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The Best Tube Vaporizer Mods

We compiled a list of the Top 7 Tube Vape Mods of 2018.  These are the best Tube Mods currently on the market due to their price or capabilities. Check out our list and let us know what you think!

Cloud Chaser Tube Mod

Vaporfi Rebel 3 Starter Kit

Tube Vaporizer Mods

Vaporfi has always managed to create new and innovative products. The Rebel 3 is a great small mod that packs a ton into its small frame. You are going to find 5.8mls of capacity with a 300 mAh battery. Even with all of the convenience of a bigger tank and a powerful battery, it is a device that you can comfortably hold in your hand. How they managed to get so much in such a small space is one of the many reasons Vaporfi is a booming company.

This tube mod is very new to the scene. It was just released mid 2016, but it is already a favorite of many. The reason being, this tube mod is made for those that want large clouds of vapor. Many tube mods have not focus on cloud chasers and they are missing out on a whole demographic of vapers. There are no other tube mods that are able to touch the amount of vapor the Rebel 3 is able to produce.

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Airflow can be customized with this best tube mods. If you want to adjust the amount of airflow you are getting, simply twist the bottom of the atomizer base. This is going to change the air hole size to give you different levels of airflow. If you want large clouds of vapor, make sure you open the hole up completely.

The Rebel 3 is very easy to use. It has large windows in the tank, so you keep an eye on your juice level. There is also an intelligent fire button with a built-in battery life indicator. If this blinks slowly, the device is fully charged. If it needs recharging, the light will flash rapidly.

Vaporfi offers e-liquids for you to enjoy with their many devices. Their Grand Reserve line is especially good and is geared toward those that want a very opulent experience with their flavors. The Catch You Latte is a coffee flavored e-liquid that is popular. They have even won a Vape Summitt 2015 Award. Even if you do not choose to use the Grand Reserve line of e-liquids, you are going to find that the Rebel 3 is able to deliver fantastic tasting flavors that come out very intense.

Cheapest and Best For Beginners

Joyetech eGo AIO Starter Kit

Joyetech eGo AIO tube mod

The Joytech eGo AIO which stands for All in One is going to be the mod that you use for all of your vaping needs. It is a very easy mod to use because it has a decent-sized tank, the design is made to be simple, it is a smaller device, and its battery lasts for a long time. It has a wattage range of 15W to 28W. This is going to give you vapor that is thick, full of taste, and warmer. The AIO is quickly become the best mod for beginners. It is replacing the eGo One that was formerly the best mod for beginners.

This mod can be one you are able to reach for if you would like to quit smoking. It is easier to carry around because it is smaller in size than other mods. It stands at 118.5mm tall and has a diameter of 19mm. The eGo AIO has also worked to have all of the best features in this mod and still weigh less than the eGo One.

One thing that I dislike about the Joytech eGo AIO is that airflowring is a tad too loose

With the AIO's price, it is made to be a very simple device that does not have some of the more advanced features of other mods. There is not a temperature control option with the AIO and there is not a variable wattage option either. Even without these features, the unit is able to work by use of one button and you are able to adjust the airflow if you rotate the top-cap.

When you purchase the AIO, you are going to get two different drip tips. There is a glass drip tip for lung hits and a spiral drip tip for mouth to lung hits. When you get a mouth to lung hit it is going to be very similar to how it feels to smoke a cigarette. If you would like to use this device as a cheaper alternative to quit smoking, I would suggest using the mouth to lung drip tip.

To alter the amount of smoke you are going to inhale, you can adjust the airflow on the AIO. To do this just simply twist the upper half of the top cap. There are a series of dots along the tank to indicate the airflow setting. For mouth to lung, the top needs to be twisted abut ninety degrees.

The AIO has created a leak-free device with their innovative technology. The tank on the AIO is built into the battery case to create a seamless design that does not allow for leaks. It also looks better. There is a cup technology that helps to stop the device from leaking. There is a capacity of 2.5mls on this device. It is a smaller tank compared to some mods, but most vapers are able to make that size of a tank last all day long before they need to refill. For the times that you do need to refill this mod, you are going to love the top fill method.

