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Rebuildable Dripping Atomize

Best RDA on the market

This list is going to encompass the top 10 RDA atomizer that are in the industry currently.

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the  RDA device is a best rebuildable dripping atomizer which can be also called a dripper atomizer or just a best vape dripper. You would choose this type of atomizer if you do vape using dripping. This is when you put your e-liquid directly onto your wick through the mouthpiece when it is depleted. You are not going to have a tank to house your liquid which means you are consistently dripping more liquid on the wick.

The older versions of these devices had no tank or wells to help capture liquid that you drip into the device. Current versions do typically have at least a small well to help you hold some liquid. This does help you so you are not stopping in the middle of your session to add additional e-liquid onto your wick.

When you have an RDA you will always see that it has at least a negative post and one positive post. It is not uncommon to see the best RDA dripper with two negative posts, but you may also see them with only one or up to three. The location of the positive post is usually in the middle of your device. Its negative post with the in close proximity to the positive. You will always need your positive post to be insulated so it is heat resistant and you may also have two terminators.

Depending on the design of your specific atomizer you are going to see various airflow designs. When you are talking about airflow you are looking at what effects how much vapor is going to be produced. Any best RDA tank worth its money is going to have air holes that are adjustable so you are able to change the amount of air you receive. Usually this is adjusted by a AFC ring.

Beginner RDAs

Geekvape Tsunami

best rda for clouds

This is going to be one of the best RDAs for anyone especially beginners. It is going to give you great vapor production and flavor with every session. Its price is right and it is very easy to build on. Even someone that is experienced with vaping is going to be able to enjoy this best vape rda.

The airflow system of the Tsunami is unique compared to others in the industry. It is going to give you airflow that comes directly to your coils without allowing the device to leak. Leaking is usually a problem that you see in a device that has a bottom airflow design, so this feature is ideal. There are two air flow spaces that are bigger that will allow you to choose from a variety of vaping styles. You are able to produce larger clouds or have tighter draws depending on your preference. This is controlled by the top cap which is able to rotate.

This device features bigger post holes and a lot of space in between your posts which makes it easier for beginners to use this device. You are not going to find yourself outgrowing this device any time soon, even if you are a more experienced vaper. If you prefer you are able to change to a single coil.

You are able to choose from a variety of drip tips. There is a 11mm sloped Delrin drip tip, a 11mm staight Delrin drip tip, and a stainless steel 510 drip tip. When you use the Delrin drip tips you have competition sized bores. You are going to have a well with this device that has 5mm capacity.

Tugboat V3 Authentic

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The Tugboat V2 is the successor of the original Tugboat. It has many features that have been advanced. You are going to find that there is a deeper juice well, adjustable airflow, and a copper center pin. This device is going to have much more in the way of vapor production with the doubled air holes.

This device is about 22mm in diameter and is made from stainless steel. When you pull it apart you will find that is consists of three different parts. There is a three post deck, the top cap, and barrel. The device has airflow that is able to be adjusted through its top cap. You will be able to use single or dual coils. If you would like to use this device with a low ohm build you are able to with its ability to change it airflow.

You will find that this device is on the higher side of the spectrum for price. Even though it is pretty expensive it is worth it for the quality of this USA manufactured device. It has high quality materials that will last for a long period of time and it is going to continue to work well for you as you use it. With the higher price and high quality materials you are always going to get a better vapor and flavor result.

To ensure that you have an authentic Tugboat V2 you can look for a number of signs. There is a American flag and a Tugboat logo that is etched on the barrel of the device. There is also a drip tip that will have a serial number that is etched into it that is going to match the one that is on the atomizer.

Cheap Authentic RDAs

Wismec Bambino

The Wismec Bambino is an all stainless Steel RDA (dripping atomizer) with the ability to be rebuilt. This best dripper tank is custom designed by the designer JayBo who has taken into account all the necessary needs of an RDA to be a high performing piece. This piece is rather small and simplistic in nature but provides six air-inlet holes insuring a large airflow for large and smooth hits.

The Bambino is a versatile the best RDA that allows the DIY coil building enthusiast to have multiple options when building coils as it features a  RBA function and a total of three posts on the atomizer base allowing the capability of both a single or dual coil build. This best RDA vape was definitely built with all aspects of simplicity and functionality in mind as it is evident from the custom shape of the unique top cap featuring a vortex flow design bringing you a better atomizing performance to the use of the black heat resisting O-rings as an upgrade to traditional thread connections further improving connection convenience and minimizing possibility for threading issues.

