The Best Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTA) 2017

Cloud Beast Octuple Coil RTA

Best RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers) 2017

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Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast RTA

Best RTA for Clouds and High VG Juices

Kanger TopTank Mini

Best Rebuildable Tank Atomizer for Temp Control

GeekVape Griffin

Best RTA for Sub Ohm and Dual Coil Builds

Steam Crave Aromamizer RDTA

Best RTA for Flavor

Sigelei Moonshot RDTA

Best Mini RTA and Best RDTA

Kayfun V5 RTA

Best Mouth to Lung RTA

Vaporesso Gemini RTA

Best RTA for Beginners and Single Coil Builds

Best Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTA) and Rebuildable Drip Atomizers (RDA) 2017 

Best RTA

When looking for the best rebuildable tank atomizer available there are a few terms to know. An RTA is a clearomizer that has a good rebuildable atomizer deck that allows you to make your own coils. The best rebuildable atomizers is often also abbreviated to be RBA.

Many people will uses the terms RBA and RTA and consider them the same to refer to a rebuildable tank atomizer. There is another kind of top rebuildable atomizer that does not use a tank called a rebuildable dripping atomizer or RDA.

If you are looking for the best atomizer you are going to need to look into a variety of factors. An RTA is made up of many components to create a great vaping experience. There is the tank which can have varying capacity, the ability to change air flow to your preference, the build deck size that will allow you to customize, the overall quality of the build, and of course the price.

Price can be a huge factor when choosing any product. I would choose your top price point and then look at RTAs that fit into that category. Most are pretty reasonable in price so it may not be a huge concern.

In this article we will be giving you the best rebuildable atomizer tank reviews for 6 of the best rebuildable tank atomizer on the market

Best Atomizer for Clouds and High VG Juices

1). Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast RTA

best rda for clouds

This is one of the best rebuildable tank system. Many places that have sold it are out of stock right now. If you find somewhere that is currently selling it, make sure you scoop it up before someone buys it out from under you. This device could not have a better name. It gives you the massive clouds of vapor you are looking for, making it one of the best atomizer for cloud chasers. Even if you have to order this RTA and wait for it to ship, it is going to be well worth it.

Smok has tried to make it easier for wicking with this best RTA. They have made the juice holes larger in hope to change the wicking from previous versions. With these bigger holes, you are going to be able to use e-liquid that is high in VG without any issues.

rebuildable atomizer

With the TFV8 you will be able to use many different coils including a new line of turbo coils. These coils are specifically designed to be used in devices that are high wattage and low resistance. When you purchase the TFV8 you are going to get three different coils. The first is a V8 exclusive coil that is a turbo RBA head. This is going to be joined by a 0.28Ω dual Clapton coil that is installed. There is also a quadruple coil head that is 0.15Ω that can be used if you are looking for a taste that is smoother. It can be used with wattage of 90 to 150. The last is a octuple coil head that is 0.15Ω as well. This will provide you with a more flavorful cloud taste and can be used with wattage of 120 to 180. There are other coils available for purchase that will work with the TFV8. There is a T6 sextuple coil head with 0.15Ω . With the many variations, I would expect to see more coil heads released.

rebuildable tank atomizer

The TFV4 left something to be desired with its tanks capacity. With that in mind, the TFV8 is now at 6mls for capacity or 5.5mls in you are using the RBA base. When you do need to refill this larger tank it is going to be much more simple than it was previously. There is a larger top fill hole to make it effortless. It also uses a swivel top cap to easy access. The TFV8 is able to produce massive clouds that pack a lot of flavor. With this ability, you are going to go through more e-liquid especially if you vape a lot.

The air flow in this RTA has also been altered. There are now two large air holes at the bottom of the tank that are adjustable. With the TFV4, there were four air holes but they were much smaller. With this upgrade, you will find that you are able to get up to 18 percent more air flow. There is also a big internal air heating tube that has a much great area than the previous versions. This also helps to increase the air flow usage.

Best Rebuildable Tank Atomizer for Temp Control

2). Kanger TopTank Mini

vape coil builds

The TopTank Mini is the new version of the already great SubTank smallest rebuildable atomizer. The SubTank Mini was always at the top of the list for the best clearomizer since it was released. With the new improvements to the TopTank Mini it is easy to see why this is already one of the best RTA clearomizer available. This tank is going to use 510 connection that allows for more matches with other mods and 510 connection drip tips.

The TopTank has a Mini RBA Plus deck that is included. This allows you to build your own coils if you prefer. There are prebuilt coils for your convenience if building your deck is not your preference. The coil head that is included is a SSOCC 0.5ohm coil head. You can also use the SSOCC Ni200 0.15ohm coil head that does come preinstalled. This coil head can be used with temperature control mods as well. This tank is able to use SSOCC coils but it can also be used with OCC ones from previous models.

