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Best Vape Starter Kit for 2018

With vaping there are many different ways to enjoy it. You can use dry herbs and e-liquids in many different vaporizers. It can be hard to sift through all of the information that is available to you to find out what you really need to begin your vaping journey.

We will introduce you to the best starter kits and everything you need to begin vaping!

Even though there are multiple materials to vape with, this article looks at only e-liquids. E-liquids are by far the most popular way to vape because of the variety they come in. There are many flavors, strengths, and nicotine levels to choose from.

All of these items are going to be available to you separately. If you are coming into vaping with no prior knowledge there are a lot of things you need to research before you can put together the components needed to vape. That is why there are vaping starting kits.

These kits are going to contain all of the items you need to start vaping. They will ensure you have components that work together. With the wide variety of batteries, vape mods, and atomizers you are bound to select some that are incompatible if you are not familiar with vaping.

vape starter kit

If you manage to put together elements that are incompatible you risk not only ruining your device, but hurting yourself or others in the event a part becomes damaged. Not only will a starter kit be safe it is also much cheaper to start with.

There is a choice between which device you can choose from in a starter kit. There are vape pens or box mods. These box mods are exactly as they seem; a vaping device that is in the shape of a box.

If you expect you are going to be someone that vapes for a long time each day you should lean towards a box mod. A box mod is going to give you an overall better vaping experience. This is because it is able to hold a larger battery and tank.

There will be less time spent refilling your tank with e-liquid and less time on the charger. Box mods can also be used for cloud chasing. Cloud chasing is essentially creating large amounts of vapor at a time. Many people like large clouds of vapor to learn vaping tricks with.

Vape Pens

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This kit is decently priced and still gives you everything you need to begin vaping. Prices of kits can be daunting but I would not go much lower then this kit.

If you find a kit that is lower than this price it is very likely that it is going to have components that are poor quality and possibly dangerous to use.

A cheaper kit like this one is great for anyone that is looking to start vaping to quit smoking. It is going to be a cost effective way to get away from cigarettes. If you are looking to quit for good you want a kit that is going to provide you with good quality to have your best chance at staying away from the cigarettes.

Any good starter kit is going to have all of the components you need to begin. You are going to have a battery, an atomizer, and a micro USB charger to start off with. The battery that comes with the kit is going to be a 650mAh battery.

If you pay an extra dollar you are able to get a 11mAh battery instead. For that low of a price I would certainly spring for the bigger battery. The bigger battery is going to give you much more time vaping and less time charging.

There is a Evod twist battery and a Evod dual coil tank that is included in this kit. With both of these pieces you are able to get then in a variety of eight colors. If you choose you can get each one in a different color to have a more unique look, or match them together if you like cohesion.

There are eight different colors to choose from including the basic stainless steel, black, blue, green, pink, red, purple, and yellow. Once put together, in any combination, you will have a sleek looking vape pen.

The tank for this device is made out of pyrex. For an Evod this tank has the largest capacity that has hit the market. You are going to be able to fill this tank up to 2.5mls at a time. For many people this is going to give them hours of vaping before they need to worry about refilling.

For your convenience you are able to see how much e-juice you have left in your tank through four windows of the tank. This tank is going to use dual bottom coils. The coils have a resistance of 1.5ohm.

Something that is great about the Evod is its safety features. A big problem for people just starting is the change of ruining their device and/or hurting themselves with the device as they are ruining it.

With this vape pen you are going to have to click five times in succession within two seconds to get it to turn on. This is going to deter any spontaneous power ups from happening if it is being tossed around a bag or in a pocket.

There is also a short circuit protection. There is a ten second cutoff that is going to help you stay safe and avoid hurting your vape pen. The pen does use over-discharge protection. This means that the pen is going to shut down if the battery reaches 3.2V.

The reason the companies do this is your battery is going to have a decreased lifespan if you run it down to 3.2V. If you get lower than 3.2V you will eventually make your battery no longer usable.