The power button is going to illuminate the tank by its OLED light. This light is going to give you some customization ability. There are seven colors that you can choose from including yellow, blue, red, white, green, indigo, and purple. If you dislike this feature, you can turn off this light.

With this device you are going to get two sub ohm 0.6 ohm SS coil heads. There is a 1500 mAh battery that comes built into the device. It is able to be used with pass through charging. This means that you are going to be able to use the device and charge it as you do. There are some safety precautions that are used with the AIO. There is over charge protection, a child lock, over discharge protection, and over current protection. All of these features are going to help you from damaging your device.

Best for Quitting Smoking

Vaporfi Pro 3 Starter Kit

tube mod review

This is another product from the Vaporfi company. The Pro 3 is another product that is simple to use, slender in design, top quality, and an e-cigarette like device. This is the next generation of the Pro 2 device. Many people liked the Pro 2, and the Pro 3 has improved on many of the features people already liked. It is one of the few mods that are on the market that is designed to be like a e-cigarette. It has the appearance and the feel to a e-cigarette. The way you vape with this device is called mouth to lung.

The Pro 3 does use 510 threading so you are able to use it with many different vaping mods of your choosing. You are going to be able to use top fill technology for easier filling. It does not need to be unscrewed and refilling is quick. The tank in this unit is 2.5mls and will come with a 2.0 ohm atomizer. The atomizer in the device is what is going to heat the material. When you buy the kit you are going to get an extra atomizer.

The battery that comes with this kit is a 1000 mAh battery. There is a 2.0 ohm atomizer resistance. This is going to give you a longer lasting battery because your atomizer resistance is what allows for the battery to last. If you have low resistance your battery lasts longer. The battery itself does have a lower capacity, but it lasts a decent amount of time with the atomizer.

The Pro 3 is easy to use – you just press the fire button and start vaping. For a 0.2 ohm coil, it produces a fair amount of vapor cloud. Not so much as to overwhelm a beginner who is just getting the feel of vaping, but enough to provide a satisfying smoke.

This is a high priced tube mod. If you are just beginning to use mods this could seem a bit daunting to you. However, the Pro 3 is going to be the best mod for those that would like to quit smoking. It is great for quitting smoking because of the mouth to lung vaping experience that it produces. Using a high quality mod to quit smoking can make it easier because it will work better. When you invest in this e-cigarette-like device, you are going to be able to pay back what you spent in the money you save on cigarettes. You are going to have great health benefits from reducing the amount of smoke you take in.

Best for Temperature Control

Kanger Subvod Mega TC Starter Kit

Kanger Subvod Mega TC tube mod

The Kanger Subvod Mega TC is going to give you a variety of wires that you are able to use. There are choices from titanium, stainless steel, NiChrome, and nickel.

There is also a temperature control mode in this mod that helps you keep the balance in your device. With this control mode, you are going to make sure that your temperature of your device never goes over the temperature you have set. With this feature, you will find that your device is going to give you less vapor that is too hot and you will not have as many dry hits. The flavor that comes from a device with temperature control is improved significantly and your battery is going to last for much longer than usual.

When looking at a temperature control tube mod you are going to see that you do not have many to choose from. This stems from the fact there are a lot of mini box mods that are on the market. If you want a tube mod that has temperature control you will want to try out the Subvod. It is superior in many ways compared to the others that are out there. You get better vapor production and flavor, the device is simple to use, and it is made to last. With the Subvod you are able to have a temperature output from 430 degrees to 460 degrees Fahrenheit.

The airflow adjustment available on the Subvod allows it to change from a restricted mouth to lung smoke to a very open direct to lung vaper. The Kanger is a straightforward and versatile kit that is ideally suited to beginners and intermediate vapers looking for tasty vaping with the possibility of big clod production.

