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The Best Vape Tanks & Clearomizers

We here at vaporizer for weed compiled our list of Top Vaporizer Tanks and the best Clearomizer to purchase in 2018. We included everything from best beginner to best cloud vape tanks. 

Beginner Vape Tank

To start off, let's talk about the clearomizer best vape tank for anyone that is beginning. If you are not sure about what you are looking for in a device, you want to get one that is moderately cheap and not too large. Even with the lower cost, you still want to have decent quality vapor produced. For beginners that are looking to use a vape tank to help them stop smoking, this vaporizer will work well for you. Using a vape tank can help you with urges to smoke cigarettes and can help you stop or reduce the amount of cigarettes you are smoking a day.

Aspire Nautilus Mini

aspire vape tank

This is a smaller version of its parent, the Aspire Nautilus. It is a great product to try if you are beginning your vaping journey. The Nautilus Mini is much smaller than some of the vape tanks on the market which makes it much more portable. If you are someone that prefers to vape in a more private manner the size is going to help you as well. The capacity of this vape tank is 2.0mls which is much smaller than the regular Nautilus at 5.0mls.

Some people dislike the small capacity of the 2ml capacity of the vape tank. If you want a larger capacity vape tank, this is not the tank for you,

This device has a Pyrex glass and stainless steel tank. You are able to choose from four various settings for airflow. Depending on what kind of draws you prefer, you can adjust accordingly. If you are using this vape tank to aid you in reducing your cigarette consumption you can restrict your air flow. This is going to make your draws tighter like a cigarette. When you adjust airflow, it is also going to help you change the temperature of your vapor and how much vapor you produce.

This vape tank is going to be the most similar to smoking a cigarette. This is going to make it one of the best options if you would like to use this to replace smoking cigarettes. You are still going to get the satisfaction of drawing from a device that is similar to a cigarette without taking in the dangerous components. The type of vaping you are going to get from this device is considered mouth to lung, which is what you get from a cigarette. You are also able to wean yourself off nicotine with different nicotine concentrations in an e-liquid. If you prefer the flavor of tobacco, you can also look for e-liquids that taste like them as well.

The components of this device were built to last. There are BVC vertical coils that keep working for a long time to come. If you are needing to change out your coils it is a very simple process. Taking apart this device is easy which makes maintenance and cleaning a breeze. The type of coils that are used help to enhance the flavors of your product and provide you with larger amounts of vapor. All of the components of this device come together to create a good vaping experience.

With everything that this device provides to its users, it is amazing to be sold at the price of $30. Personally, I would not recommend buying any vape tank that costs less than this device because you are not going to find one that gives you any sort of quality. This is a great choice for beginner vapers and anyone that would like to quit smoking.

Flavor Vape Tank

It is hard to say what the best vape tank for flavor is. Much of what people prefer in vaporizers for flavor can vary. It all depends on the personal preference of the user. This is going to be one of the best options in terms of flavor quality.

Sense Herakles Plus Tank

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This vape take is able to hold up to 3.6mls of e-liquid.  The Herakles has an advanced tri parallel coil system. The coil that comes already installed is a 0.4 ohm Kanthal coil that also can be swapped out for a 0.2 ohm coil. These coils can be changed according to what range you would like to reach. The Kanthan coil is going to have a range of 35 to 100W. The stainless steel coil has a range of 35 to 80W.

There is a replacement glass tube that does come with this tank. The tank is an upgraded version of Sense's original tank. It is made from Pyrex glass and stainless steel. When producing this tank, they wanted to emphasis flavor and airflow. They have been able to do that. There is better airflow as they have introduced top and bottom airflow to this device. You no longer have to depend on the supplemental airflow system that the original used.

This device focuses on convenience for its user. They allow you to adjust airflow as well as your juice flow. You are also able to fill this device from the top unlike many vape tanks.

Cloud Vape Tanks

Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast

vape mod tanks

This new vape tank is going to impress anyone with the sheer amount of vapor that is produced by this device. Everything about this vape tank can be explained as huge with its coils, tank, airflow, and capacity. It is not wonder that this tank has beast in its name. If you are someone that prefers to make large clouds of vapor, this is the vape tank to choose.

Smok made a TFV4 and the TFV8 has improved on all components of it's  predecessor. You are going to find that everything has been increased in size. The air holes have been enlarged by almost 18 percent. The dual airflow holes are also adjustable. The airflow tubing on the inside of the device was also increased by 30 percent. This device is able to hold anywhere from 5mls to 6mls of product.

