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Best Tobacco E Juice For 2018

We recently reviewed the best tobacco e-juices on the market for 2018. Down below is our opinion of the 6 best tobacco e liquid on the market. Check out the article and get informed about the best tobacco e liquids.

Top 6 Tobacco E-Juice flavors

VaporFi Classic Tobacco

tobacco e juice

VaporFi Classic Tobacco is an e-juice that mimics the flavor you would get from tobacco well. Many e-juices will take a tobacco flavor and add other flavors into it to create a new combination of taste. VaporFi, on the other hand, has gone the simple route and offered a plain “classic” tobacco flavor. They have been able to replicate the flavor of tobacco without giving it the odd, synthetic flavor you can often encounter with other brands. This flavor is going to provide a deep, complicated flavor that comes from a traditional tobacco product which can be used for everyday vaping.

Many people are fond of the VaporFi brand because they hold their quality of e-juice and other products to a higher standard. They helped introduce the concept of gourmet e-liquids and continue to deliver on that quality with each new product they create. If you are looking for a company that does not skimp on materials and will give you a clean, finished product every time, look no further than VaporFi. They have been able to create many different products that allow their customers to customize their personal preferences in flavors, PG/VG ratios, and nicotine levels.

A lot of companies offer a small variety of choices. This is the opposite of VaporFi, however. VaporFi is one of the most customizable companies that I have found in terms of e-juice flavors. For the Classic Tobacco E-Juice flavor you will get varying levels of PG/VG ratio. One can choose from a max VG level, 50/50, and 70/30. There are up to seven different levels of nicotine to decide on. The lowest starts off at zero nicotine and builds up to 3.6%. You are able to get 0.3%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, 2.4%, and 3.6% depending on how much nicotine you would like in your e-liquid. If you do prefer a bolder flavor profile, there are varying levels of flavor to add from a single shot, to double, and even a triple for a really powerful flavor.

The reason that so many people flock to VaporFi for their vaping needs is because the company understands vapers. They know that every person is different and everyone has different preferences when it comes to vaping. They want every person's experience to be completely tailored to their liking so they offer a wide variety of choices with every product.

The Classic Tobacco E-Juice flavor can be purchased at $15.99 for a 30ml bottle. This is cheaper than most companies that typically lean towards $20 for tobacco-oriented products. This price is especially reasonable when you factor in the additional choices you are getting with a gourmet flavor.

tobacco e liquid

If all of these choices and variations do not make you happy when you purchase your product, you are in luck. VaporFi is not only customizable, but they are also customer-friendly. Anyone that has used this company can tell you that they always make sure their customers get the service that they want. Typically, VaporFi will go even further than what is promised to make sure you are satisfied with your service. VaporFi products are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. This 30-day money back guarantee gets rid of any reason for disliking their product. There is no risk with trying out something from VaporFi because they will always assist you with their products. If they are not able to help you, they will give you a refund.

Cosmic Fog Chill'd Tobacco

Founded in sunny Orange County California, USA, Cosmic Fog Vapors takes the time to properly develop (7-10 months) and thoroughly test all of its vape juices. Company bigwigs as well staff all smoke new flavors non-stop for weeks before unleashing them onto the general public. As a result, their tobacco and menthol e juice flavored Chill’d is a nice smooth and mellow all-day vape.

tobacco vape juice

This vape is a blend of mild tobacco flavors which is then suffused with just the right amount of cool, fresh peppermint. A hint of chocolate that adds to the menthol flavor without overpowering it. A surprise chilly peppermint that you can taste as you exhale gives it a pleasant little kick.

Most e-liquid companies have a menthol and tobacco blend stashed away somewhere in their catalog, but it is a tricky mix to get right. Either the mint is too powerful or just plain bland. Cosmic Fog has got it right with their menthol Chill’d Tobacco version using peppermint. If you like fresh, minty vapes you’re going to enjoy this one.

For the record, Cosmic Fog lists the primary flavors as mild leaf tobacco and peppermint. The propylene glycol / vegetable glycerin ratio is 30% PG / 70% VG.

Chill'd Tobacco comes in vials of 30ml or 60ml and is available in a range of nicotine strengths from 0mg to 12mg.