This best dripper atomizer  is also complete with an impressively deep e-liquid well to keep your wicks soaked and ready to use at any given moment. Overall, the Wismec Bambino best dripping atomizer is truly a high performing piece intended for the diy coil building Vaper who is looking for the best possible drip tip vaping experience by having this RDA access the full potential and capabilities from their paired MOD components to deliver the best dripper for clouds and the best flavor possible.

Flavor Chasing RDAs

Grimm Green x OhmBoyOC Recoil Performance RDA

The Recoil RDA is designed to handle just about any build you care to make. It has a three-post, split center deck with two 2.5mm terminals. It is the first joint-venture between GrimmGreen and OhmBoyOC.


One of the best features about this RDA is its deep, 7mm e-juice well. Slightly larger than a lot of other juice holders, it allows you to go longer (depending on how often you toke of course) between fill-ups. It also allows for mote than adequate wick capacity.

The Recoil RDA incorporates a direct-to-coil, angled airflow. This design allows you to adjust the amount of air reaching the burn depending on your preferences.

This RDA comes with two dynamic top cap styles - the Flavor Bro Cap and the Clouds Bro Cap. The Flavor Bro has four 2.5mm air slots, which make for a richer and more intense smoke. The Clouds Bro uses 3mm air vents for big cloud production.

Among many of the features of this well-made deck milled negative connections and PEEK insulators. It also has a 9mm wide bore drip tip and a gold-plated brass 50 Connection.

The Recoil is made from superior quality 304 stainless steel and measuring 24mm in diameter; it fits in your hand nicely. As well as natural stainless steel, this RDA comes in the colors red, black, purple, blue and green.

Cloud Chasing RDAs

Sigelei Fu Chai RDA Mod Tank

This is a great tank and one of the best dripper for those of you who like massive clouds of thick vapor (lets face who doesn’t!). It is the official 25mm rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) designed to sit atop Sigelei’s mechanical mod of the same name. However, the RDA works well as a standalone best dripper tank, and an adjustable copper positive pin means it will fit on a lot of other brands’ mods.

In keeping with the Fu Chai mod, the RDA has an angled design with a long stainless steel, wide bore drip tip. It features four airflow slots drilled around the main body. Perfect for puffing out large billows of fragrant smoke.

The Sigelei RDA has a 3-post deck design - 1 positive and 2 negative - with a variable Copper 510 positive connection pin.

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To make sure it blends nicely with your Sigelei mod, the RDA It is available in a range of colors - black, stainless steel, gold, coffee brown, dark blue and gunmetal.

The package that comes with this mod tank has a useful assortment of spares. There are 4 extra O-rings for the deck, top cap, and drip tip, plus three small 3 flathead grub screws. Also included in the kit is a silica wick, one 28AWG Kanthal and a mini screwdriver keychain.

As with all RDAs, it is important to test the wick before using it. Check it out using a multimeter or if you are going to use it on something other than a Sigelei, another reliable electrical APV Mod (Advanced Personal Vaporizer) or mod with electrical short protection. A faulty wick/coil will most likely destroy the whole device and harm the user.

District F5VE CSMNT | Cosmonaut RDA

A collaboration between District F5VE and Mystery Mod Co, the Cosmonaut RDA is one of the most sought after rebuildable dripping atomizers on the market. It is a high quality, precisely machined and well-designed piece of kit.

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The Cosmonaut features an elevated postless deck to accommodate large diameter and dense cotton. The spacious deck, which also reduces the size of the chamber needed, means you can get the kind of unique deep flavor that many other rebuildable decks can’t achieve. A well-crafted sleeve fits snugly over the deck to prevent excessive re drips and allows you to enjoy tons of juice capacity.

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Airflow into the reduced chamber is provided by two slots. These airflow inlets allow air to be circulated throughout and can be adjusted depending on whether you are using one or two coils.

There are large flathead grub screws to clamp down the coil leads inside the 4mm post holes to ensure the best conductivity with the deck. The 4mm lead inserts allow for the installation of any coil type.

All of the Cosmonaut RDA’s parts are plated in 24 Karat Gold, and it comes in either matte black or stainless steel. The 24mm RDA sits flush on most mods.

The Cosmonaut RDA’s craftsmanship and design certainly give credence to District F5VE’s claim to be inspired by the automotive racing industry.

Digiflavor Pharaoh Dripper RDA

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one of the best Dripper rda  is the brainchild of the collaboration between Digiflavor and Rip Trippers. This hefty RDA comes in at 0.5 lbs by itself and is made of stainless steel that completes your MOD/tank combo to give a seamless and clean aesthetic.