If you would like a Ni200 coil they are supported in this unit. The coils that come with this kit are a 0.5 ohm SSOCC coil and a Ni200 Nickel SSOCC coil. With the help of these sub ohm coils you are going to get a lot of taste from your material as well as a lot of vapor. The Subvod Mega is going to be able to use an atomizer that goes as low as 0.1 ohm. Kanger always allows for a wide variety of coils to be used with their tanks. You are able to get different resistances in SSOCC coils starting at 0.5 ohm, 1.2 ohm, and 1.5 ohm. If you would like there is the choice of Clapton coils at 0.5 ohm and 1.2 ohm, ceramic 0.5 ohm, and Ni200 0.15ohm as well.

This kit also has the Toptank Mini included. The Mini is 22mm in diameter and is able to hold 4mls of e-liquid. There is dual adjustable airflow available as well. If you prefer there is also a Nano size available for the Toptank. The Nano is going to be only 18.5mm in diameter and holds 3.2mls of e-liquid.

If you are looking for a tube mod that has a bigger battery the Subvod Mega is able to deliver with a 2300mAh battery. This is a battery you would typically see in a box mod. With the nature of sub ohm vaping you typically see your battery is drained very fast. Even though the battery life of this battery is typically better, sub ohm vaping can make this battery seem like it is used up much quicker than normal. Even with this said many vapers are able to make this battery last around a day of vaping. Then it can be recharged that night for all day vaping the next day as well.

Best for Variable Voltage and Wattage

Innokin iTaste VV4

Innokin iTaste VV4 tube mod

The tube mods that are available usually do not steer towards using variable voltage or variable wattage. The Innokin iTaste is one of the few tube mods that is able to use variable voltage and variable wattage choices. It is able to use these options and still be a decent size tune mod. Once you set your desired voltage and wattage you will not need to worry about anything besides vaping.

There is a small OLED screen that is located at the bottom of the tube mod. This OLED screen is going to show you your battery remaining, atomizer resistance, voltage, and wattage all in one small display. There is also a puff counter available if you would like to see where you are at. Some people prefer to use these if you are trying to limited the amount of vaping you are doing. The battery is shown by different LED lights. It will either be displayed in red, yellow, or green.

There is a small OLED screen that is located at the bottom of the tube mod. This OLED screen is going to show you your battery remaining, atomizer resistance, voltage, and wattage all in one small display. There is also a puff counter available if you would like to see where you are at. Some people prefer to use these if you are trying to limit the amount of vaping you are doing. The battery is shown by different LED lights. It will either be displayed in red, yellow, or green.

When you purchase the Innokin iTaste you are going to get a few choices in design. You can buy a chromatic, white, stainless steel, or black design. The tube is going to be a little be taller than 5 inches, but it is amazingly slim for the features that are packed in. Your connections on this mod are 510 compatible and you are able to use eGo. With the eGo you are going to get 100 mAh battery that can be charged as you are vaping. To charge this device in full you are going to need about an hour and a half.

With this tube mod you are going to be able to sub ohm vape. There is a minimum atomizer resistance of 0.8 ohms. With this device you are going to be able to get better features then you would find in a pen mod, but it is not as complicated as a box mod can be. It is a great way to dive into mods. The voltage can be adjusted in 0.1V increments starting at 3.0V and going up to 6.0V. Your wattage can be changed in 0.5W increments starting at 6.0W and going up to 15.0W.

When you purchase this kit, you are not going to get a tank with it. I would recommend buying a mini tank to compliment this device. One that works well is the Aspire Nautilus Mini. The iTaste does have a safety feature to help you avoid any disasters with the unit. You are going to press the fire button quickly three times to turn the device on. This helps to avoid accidentally knocking into the button once and turning it on. If the button is held down for more than ten seconds, if it were pressed if a pocket or bag, it is going to not turn the device on.

Other safety features include a low voltage waning, and short circuit and over discharge protection. Battery power is shown by changing different color lights on the power button. Green indicates a 100% charge, yellow 50%, and a red light shows when the battery is low and needs to be recharged.