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The eGo One CT is from the creative minds at Joytech. They have made a device that is extremely portable because of its size. This device is going to fit into any bag, purse, or pocket that you want it to. It is a short device that still has a slick stainless steel finish. Many people that are looking to use a vape pen to quit smoking can feel self-uncomfortable about changing their routine especially in public. With the eGo One CT you will not feel like you are sticking out because it is going to be very discrete. There is a choice in what colors you would like this device to come in. There is either a plain stainless steel, a stealthy white, a sleek black, a darker blue, a lighter blue, and a red. With its small features and variety of colors this is one of the top vape pens in terms of aesthetics.

When purchasing the kit you are getting all components you need which is going to include a battery and charger. This pen does have adjustable airflow. With adjustable airflow you are going to more easily be able to figure out what type of vaping you prefer. With added air flow you are going to have vapor that is cool, more vapor production, and the flavor can be diminished a bit.

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There is a choice of two different coils for the starter kit. With this choice you are going to be able to try out more than one style of coil. In the future if you continue on to use different coils and purchase a more advanced mod you will know what type of coils are best suited for your own preferences. The two that come with the kit are a 0.5ohm coil and a 1ohm coil. The 0.5ohm coil can be used for sub ohm vaping. If paired with more air flow you are going to get a direct lung hit. This type of vaping produces more vapor and better flavor. If you use the 1 ohm coil and also pair it with less air flow you will produce mouth to lung inhale. This is the type of inhalation that someone that has smoked cigarettes is use to and might prefer.

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This kit is going to come in two different sizes. If you know you are going to only vape a small amount in a day you can buy the smaller version. This version is going to have a 1100mAh battery and the tanks capacity is 1.8mls. The larger version can better be used if you vape all day long. It has a 2200mAh battery that is paired with a 2.5ml capacity tank.

There are no confusing parts about this vape pen. It is made to be easy for anyone starting to vape to use. There are some advanced characteristics that are provided through. There is a CT titanium mode and a CT Ni200 Nickel Mode. You are able to use this pen in variable wattage mode. This means a wattage of 7.5W to 25W. The vape pen is going to automatically calculate what the resistance of the coil is and change your wattage for you. There is not mess or stress with this feature. The sub ohm coils that are able to have a resistance as low as 0.4 ohms are able to be used.

Box Mods

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The Kanger TopBox Mini is an easy to use device that is more directed at those advanced vapers that enjoy sub ohm vaping. This box mod is great for those that consider themselves cloud chasers and you are going to be able to build your own coils if you choose. The battery for this mod is not included and must be bought separately. The battery is a 18650 battery. Excluding the battery you are going to have everything you need within this kit, even the charger that comes in the form of a USB.

The TopBox has a pretty high capacity if you consider its size. You will have a tank that holds up to 4mls. This size of a tank is going to challenge vapers that use their device constantly to be able to run out of e-liquid in a day. There is a top fill method that is much easier to use when you do run out. With a top fill method there is less change of leaking and spilling out of the Pyrex glass tank.

When you purchase this kit you are going to have a 0.15 ohm Nickel stainless steel organic cotton atomizer that is already installed. This atomizer is used with sub ohm vaping. There is also a 0.5ohm SS coil and a 0.5ohm Clapton coil that comes inside of the kit. If you would like to purchase separate coils there is also a 0.2ohm and a 1.2ohm option. If you are at the level to build your own coils the RBA base is going to allow you to do just that. Keep in mind that the TopBox is able to use builds with resistances of 0.1 ohms. The KBOX Mini is going to have a range of wattage from 7W to 75W. You will also be able to use temperature control.

Your coils heads are going to need to be replaced about every one to two weeks. You are able to get these in a pack of five for around fifteen dollars. With a Kanger kit you are going to be able to grow as you use it. You will be able to advance to building your own coils. There are many different prebuilt coils to choose from so you will be able to try out the different wires and resistances. Once you go through these options you will learn what works best for you.

Smok G-PRIV 220W TC Vape Starter Kit

The G-PRIV stands out as one of the first touch-screen mods on the market. If you are a bit of a tech head and new to vaping, this kit has everything you need to get started. Optimal for e-juice, this is also the ideal choice for someone looking to get into advanced mods.

cheap vape mod kits

The touchscreen interface is pretty much like that on your smartphone. A shatterproof and big 2.4 inch OLED screen allows you to control everything from wattage to temperature and resistance to voltage.