There are multiple coil heads that this tank comes with. The TFV4 had many different coils that were released as time went on and I would expect the same to happen with the TFV8 as it is on the market longer. The coil heads that come with the tank is a V8-Q4 which is 0.15ohm that ranges from 50W-180 up to the best 90-150W, a V8-T8 which is 0.15ohm that ranges from 50W-260 up to the best 120W-180, and a 18mm V8-RBA which has dual Clapton coils at 0.28ohm ranging from 50W-140. There is also an additional coil already available for purchase. It is a T6 which is 0.15ohm.

To allow you to have such large vapor clouds, it is important to have a very large surface that your material will touch on the coils. With this larger surface, you are going to use up any e-liquid very fast. Unfortunately that is the cost of producing massive vapor clouds. To combat this, the tank has been increased by 20 percent to hold up to 6mls.

When you are filling this tank, it is a made easier because they designed the filling holes to be larger. The tank is also able to be filled from the top of the device. It is going to be easier to fill this tank and you will have to do it less. With this devices larger size, the tank has a diameter of 24.5mm. This means that it is not going to sit even with many mods.

If you are looking for premium flavor, you should steer away from this vape tank. It does produce decent flavor, but it is not going to be as good as many other vape tanks. If you focus strictly on flavor, you are going to want to try the Herakles Plus or the Uwell Crown. This vaporizer should be reserved for those that want to produce massive impenetrable clouds of vapor.

VaporFi vShock Tank

best vape tank

The VaporFi vShock is the go-to vape tank to produce clouds of vapor. The vShock is going to give you a reduced amount of resistance, a lot of airflow, and it is able to manage high VG juices. It is made from Pyrex glass and stainless steel. The vShock is a decent-sized product and is able to sit evenly with mods or drip tips if you prefer to use them.

You are going to find that the airflow valves are located on two areas on this vape tank. There is a valve by the drip tip and the base of the atomizer. There are also large airflow slots that help airflow to be increased. With these slots, there is also the choice of dripping. You are going to be able to adjust your airflow as needed or preferred. The device can handle a decent amount of e-liquid. It has a 5ml tank. If you want to use high VG juices, you can with the rectangular shaped intake holes on the atomizer.

There is a choice of coils that come with this vape tank. There is a TCT Ni200 0.15 ohm coil, a 0.6 ohm atomizer, and a 0.2 ohm atomizer. If you are looking to use the Ni200 coil, you can only use with mods that control the heat settings of your coil. You can purchase replacement coils from VaporFi. They are going to cost you about $20 for five replacements. You get a 100 percent organic cotton wick as well.

Sub Ohm Tank

Uwell Crown 2 Sub ohm Tank

best vape tanks

This is a new vape tank from a new company called Shenzhen Uwell Technology Co. which was released in 2016. Even with this vape tank being their debut product, it has fantastic quality. The tank gives you great flavor as well as vapor. This company has taken their time to make sure that they produced a solid product. The device is made from quartz glass and stainless steel. You can fit up to 4mls of e-liquid into the top or bottom fill tank.

There are three different coils that this device comes with. You have a 0.25 ohm head that has up to 120W, a 0.5 ohm dual coil that is up to 80W, and a 0.15 ohm Ni200 head that comes in the device already installed. Depending on if you are using a single or dual coil, you are going to find this device produces a range of wattage from 10 to 120.

The Uwell Crown is by far the best choice for a subohm vaping. If you do want an alternative to compare it to, check out the Smok TFV4 vape tank. With the variations that this vape tank brings to the market, you are guaranteed to have a great vaping experience.

Mouth to Lung Tank

Joytech Cubis Sub Ohm

clearomizer tank

The Joytech Cubis is the vape tank to pick up if you want a great mouth to lung vape every time. When using this vape tank, you are able to adjust the airflow of the device. Even if you decide to open the air holes completely, you will get a tight draw. If you prefer to change what type of draw you want, I would not recommend this product. It can only be used for tight draws.

There are three different coil heads that come with this vape tank. There is a 1.5 ohm Clapton head for 8 to 20W, a 1.0 ohm stainless steel coil head for 10 to 25W, and a 0.5 ohm stainless steel coil head for 15 to 30W. If you are using the 1.0 ohm or the 1.5 ohm you are going to get the mouth to lung capabilities with a tight draw. This device has the advantage of never giving you a dry hit. The wicking inlets are located at the bottom of the device so there will always be material covering them if there is material in the device.

An aspect of this vape tank that is exciting is that it will not leak. You are not going to be able to shake any liquid use even if you try. The airflow control is covered by a top cap that greatly reduces your chances of leaking liquid. It also helps to reduce the instances of any coil flooding. When you have your tank full of an e-liquid, you are still able to replace your coil and further fill your juice. The top of the tank along with the coil is removed as one unit to avoid any spilling. The bottom of the tank is sealed off and is much more like the bottom of a cup than separate pieces.

