Sub Ohm Box Mods

Sub Ohm Box Mods

The Top Sub Ohm Box Mods of 2018

Sub ohm vaping is all about the resistance that your atomizer coil gives off while you are vaping. To have a sub ohm vaping experience your atomizer must have a resistance that is lower than 1 ohm. Many people prefer sub ohm vaping because you are going to find superior taste and larger clouds of vapor. They also have the ability to be more versatile for those that like to have exact control over how they are vaping.

Sub Ohm Box ModsFeatures Best Price Here
Eleaf iStick TC40 Box Mod Kit

Eleaf iStick TC40 Box Mod Kit

Best Beginner Sub Ohm Box Mod
Innokin Coolfire IV Plus iSub Apex Starter Kit

Innokin Coolfire IV Plus iSub Apex Starter Kit

Superb Design
Tesla Three 150W Mod

Tesla Three 150W Mod

Vapes & Charges Your Phone

When talking about different devices used to sub ohm vape, you are looking at different mods. The different mods are not what decides if you are going to be able to sub ohm vape. Some mods that you purchase will not be able to use the coils that are able to provide such a low resistance which means that they should not be used for sub ohm vaping. This article will help you find what mods are matched with sub ohm vaping which could include sub ohm tanks or sub ohm kits. These mods can be used with low resistance atomizers to give you the best experience.

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Beginner Sub Ohm Mod

Eleaf iStick TC40 Box Mod Kit

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This is going to be a fantastic introduction into sub ohm vaping. The Eleaf iStick TC40 Box Mod Kit is made to be used by entry level vapers that do not know too much about sub ohm vaping because it is a safer alternative. It has one of the lowest prices for the quality you get from this kit which also makes it great for those who just want to try out sub ohm vaping without a large money commitment. You will find that it has all of the options for sub ohm vaping that you could want.

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You are able to use atomizers with resistances of 0.1 ohm up to 1.0 ohm while you are in the mode that allows you to control temperature. If you are in the Watt mode, you are able to use atomizers that have resistance of 0.2 ohm up to 2.5 ohm. The iStick is the only decently priced mod that is able to work with coils that go this low in terms of ohm.

If you want an atomizer to use with this mod, I would stick with the Kanger Subtank Mini. This is a small version, but it is still able to hold a decent amount of e-liquid. You can put in 4.5mls of e-liquid into the Subtank Mini to last for a decent vaping session. Many people praise the Subtank Mini for its advanced taste and large clouds of vapor. If you mix the capacity of the Subtank Mini with the iStick 2600 mAh battery, you are going to be able to vape for longer sessions without the worry of needing to refill or recharge your device.

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Many people prefer a small device because they are easier to carry around and easier to conceal while in public. The iStick delivers on both of those aspects. This device can be carried in a pocket and easily palmed. You will have a OLED display that is going to show you where you are at in terms of coil resistance, battery, and other options on the device as you vape.

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For those that are just diving into sub ohm vaping, safety can be a big concern.

The iStick has measures to make sure even the inexperienced are able to enjoy sub ohm vaping. There is low voltage protection, automatic shutoff, and an over discharge protection guard. This device does have an output wattage of 1W to 40W. You can access temperatures that range from 200 degrees to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sub Ohm Mod For Vapor Clouds

Innokin Coolfire IV Plus iSub Apex Starter Kit

The Coolfire IV Plus 70W iSub Apex combines power and the latest technology for all day vaping with great cloud production. The kit consists of two elements - the Innokin Cool Fire IV Plus battery and the iSub Apex tank.

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The IV Plus is an improvement on the earlier Coolfire IV battery, offering more features and better power delivery. The new IV Plus output is 70w, as opposed to its predecessor’s 40w and a massive 3300 milliamp hours (mAh) compared to 2000 mAh.

The variable voltage range has also increased from 2.0V to 7.5V enabling coils to be fired as low as 0.1 ohms.

The IV Plus has quite a few safety features. These include a three click security system and a 15-second auto shut-off for discharge and charging short circuit protection. These features will also help stop the atomizer being damaged in the event of a short circuits protection.

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There is a very useful low voltage indicator in the form of flashing LEDs on the battery bar reading. If the battery falls below 3.3V, it will automatically shut off. The IV Recharging is easy via micro USB

The iSub Apex tank is one of the best around for sub ohm vaping. It has a 3ml capacity and can be filled from the top. Airflow is taken care of by Innokin’s patented prism vent system.

The steel and Pyrex glass tank comes with two 0.5 coils made from Japanese organic cotton. These offer great cloud production. The Apex tank can also be used with 02. Coils.

Overall this kit is superbly designed and solidly built. It is compatible with all 510 and eGo fitting devices and comes in black, blue, red or silver.

Mechanical Mod with Sub Ohm Vaping

Tesla Three 150W Mod

Tesla is renowned for the quality and longevity of its vaping tech. The company rarely gets a bad online review. Also, they also sell their devices at very competitive prices.

150 watt box mod

The innovative Tesla Three is no exception to this track record. This ‘’power bank’’ not only vapes it can also charge your cell phone!

In vaping mode, the mod’s wattage can be adjusted up to a maximum output of 150 W for various types of coils, including kanthal wrapped coils. It has a 0.1-ohm minimum atomizer resistance.

The trigger operated, 5000mAh battery trigger fire button also lets you vape for a lot longer than other portable power sources.

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The Tesla Three is unregulated, so its output does tend to vary a bit on the same setting not giving you uniform strength. When the battery starts to run low, the coils also take more time to come up to power. If the battery does run down, the Tesla also works as a pass through vaper, and you can smoke while it is plugged in and charging.

The battery bank inside can be recharged via an USB port at a rate of 2A.

As a ‘’power bank’’, this mod offers an output of 5 V/1 A that can be sued to charge mobile phones or other devices with a USB plug.

Measuring 81mm x 52mm x 25mm, the Tesla Three is built to a high standard. It comes in either red, white, blue or black.

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