 50/50 or max VG. There are six different nicotine levels to choose from varying from 0 to 18mg to ml. You are able to buy them at a modest $2.99 for 10mls up to $25.95 for 120mls with the 30ml bottle averaging out at $7.99. I cannot stress enough how crazy low these prices are.

There are many different flavors including Cast-A-Way which is a strawberry, pear, peach, and melon, the Golden Bear which is a mix of cookie, cheesecake, and cinamon, a Buddha's Blend which is a Irish coffee cream with butterscotch, #SinkingShip which is peanut butter, cream, chocolate, and banana, and a 3 Day Weekend which is a banana custard.

5 – Casey Jones Mainline Reserve

Casey Jones Mainline Reserve

Casey Jones Mainline Reserve is a company that offers thirteen different flavors and an unique opportunity to pick your own flavor of a yogurt blend. Which is one of my favorite aspects of this company. I like to try to mix and match different flavors to find a perfect yogurt blend flavor. They are based in Indiana and have some of the more reasonable prices I have seen. You are able to buy a 30ml bottle for $11.99 and a 120ml bottle for $27.99.

Their flavors are focused on fruits and desserts for sweet tastes. One is called 'Murica being an iconic apple pie, the Bomb being a blueberry custard, a Forbidden which is a fruity blend, the Derail which is strawberry custard, and a Massacre which is a cocoa and cream pastry.

You are able to pick from five levels of nicotine from no nicotine to 18mg per ml. Most of their flavors do have 80%VG, but there are also some that vary. The Pink Rabbit comes in 85% and Two Cans is a 90%.

4 – Mech Sauce E-Juice

Mech Sauce E-Juice

Mech Sauce offers many choices when it comes to PG/VG and nicotine. The ratios include 70, 80, 90, and max VG depending on your tastes. You can pick from six nicotine levels which differ from no nicotine to 18mg per ml. You are able to buy 30mls for $6.50 which is a very good price compared to some companies. There are also 15ml bottles at $3.99 and multiple sizes in between the max of 500mls for a very small amount of $65.50 which are very good prices.

This company is Virginia-based and offers great variety in terms of flavors to choose from. There are 47 different flavors that you are able to pick from. All of these flavors have premium taste, but they certainly do not have the price to match making this company very popular.

They have some innovative flavors like a Captain Loopy which is based off the milk that is left over in a bowl of Fruit Loops. Their Berry Sabotage is very similar, but they instead use Captain Crunch as the inspiration. There are a little more simple of flavors like Empress Milk which is strawberry custard, the Antidote which is strawberry shortcake and ice cream, and a Mech Milk being a strawberry milkshake.

3 – The Steam Factory E-Juice

The Steam Factory E-Juice

The Steam Factory is a husband and wife combo that have started to make weed flavored vape liquid because of their enjoyment from vaping. They wanted to create flavors that were able to last all day through their vaping sessions and to make many different flavors to choose from.

Their juices are mostly consisting of 70% VG, but they do have one flavor that is a max VG blend which is the Muffcake. You are able to buy a bottle for 30mls for $22. There are five different nicotine levels from none to 18mg per ml.

You are able to choose from five different flavors that have varying tastes. The Muffcake is one of the most popular which is a half-muffin and half-cake that is blended with lemon and mixed fruit. The idea of the taste comes from a baking mixture that is popular and works well in the vaping word as well. There is also Kismet a green apple and pear, the Castaway which is tropical fruits, Screwberry being mixed berries, and Blue Ballz which is blueberry and banana.

2 – Boosted E-Juice

Boosted E-Juice

Boosted E-Juice has a simple choice of 60% VG juices, a normal scope of nicotine levels being no nicotine to 18mg per ml. You are able to buy a bottle at 30mls for $19.99. The Boosted company was based in Colorado and has been getting more popular in the recent years.

There are six different flavors that this company offers. There is a strawberry milkshake called Boosted, a strawberry, watermelon, blueberry, and cream called Anti-Lag, a vanilla ice cream pairs with raspberry cheesecake called Wastegate, a citrus, peach, coconut mixed with tropical fruits called B.O.V., a pumpkin spice latte called Rear Diff, and an apple, cream, cranberry blend called Intercooler.

1 – Vape Wild E-Juice

Vape Wild

Vape Wild E-Juice is a brand that is going to offer you the most choice in PG/VG rations, nicotine levels, flavors, and is always going to give you something great to vape with. This company has a monster list of flavors to choose from making it nearly impossible to pick favorites. You are able to get all of this quality for cheap. There are 10ml bottles starting at $2.99, 30ml bottles at $6.99 and a huge bottle of 480ml for $59.99. I especially love these bulk bottles once I find a flavor that I cannot be without.