This RDA is available in a variety of finishes included raw polished stainless steel, glossy black, or metallic gold. In addition to looking good this RDA is built to perform, giving the DIY coil builder full range of freedom when designing their custom coils as this unique atomizer uses a clamp style build deck. This deck is equipped with two opposing Philips head screws that allow for plenty of room for intricate and complex coil systems.

Additionally, with this dual clamp style build deck this RDA is capable of handling both best single coil rda and dual coil builds. When it comes to a high functioning RDA two important factors are the way in which the coil is secured to the deck and the airflow system the unit provides and the Pharaoh Dripper tank does not disappoint in either category.

This RDA tank is equipped with a precise airflow control system as it “clicks” into place when each airflow vent hole is aligned properly to ensure no restrictions to give you the best and biggest cloud production possible while still delivering a great taste from your e-liquid. The Pharaoh Dripper tank is definitely a high quality RDA that is a great addition to any high performing MOD and is sure to deliver on performance.

Single Coil RDA Builds

Hatty RDA by Blitz Enterprises

single coil rda

The Hatty RDA by Blitz Enterprises is a unique RDA that is intended for the experienced vaper looking for the ultimate cloud production and flavor production potential. This RDA has been designed with a Velocity style deck with provides a unique airflow allowing you to enjoy the largest cloud production from your customized builds. This unique Velocity deck takes advantage of using both side and bottom airflow abilities ensuring smooth and strong hits. Equipped with large 3mm post holes this RDA gives you unlimited potential in developing your most intricate, complex or unique builds to enjoy your vaping experience to suit your needs.

This RDA is also built with durability and integrity in mind as the developers at Blitz Enterprises have taken all aspects of build quality into account. This RDA has been upgraded with the use of Philips style post screws instead of hex screws to provide you with the assurance of having properly secured coil leads that will provide you with optimal connection and optimal even heating of the coil preventing heat “spots” in your customized coil builds. This RDA is also versatile in that it can comfortably accommodate both single and dual coil builds. This is possible by adjusting the side airflow vents accordingly to either the single or dual coil build in place.

Additionally, this RDA is compatible with hybrid mods as the gold plated 510 pin is fully adjustable giving you various options when pairing this RDA with an appropriate MOD to ensure the best possible vapor production. Equipped with a locking barrel, this RDA ensures that your airflow holes will always be aligned with your coils preventing any airflow restrictions and ensuring a smooth hit every time. When purchasing this RDA you will receive one Hatty RDA by Blitz Enterprises, one wide bore drip tip, one 510 drip tip adaptor and one bag of additional hardware including Philips screws and o rings. It is of note however this product is for the advanced vaper and to always ensure proper handling and care when using this product.

Best RDA For Clouds

Mutation X V5 RDA 

rda tank

You are going to be able to purchase the Mutation X V4 in four different colors stainless steal, black, pink, and white. It is a great RDA Atomizer for those who want large clouds of vapor that come from a lot of air flow with a lower resistance build. You will find that even on the lowest possible setting there is going to be a powerful airflow because of the devices bottom air holes.

The makers of this device took the time to plan how it was going to work for the user. It is a breeze to build onto. It has four round posts and bigger post holes that are going to allow you to use just about any wire you would like on the device. There are not any heat problems thanks to the air hole arrangements and the fins at the top of the device that help to scatter the air.

Unfortunately the wide bore tip that does come with the device is not threaded for 510, but you will have an adapter that is included. This adapter is also able to help you reduce any heat building up in the device.

Another Great RDA

528 Custom Vapes GOON LP RDA

This is a low profile RDA that takes the GOON design and shortens it.

The GOON LP has a four clamp static bridge two post design for easy rebuilding. The 24 karat gold plated clamps accommodate thick diameter coils on the deck.

Cheap RDA

This RDA offers two types of top cap styles - a 10.5mm Delrin drip tip and an ULTEM high-performance chuff drip tip. This latter, sleek looking cap is designed for enhanced draws and perfect flavor. ULTEMs have a much higher melting point compared to ones that use Delrin’s thermoplastic material.

The GOON LP has dual slot air holes that allow for a nice and smooth draw and give it an open feel despite its smaller size. These holes deliver air directly to the core.

This RDA is available in three different colors - matte black, matte gold and stainless steel. Each of GOON LP has a unique serial number.

The kit comes with an ULTEM sleeve, one Bottom Feeding Squonker Pin, extra Screws and O-rings and a Goon Carrying Pouch.

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