Woth the TopTank Mini you will get the same flavor and vapor production that you would expect from the SubTank Mini. The flavor that is produced is clear and plentiful. You will also be able to produce a lot of vapor with this tank even with its smaller size.

An issue with the Subtank Mini that Kanger sought to fix was the problem with vaping with VG juices. When vaping with these juices the juice channels were just too small and it did not work properly. With the TopTank Mini you no longer have these small juice channels. Instead, they have swapped them out for two huge holes that are located on either side of the head. The build desk is still going to be full of space and simple to build onto.

We posted an article recently about the best kanger tanks.  If you like kangertech, you should check it out,

Best RTA for Sub Ohm and Dual Coil Builds

3). GeekVape Griffin

what does rta mean

The GeekVape Griffin is a one of the best RTA currently. It offers great quality in terms of vapor and taste plus features not found in other top atomizers. You will be able to use the new top fill method to add e-liquid to the device. There is also an easy-to-use build deck that has plenty of space. This is going to be a great RTA for those sub ohm vapers that want to build on a two post RTA.

Once you use the top fill capability you are never going to want to use a tank that does not use it again. You can pop off the top fill cap to allow for a much wider channel to put the juice into. There is a portion of the tank dedicated to be rotated to change the flow of the four juice holes. This section is located above the AFC. It makes it easy to change your flow so you can have it optimized for the specific e-liquid PG/VG ratio you are using at that time. With the larger juice flow channels, wicking is made to be uncomplicated.

Warning: This tank is rather small for an RTA. You will only have a capacity of 3.5mls. With their being a smaller tank, you are going to have a much bigger build deck. With this build deck it is a velocity style two post deck that makes it simple to build on. There are post holes that are 2mm that are going to be able to use twisted builds and the bigger Clapton coils.

A part of this build that I enjoy the most is the capability to access your RBA deck with your tank full of e-liquid. Instead of taking the time to empty it out you are able to flip the tank upside down and then unscrew the tank above the AFC. You can put it down on the drip tip and then change your deck as needed. Once finished, you simply screw it back on and you are set with your e-liquid still inside.

There are dual airflow holes that are 12mm by 2mm. This tank will definitely give you plenty of air flow. In fact, most people do not need to open the air holes all the way to get an adequate amount of air. You are able to change the air holes to give you tighter draws if you like that. Unfortunately, this tank is not going to do well for those that like to use mouth to lung vaping.

Best RTA for Flavor

4). Steam Crave Aromamizer RDTA

best rebuildable tank atomizer

This is one of the best rta on the market! This RDTA is going to give you access to amazing flavor and a wicking system that is far superior than others on the market. For the past few years, this Aromamizer has been rising in the ranks to be one of the best RDTAs around. With the flavor and vapor output you are going to see results you would expect from an RDA.

The airflow of this device is pushed directly onto the deck. This is possible because the air holes are put on the sides of the chamber. The four air flow holes are going to be controlled by a system of rubber bands.

There are two types of rubber bands that you use to put over your intake holes. There is a four hold rubber band and a two hold rubber band depending on your preference of air flow.

The superiority of the wicking systems comes from the fact that your e-liquid is going to be put directly onto the deck. There is no need for the in between contraptions of channel wicking.

This solves all of the problems you can see with channel wicking. It can also help to cut back on the distance that your liquid needs to travel to reach the coil. The closer your liquid is to the coil the better your flavor is going to be.

When you go to fill this tank, you will find that it is a bottom fill method. While this can be off putting this tank does use a modified bottom fill method to avoid all of the typical problems that you see. The tank and the deck are built separately so you are able to fill the tank and still be able to change your deck. Once full, your tank does have overflow and spill protection to help keep all of your e-liquid inside the tank.

The Aromamizer does have a two post deck that is considered a velocity style. It is going to have two 2mm holes that are stacked on top of each other on each of the posts. With these posts, you are able to insert dual coils separately and position the post holes for use of a single coil build as well.

With the placement of the coils, you are going to be able to drip your e-liquid right through the chimney onto the coils directly. The Aromamizer can be used as a dripper. With the drip tip on this device, you are getting flavor that has been increased and you will not see spitback.

The decrease in spitback comes from the air flow being put into four different channels instead of together and then repositioning the air flow when it leaves the drip tip.

Best Mini RTA and Best RDTA

5). Sigelei Moonshot RDTA

best atomizer

The Moonshot RDTA is going to be all of the great aspects about an RTA in a small package. People rave about how well this top atomizer works in terms of flavor. With a mini RTA you can expect the flavor to already be enhanced. Since they are naturally smaller, their decks are smaller and so are their chimneys. With less space for the e-liquid to travel you will have better flavor. The flavor is able to come through a good as if it was a dripper because of the peek insulator that is on the build deck. It also allows for the deck to run at much higher wattages.