This company is based in Texas where they have supplied us with fantastic tasting flavors. You are able to choose from 140 different flavors. There is a flavor for everyone with choices in menthol, fruits, tobaccos, candies, drinks, desserts, and breakfast blends. Some of the more popular flavors include the Circus Bear a strawberry banana custard, Sweet Complexity which has banana, cream,sugar, vanilla, rum, and cinnamon, On Cloud Custard which is a vanilla custard, Fruit Hoops a take on milk leftover from fruit loops, (S + C)^2 which is a strawberries and cream, and a Smurf Cake being a blueberry cheesecake.

Honorable Mentions

These next few vendors have good quality weed flavoured e liquid that they have produced. They have good taste and are typically consistent in flavor. They just typically do not offer as wide of a variety as the other companies that have made my top twenty list and overall lack in the aspects I have graded these companies on. I look at consistency, customer reviews, innovation in flavor, and the ability to customize your juices. The companies below have a lot of potential in become contenders to change this list.

The Milkman E-Liquid

The Milkman E-Liquid

This vendor offers 30ml bottles for around $18. When you buy these flavors you are going to get a high VG. They only have a few juices and the ones that they offer have great taste. There is a fruit tart and vanilla ice cream which give the company its name the Milkman and the Churrios is a cinnamon sugar with nut, honey, and cereal milk making a churro mixed flavor.



Bombies has many liquids that are based around fruits and other sweets. There is a 'Nana Cream which is strawberry, berry, and bananas. They also cater to those that like tobacco blends with a sweet mixture called A Real Nightmare. You are able to buy a 30ml bottle for $14.99.

Cosmic Fog

Cosmic Fog

This brand is able to produce fantastic tasting liquids and you are able to buy a 30ml bottle for $21.95. One of the best flavors includes one that is a play on Milk and Honey which is all founded on marshmallows and is able to be used for an all day flavor.

Halo Cigs


This vendor has been around for years and has a loyal following which its delightful e liquid weed flavour. There are a few flavors that I would recommend including the Tribeca and the Belgian Cocoa. If you want to buy a 30ml bottle you are going to spend $19.99.

Mr. Good Vape

Mr. Good Vape

You are able to get extraordinary flavors that revolve around fruit or desserts which include the Dabble Dooyah which is a cinnamon vanilla apple pie and the Moon Sugar which is a sugar cookie mixed with graham crackers and butterscotch. You are able to get a 15 ml bottle for $11.99.

The Vapor Chef


The tastes made by this vendor comes out very flavorful because they are made by an ex chef who already knew how to balance tastes well. Flavors from this company that come highly recommended are Shmuffer Shmutter and Honey Pearry. Besides those flavors there are many others that are outstanding choices.

VaporFi Reserve Collection


These flavors are very high quality juices. They are compounded to be perfect in flavor which include some like the Monkey Business which is a banana custard and a Northern Lights which is a guava and melon berry. A 30ml bottle is going to cost you $19.99. If you are interesting in juices that are top-notch quality you are able to pre-order from the Grand Reserve collection.

Five Pawns


Many people know about this company and enjoy the juices that they produce. They are always full of taste and have a few that are favorites including the Castle Long and Grandmaster. You will spend about $27.50 for a 30 ml bottle.

Black Note


This a another brand that has a lot of recognition and some decent flavors. They cater more towards people who prefer the more original tobacco e-juice flavors. Out of everyone making these types of flavors, they are able to execute the flavors more. These juices are a little more expensive at $29 for 30ms.

These companies are able to give you the best weed flavor that is available. Many of them produce similar flavors with their own spin making each one you try unique and interesting to test. Every person that creates e liquid cannabis flavors has their own style and variation that creates that unparalleled flavor that their followers are able to recognize compared to their competitors. By perfecting this technique they are able to give you consistent e juice that tastes like weed every time you use them.

The many cannabis flavored e liquid creators that I have put on these lists have devoted a lot of time, effort, and money into make great flavors for their customers to enjoy. They all have different qualities that are preferable to different people. Many people want a very inexpensive juice while others do not mind spending a lot of money to get a great tasting juice.

Some people prefer a higher VG percentage or even more variations in the level of nicotine that you are able to choose from. No matter what you prefer you are going to be able to find someone on this list that is going to be able to deliver a great taste for you.

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