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ReBuildable Atomizers (RBA)

The Best RBA Tank Atomizers

When you are looking for the best rba atomizer you are finding a rebuildable atomizer. It is an canopy statement that is going to encompass RDAs and RTAs as well. Rebuildable dripping atomizers that have no tank are going to be called a RDA Atomizer. A rebuildable tank atomizer is called a RTA. These devices are going to have the capability to have coils that are your own or prebuilt one that you install into the device.

In this article we will be going over the best rba  tank and letting you know what is the what is the best rba tank.

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The top 4 RBA Atomizers

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Having an RBA Atomizer can benefit your vaping experience in many ways. You are able to have a more customized experience that is tailored to what you prefer in a vaping session. While many people prefer this type of device you do need to be careful when using one. The first aspect you should think about is if you understand how your device is going to work. If you do not have an understanding of how devices work you will risk ruining your mod or batteries.

In the event you do destroy parts of the device there is a chance you may injure yourself or even starting a fire. Please research devices and have a full understanding before you start to alter anything on your devices. If possible consult someone that is able to show you in person how they have modified their own device. Make sure you have a decent understanding of how volts, watts, and ohms work together so you are able to better use your altered device. You will also need to purchase a multi-meter. This device will allow you to measure your voltage, current, and resistance so you will always have a running reading of where you are at.

Avocado 24 by Geekvape

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This is another device that has been produce in the success of its predecessor. The Avocado 22 was a successful device and the Avocado 24 has strived to improve on its qualities. This device now has a 5ml tank that is able to be top filled. The 5ml tank does has a bit of a disclaimer with it. When you add your wick into the tank you will only be able to fit about 4ml in as well. It does not change the capacity by too much, but it is not a true 5ml capacity if you prefer to have more liquid in your device at a time.

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The top fill ability allows you to open the device to slow you the two 3mm fill ports. This device was built to be able to use with box mods. Many people think that these aspects make it one of the best tank rba on the market currently.

There is a two post deck that allows for large wick holes. It is able to be used with even the biggest builds meaning you are able to utilize clapton coils if your prefer. The device itself is 34mm tall and 24mm wide.

When you are taking out the 510 pin you do need to pay special attention to the positive post. The post is able to get knocked loose during this process which can harm the coil.

There are multiple parts that are going to come with this device to help you with future use. There is a replacement ceramic block, an extra 510 stainless steel drip tip, a multitool, an extra frost glass tank, spare O-rings, 510 drip tip adapter, and spare post screws. All of these extras can come in handy as you used and modify your device.

Kanger Subtank Mini V2

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Kanger has produced a piece that became very sought after when it was released to the public. It had a higher capacity than the others on the market, even though it had a much smaller size. The price was decent, but its materials and performance were above all expectations. They managed to pack all of the best components of the devices of the time into a very attractive looking device.

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The Subtank Mini V2 is the bigger and badder version of the original. There is now an added dual channel airflow and the RBA build deck has been developed to make an easier to build deck. The airholes have been moved to the sides of the device instead of the bottom. The channel holes have been adjusted to be much larger to accommodate e-liquids.

The capacity of the tank has not changed and remains at about 4.5mls. You are going to have two coils 0.5 ohm and 1.2 ohm which are part of the vertical sub ohm design. There is a square arrangement for the coils that allows for a much bigger area for the heat to come into contact with the Japanese organic cotton. This produced better taste as you vape.

You are able to purchase replacement coils. These are sold in packs of five and include 0.5 ohm coils, 1.5 ohm coils, and 15 ohms Nickel coils. This device is going to execute like a sub ohm dripper because of the design on the device and its vertical coils. This allows the device to produce more vapor clouds and much better flavor. This device is compatible with many mods and has a 510 connection.

Smok TFV4

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This device comes with four very large holes at the bottom of the device that allows for airflow. There is a horizontal coil that is already installed in the device. It is similar to many devices on the market and has single and dual coil RBA heads. You are going to easily be able to build on this device because it has a much larger section for building. Compared to many of the devices on the market it has the largest build space possible.

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Something that is very important to do is to prime you coil before you start to put together the tank. The organic cotton that is used with this device much be thoroughly drenched with juice. If it is not you are likely to burn your cotton which will ultimately lead you to destroying your coil head.

The device comes with a variety of extra materials. You are going to receive organic cotton, extra seals for the top cap, a user manual, additional O-rings, Smok vape bands, a Philips head screwdriver, a pyrex tank, triple and quad coil heads and single and dual coil heads. This device has a range in wattage from eighty to one hundred. The range is more of a personal choice and many people feel like high wattage can made the vapor a little too hot for their liking.

There is a double later to your drip tip. This is going to allow for cool and warm air to reach you at the same time, which is much different than most devices. There are some problems with leaking with this device. If you get liquid on your seal you will risk leaking. It can also leak if you fill the device a little too full. Make sure you pay attention as you fill it to avoid any spilling.

Geekvape Griffin 25

Geekvape Griffin 25 RBA tank

When you are looking into purchasing this device you are going to find that there are two identical versions. There is one small difference between them. One of them was released without having an adjustable airflow and the other does. The fact that they released one without an adjustable airflow is slightly confusing since you are able to simply close off the airflow on the other version. For versatility I would suggest purchasing the one that you are able to adjust.

Geekvape Griffin 25 RBA vape

You are going to have a two post deck that comes with side mount screws. The device is 17mm and is big enough to hold any build that you prefer. It is able to be used with clapton builds with ease. If you prefer to use a single coil there is a ceramic plug that you will need to fit the device with.

When you are using this plug you are going to need to take out the wick ring otherwise you are not going to be able to get the plug to fit snugly.

When you purchase this device you are going to get a few different parts. There is a multitool to help you maintenance your device, a ceramic block plug for single coils, post screws, O-rings, a replacement glass tube, a wide bore drip tip, and a 510 drip tip adapter.

This updated version of the device is 25mm instead of the old 22mm. There are many similarities between the two except for the size. If you have the 22mm version I would say you not need to upgrade to this device. If you are looking into purchasing one, however, I would always go with a larger version. The larger version is going to allow you for a little more wiggle room when you are building on the device. You are able to hold about 6mls of juice with this version instead of the smaller 3.5mls of the older one. While you will find this version is published at 6mls you are likely to only get about 5.2mls.

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