Cosmic Charlie's Chalk Dust Honey Badger

tobacco ejuice
tobacco e liquid review

Cosmic Charlies Chalk Dust Honey Badger e-liquid is one of the highest rated e-liquids by vapers in the Cosmic Charlie’s white label series. This unique mix of tangy tobacco flavor with the sweetness of a smooth honey cream undertone gives this juice a nice balance of flavor profiles. This e-liquid is ideal for the vaper trying to cut off tobacco use without totally giving up having that great tobacco taste.

tobacco eliquid

This e-liquid is only available in the various nicotine options including the 6mg, 3mg, and 0mg options perfect for those trying to wean off tobacco products. Available in an 80 to 20 percent vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol ratio this e-liquid delivers smooth and consistent hits packed with flavor. Additionally, many users have rated this e-liquid as having a very high vapor production while maintaining a low throat hit. This e-liquid is made in the United States in the state of California and is only available in the 30ml size.

Vaporfi Sahara Gold Tobacco

As far as mimicking the taste of traditional mild cigarette tobacco, this is just about as good as it gets. A vape is never going to perfectly imitate the flavors of a pack of Marlboros or Camels Lights, but the Sahara Gold comes pretty close compared to many other tobacco e-liquids.

sahara tobacco e liquid

This vape juice’s taste is milder than Vaporfi’s other tobacco flavored offering ‘’American Red Tobacco’’. It is more akin to the light versions of the various traditional cigarette brands.

sahara tobacco eliquid

The first thing you will taste with this juice is a bold, earthy Turkish tobacco front note. This is followed by a hidden sweet back note. The tobacco flavor itself is a pleasant vape – not too harsh. The sweet note can be a bit saccharine if you are just coming off smoking analogs and not accustomed to e-liquids. The sweetness is not overpowering and nicely rounds off the taste.

Sahara Gold comes in 30ml vials of three different flavor strengths – single, double and triple shot. You can buy it with various nicotine levels from 0mg to 18 mg (regular). Vaporfi makes all their juices in an FDA registered lab with FDA registered formulas.

If you are just coming off cigarettes, this is a good juice to stave off the tobacco cravings. Alternatively, if you just want an earthy tobacco flavor you can vape all day, the Sahara Gold is worth checking out.

Vaporfi American Red Tobacco

The not too subtle marketing for this vape features a cowboy on horseback. This symbolic link to Marlboro’s signature advertising reflects Vaporfi’s attempts to give American Red a classic ‘’real tobacco’’ flavor.

cowboy tobacco e juice

As a result, there is nothing too fancy about this vape. It’s a simple, classic tobacco flavor that's pretty basic - but good for that very reason. American Red is an intense and very earthy flavor with a touch of velvety sweetness as you exhale. It is designed to match the signature taste of smoking.

If you want an even stronger taste, you can steep this bottle for a few days. Leaving the top off the bottle will darken the color and intensify the flavor.

cowboy tobacco e liquid

American Red comes in 30ml bottles with a variety of nicotine strengths through 0mg to 18 mg. It is also available in a range of PG/Vg ratios. For the smoker looking to switch to vaping, a 70/30 gives the most traditional cigarette-like taste and is suitable for beginners. Along with a 50/50, there is also a max VG for high wattage, sub-ohm.

As with all Vaporfi juices, American Red is made in an FDA registered lab with FDA registered formulas.

This is an ideal vape for someone looking to switch from real cigarettes to e-cigs. Converts to vaping have found it great for everyday, 24/7 smoking.

Vaporfi Tobaccolicious

This juice is a blend of tobacco, vanilla and caramel flavors and one for vapers with a sweet tooth.

A quite strong tobacco flavor is masked by the topping of sweet caramel, and the vanilla just adds to the creaminess. The taste is delicious and refreshing, and dangerously addictive for sugar lovers! The taste has been compared by some people to that of chocolate Easter eggs!

tobaccolicious tobacco e liquid

Although the caramel and vanilla are added in equal amounts to the tobacco flavor, the vape still has a very toasty, earthy taste. This makes it a very versatile vape. It is very easy to get tired of other juices with sweet or creamy undertones, but Tobaccoliciuos does not fall into this category. It can take the place of both a dessert flavor and a traditional tobacco offering.

Tobaccoliciuos comes in 30ml bottles with a variety of nicotine strengths through 0mg to 18 mg.

The lower nicotine levels tend to heighten the sweet taste of the juice - although of course, you won’t get the same hit. With the high nicotine juice, the tobacco flavor really comes to the fore, and the throat hit is much stronger.

Tobaccolicious is not a vape for just simply satisfying the craving for a cigarette, it is a more refined, albeit dessert-like, taste that offers tobacco lovers something extra.

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