The 85mm x 58.5mm x 28mm mod can be set at different wattages up to 220 W. It also offers a good choice of temperature settings and can fire just about any type of coil wire. There is a built-in lock button that sits above the weighted fire bar that prevents any misfires.

The G-PRIV mod can be used with SMOK’s latest V8 turbo coil technology.

The G-PRIV starter kit also has one of the best-rated tanks on the market. The TFV8 Baby Beast sub ohm tank uses a standard 510-threaded connection. It resistance has been scaled down a bit from earlier versions, but it still offers a pure flavor with the potential for massive clouds.

The mod’s chipset was specifically designed for this kit. However, it is a bit like the Alien vape mod. The chipset should allow you to operate the mod without any worries.

Batteries for the G-PRIV are held in place by a magnetized cover. This type of cover has been criticized for not keeping batteries securely in place if the mod gets jolted. However, SMOK has added a carbon fiber inlay in the battery compartment to keeps things from dislodging.

The G-PRIV is a sleek, compact, and powerful vaping kit. It is available in three color schemes - gold, black/red and black/silver.

Most Similar to Cigarette Smoking

RankingBest AttributeBrand Best Price Here
1Closest To Smoking Cigarettes

Eleaf iStick Pico Builder Bundle Kit


Aspire Nautilus

3Easy To Upgrade

Eleaf iStick Pico 75W

vape starter kits

One of our favorite setups because it is simple, efficient, and hits heavy like a cig would.

When looking for a vaping set up that is most like smoking cigarettes you will want to purchase the Eleaf iStick Pico builder kit.

It is by far the best tank for this type of vaping. It is going to provide its users with mouth to lung vaping.

There are not many tanks that specialize in giving you mouth to lung vaping and this is going to be a great kit to begin with.

The Pico kit comes in several different colors, includes a battery, charging cable, new atomizer, tank, and instruction manual all within a kit under $60. ​

Warning: Although the Pico rips hard; it is still a vape and won't be like smoking a cigarette. It does however have a kick that will remind you of pulling on a cig and has great vapor production!​

If you want something that rips hard, is ready out of the box, and is affordable; go with the Pico kit here!

Aspire Nautilus

vape mod starter kit

The Nautilus was made for mouth to lung vaping. For this small mod it does have a full length coil. This is going to give you much more flavor than the smaller designs. For those that want to be able to intermingle with smokers you can use it at 20W for lower vapor production. You are able to fill the tank with a top fill method. It has been changed to help avoid spilling and leaks that are typical of bottom fill methods. The tank is 2ml in capacity.

There is adjustable air flow holes on the tank that are 4mm and 1mm. The air flow holes are able to be closed off so you can have a tighter draw. The tank does come with two coils that are 1.5ohm.

Eleaf iStick Pico 75W

vape mod kit

With the Pico you are going to have temperature control mode. You will also be able to use a variety of coil types for different vaping experiences.

There is the capability to use bypass charging. This means you will be able to vape while the device is charging.

There is a LED screen that is able to show you many features like atomizer resistance, battery life, output wattage, and output voltage.

You are able to have a resistance range of 0.1ohm to 3.5ohm while in variable wattage mode. If you are using temperature control mode the range is from 0.05ohm to 1.5ohm. The Pico uses one 18650 battery.


-Lacks wattage of a custom build 

-​Size sacrifices power


-LED Screen & quality features

-Custom temperature control

-Customizable for upgrades


There is a base of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin that holds the flavors and nicotine in an e-liquid. Most e-liquids have both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in them at varying ration. The propylene glycol or PG is a liquid that does not have an odor or color that is not as thick as VG. PG is able to hold flavor better than vegetable glycerin. Some people find that PG e-juices irritate their throat. It is a safe substance to inhale and it provides for a throat hit which is much like a cigarette.

Vegetable Glycerin or VG gives off a sweet taste and is really thick because it is derived from vegetable oil. With a thicker e-liquid you are going to have a throat hit that is much smoother. With e-juices that are high in VG you will have a shorter life span for atomizers because the coils will become clogged much faster. If your coils are small the VG e-liquids are not going to work well and you will have more dry hits.

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