Best Mini Mod

Eleaf iJust 2 Mini Starter Kit

ELeaf iJust 2 Mini mod

The iJust 2 Mini is going to be one of the smallest tube mods available in position of height. It stands at only 118.5mm tall. It is going to have a few different safety features to help you avoid ruining your device. There is low voltage protection, short circuit protection, and overcharge protection.

Tube Mod Eleaf iJust 2 Mini

You are able to buy replacement EC coil. The coils are not too expensive at just twelve dollars for five coils. You have a choice in the resistance of these coils at either 0.5 ohm or 0.3 ohm. If you want to you are able to use Ni200 and titanium coils to use with a mod that is temperature control. If you have coils that are compatible with the Aspire Atlantis, Aspire Atlantis 2, or the Eleaf Melo you are also going to be able to use them with this tank.

You cannot adjust the airflow on the iJust. The single setting offers a very open draw. Combined with the wide-bore drip tip and a relatively low vapor temperature, you can produce some big clouds.

The tank rarely, if ever, gives a burnt hit and continuously provides a good flavor from an e-juice.

This tank is made of glass. Some people are a bit nervous with a glass tank since it is easy to drop a smaller unit. There is a silicone control ring that you are able to more easily hold on to. This is going to help you avoid dropping and breaking your unit. This control ring is meant to be used to adjust the airflow. You just simply turn the control ring and you will have different airflow depending on its position.

Best Sub Ohm Kit

Smok Vape Pen 22 Starter Kit

If you are new to vaping, a good vape starter kit is essential to enjoy your first experience or can be the difference as to whether you switch from traditional smoking to vaping. The 22 is a discrete all-in-one device meant for starters and sub ohm style vaping.

The 22’s tank holds about 2ml of e-juice. The tank itself is built into the design, but by unscrewing the top, its glass tube and upper cap can be removed for easy cleaning. The durable glass is held in place by a thick O-ring, with another spare in the kit.


The included wide bore drip tip is made from Delrin that cuts down on heat transfer to your lips. The top cap has a standard 510 connector so you can use any drip tip you prefer

The Smok has two fixed airflow slots in the central tube just below the tank section. Thanks to these and the wide bore drip, you get an open type draw. The 22 is really only for a lung hitting style of vaping.

The pen design has an integrated micro USB port for charging and a firing button. LED lights let you know when the device is switched on and also light up when you press the firing button.

The internal 1650mAh internal battery lasts a reasonable time before needing to recharge. There is a hole in the bottom of the pen to help keep the battery cool.

Easy to Use

The 22 is very simple to use. To turn it on clicking the fire button five times. To vape, you just hold the same button down.

You fill the 22 from the top by unscrewing the cap. Make sure you don’t overfill it, though, as this make causes the pen to leak.

smok tube mod

You cannot adjust the wattage with the 22, so the type of vape you get relies solely on the resistance of the coil. The included coil has a resistance of 0.3 ohms, so uses more power than kits with higher resistance. The 22 kit comes with two coils one already fitted. When replacing a coil, be careful to saturate the coil wicking before vaping.

A coil should last about two weeks. New ones can be easily bought online.

The pen takes about two and a half to three hours to charge the 22.

Safe to Use

Smok has an enviable reputation for safety. The 22 includes protection circuits to catch faulty atomizer coils, short circuits, and low battery power. It will also automatically cut out if the fire button is pressed for more than 8 seconds.

An Excellent Vape

The 22 offers a vape good enough not just for beginners but also to satisfy more experienced users looking for a simple vape. It should appeal to anyone who likes sub ohm vaping and provides a decent flavor plus reasonable cloud production.

The tank could be a little bigger, and the non-adjustable airflow is another drawback.

With a brushed Stainless Steel finish, the 22 is a streamlined and elegant. At 22mm in diameter nd 107mm long, the pen is relatively discreet. It is available in either a natural stainless steel or black case finish.

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