When using this device, you will have Kennedy style air flow. This is going to be completed by using two big air holes that are adjustable located at the base of the tank. If you like dripper quality in your vapor output than you are going to enjoy the Moonshot. It can perform much like a dripper which is going to give you massive amounts of vapor. This device is paired with a Delrin drip tip that is wide bore which helps your mouth stay cool as you vape.

The Moonshot is in the category for some of the smallest RTA devices available. This best rebuildable atomizer stands at about 42mm tall and 22mm in diameter with a 2ml capacity. If you really want to push the envelope and go even smaller you can look for the Youde Goblin Mini which stands at only 38.6mm. Even though the Moonshot is a bit bigger that extra size is made up for in quality.

The one problem you will encounter with the Moonshot is in the fact that the build deck is small. It comes from a small RTA. You cannot pack all components into a small device and still expect a large build deck. Which the Moonshot you are going to be able to get 28 gauge wire wrapped about eight times maximum. There are two 6mm posts that do have decent size post holes at 2.5mm. These post holes can be used in a single or best dual coil  rba build. This deck and tank does not take much to take apart and goes back together smoothly.

Best Mouth to Lung RTA

6). SvoëMesto Kayfun V5 RTA

Regarding flavor, Kayfuns are among the best rebuildable tank atomizers for mouth to lung vaping. They can be a little tricky to build, but they offer one of the best smoking tastes on the market.

best rebuildable tank atomizer

The 22mm / 4ml V5 is a versatile RTA which allows different types of smoking. There is a very generous build deck which is easy to use. Any type of coil and wire (including Clapton or Twisted) can be attached to the metallic legs of the sides of each post.

The first setting on the four-way adjustable airflow when used with a resistance of between 1.1 and 1.4 ohms is ideal for mouth to lung. However, you can also put on a 3mm, 0.6 Ohm Clapton on the V5 and vape it between 25W to 30W with the airflow on the most open setting.

There is a drip tip made of POM which helps protect your mouth from the heat of sub ohm mode.

It is easy to wick the V5 - you just trim the cotton down as far as the first O-ring and then slot the ends into the right channels. To reduce the risk of dry hits, it is best to make sure the wicks have a loop to create a buffer for the cotton wadding.

This RTA also has a convenient top fill system and an excellent mechanism to control the flow of juice. To refill it, you take off the top cap and pour in your e-liquid.

The V5 isn’t good for huge cloud production, but the versatility and flavour it offers are excellent. You can use it between 10-40W plus to vape all types of juice. It is an authentic flavor best atomizers that delivers a first-class experience, plus it is very simple for building and easy to refill.

The Kayfun V5 kit comes with a fully assembled stainless steel tube atty, plus a replacement quartz glass tank, a kit of spares and a user manual.

Best RTA for Beginners and Single Coil Builds

7). Vaporesso Gemini RTA

best rta for beginners

The Gemini RTA by Vaporesso is fantastic to begin vaping with. It is highly sought after because of its quality and is a fierce competitor for one of the other top choices in the market, the Geekvape Griffin.

To put it simply, the Griffin is a great device in all aspects, but you are going to get much better airflow with the Gemini. The Gemini will give you more access to airflow because of its unique design that Vaporesso calls the Zero Blind Spot Airflow.

That is because you are getting access to airflow from all angles. It not only has quad airflow that is adjustable at the base of the tank but it also has this same feature at the top of the tank as well. To give you a bit more airflow, there is also an air hole post in the central portion of the device that sits in between the velocity posts on the build desk.

With these three components you will be able to move the air through the device from the bottom through the central post to be delivered on both sides of the post onto your coils.

Depending on your preference you are able to adjust the airflow. You will be able to change the amount of air you get from both the top and the bottom of the RTA.

The airflow is not the only aspect that you are able to control. The juice flow for this the best rebuildable atomizer (RTA) is much more manageable than other devices available. The Gemini also has bigger wicking holes than the Griffin features. These larger holes will allow you to produce more vapor. They will also bring you better flavored vapor.

Gemini RTA Rebuildable Tank

The Gemini is built to last with a high grade stainless steel frame. The whole device is about 62mm tall and its width is 22mm. When you get this RTA you will get a few extras as well.

There is an extra pyrex tank, extra screws, two clapton coils, an allen key, extra o-rings, a 13.5mm delrin wide bore drip tip and a 510 drip tip adapter. It is a 16mm two post rebuildable deck. It utilizes a top fill system that is going to make refilling your e-liquid a breeze. With the dual adjustable airflow and 3.5ml capacity you are going to love the way you vape with the Gemini.