You will not have to worry about refilling your e-liquids with this vape tank. There is no messing with syringes or droppers because you have a much wider space to work with. The top of the device is unscrewed to allow you to pour your liquid directly in. This is a vast improvement compared to the typical small hole that you have with many other vape tanks.

Dripper Tank

The technique of dripping is when you are using a little bit of e-liquid and putting it directly onto the wick. When it was first introduced, dripping was seen as a way to help you get the best flavor out of your materials. It is now mostly used by those that would like larger clouds of vapor.

Kanger Subtank Mini Clearomizer

best clearomizer

This is a great tank for those that want to drip. It has two different TBA 30 Watt coils. It also comes with a Japanese organic cotton and three o-rings. You are going to be able to fit about 4.5mls of liquid into this tank. It is made from a more long-lasting Pyrex glass to keep your device working.

When using this vape tank, you can put in the organic cotton strands into the RBA atomizer and drip your e-liquids onto it. Once you have done this, you can reattach the glass tank and drip tip. There is an adjustable airflow that comes from this device to help you customize your experience. 

Check out other kanger tanks here. 

RTA(rebuildable tank atomizer) Tank

Vaporesso Gemini RTA

vape pen tanks

Meet the top competitor of the Geekvape Griffin, the Vaporesso Gemini RTA. This is a highly sought after RTA and I could see it quickly surpassing the Griffin. It has better quality in construction and adaptability. When you purchase this RTA, you are getting a stainless steel product that comes from only the highest grade materials. It has a 16mm two post rebuildable desk and dual airflow that is adjustable. This system is easily filled from the top of the vape tank. It is about 62mm tall and is 22mm wide.

When you purchase this vape tank, you get a variety of materials that come with it. There is an allen key, an extra Pyrex tank, extra screws, two clapton coils, extra o-rings, a 13.5mm delrin wide bore drip tip and 510 drip tip adapter.

Using this device is going to give you first-rate airflow. There is more control over the airflow and the juice flow. The quad airflow is adjustable on the top of the mechanism as well as the bottom. There is an added air hole that is posted in between the velocity posts that are on the build deck. This will allow you to draw air from the bottom of the device. That air is able to move up through the device until it hits the central post and is released out both of the sides onto the coils. Vaporesso has called this their Zero Blind Spot Airflow design.

If you feel like you are getting too much airflow, you are able to correct that. You can close either the bottom or the top of the device depending on your preference of airflow. You will also find that there is a large wicking hole on this device. These components come together to make a denser vapor and better flavored draws.

Dry Herb and Wax Vape Tank

Honey Stick HighBrid Tank

The Highbrid is designed to change your electronic mod into a high-powered dab rig.

If you want to get the real flavour and taste of your wax, the HighBrid is worth checking out

It comes with dual quartz rods that are wrapped in high-performance titanium coils that quickly deliver very even levels of heating. The HighBrid’s coils can handle a maximum of 23W. This tank can be used for ultra low sub ohm vaping and the kit comes with a 0.3-ohm coil rated up to 36W.

tanks for vapes

A large custom designed ceramic bowl has pressure building chamber which allows the build up of huge clouds. The HighBrid is compatible with any 510 threaded electronic mod.

The HighBrid Atomizer is easily taken apart to allow you access to the heating chamber. Once the atomizer has been removed, you can put your wax concentrate down through the hole on the top of the heating chamber using the dab tool. If it’s a reload the parts will be hot and be careful not to dislodge the coils or heating rods.

Once you have reassembled the kit, ensuring all the gasket O-rings have a good seal and attached it to your vape battery, you are ready to smoke.

Cheap Vape Tank

Tesla Vortek TC Sub Tank


The new Vortek Tc Sub Tank is the perfect pairing tank for the intermediate to experienced Vaper who is looking for a fully unique and superb vaping experience. This tank comes complete in an elegant stainless steel finish with a rather large 7ml capacity pyrex glass e-liquid capacity. This larger tank capacity allows for less hassle and handling as less refills are needed providing you with the assurance of always having e-liquid at the ready. This unit comes with an adjustable airflow system allowing you to customize your vaping needs whether you are looking for full flavor or cloud chasing.

Additionally, this tank has been designed with a large inner diameter (12 mm) drip tip for those Vapers chasing large and powerful cloud production. This tank is truly a high performing piece perfect to bring out the full potential of your paired MOD as it is equipped with an advanced cooling system design. However, this tank is particular in that it relies on a 0.2ohm coil head and a 0.5ohm coil head that is rated for up to 80 watts of power from your mod. These coils are made in the United States of Ni200 to ensure high quality performance.

This tank however, requires full precautions and handling as the Ni200 coils are designed specifically for use only with Mods equipped with the ability of controlling wattage level and coil temperature. Additionally, performance is dependent on proper maintenance as all high performing tanks require making this tank not suitable for the beginner or inexperienced Vaper.

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