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mechanical mods

Best Mechanical Mods

Mechanical mods are going to give you the most customization available if you are knowledgeable about how vaporizers work. These mods have a basic circuit without any added chips or features that you would find in a prebuilt vaporizer. When you have a mechanical mod, there is a button or switch that can be pressed to complete the circuit between the battery and the atomizer and will start the device.

Mechanical Mods Explained

With the simplicity that comes with mechanical mods there is also added risk. You are not going to have the wide variety of safety features that you would have with a regulated mod or a typical vaporizer. This complication makes these devices for only experienced and knowledgeable users. If you do not know much about these mods, it would be safer to use regulated mods that have a prebuilt setup. The appeal of a mechanical mod would be for those that would like to use rba atomizers. These atomizers can add more variety to your vaping experience which the regulated mods are not able to deliver.

Another aspect of mechanical mods that experienced users like is that you can service them yourself. When a part on a mechanical mod breaks, you can buy the part to replace it and fix it yourself. There is no need to contact manufacturers and send the device in. There is also less of a chance that parts of these devices break because they are so simplistic. With simplicity there are less parts as a whole. If you are someone that takes good care of your mod, you would be able to have one that could last you forever.

Cheap and Small

Wismec Noisy Cricket II

cheap mech mods

This is going to be a mechanical mod that costs a decent amount. It is not going to be a good choice for someone that has just entered the world of mechanical mods, not that any of them are great for beginners. This particular mod has added risks to your safety if you do not know what you are doing. This is a series box, it does not have battery markers, polarity markers, and the batteries can be hard to get out of the device.

With these difficulties and lack of indication of how to properly work the device, it makes the mod a terrible choice for beginners. There are some mechanical mods that could be a better choice for beginners, but this is the best one for those that have a good understanding and want something cheap and small.

Ignoring all of these warnings, this can be a great mod. It packs a lot of power especially for how low its price is. You are going to get fantastic clouds of vapor when paired with a 7-9C dripper atomizer. Anyone that considers themselves a cloud chaser should try this mod out. Remember with this mod you need to use a dripper that was made to be used with a hybrid mod.

The device is incredibly small standing at 3.11 inches or 79mm. You are going to have a choice of colors that include silver, red, blue, black, grey, and brown. It is made from an aluminum alloy and was created by Jay-Bo. The device has rounded edges that makes it easier and more comfortable to hold.

mech mods

There are holes on either side of the unit to help ventilate the device. The fire button is at the top of the device. This makes it much more efficient with its contact with the batteries since it is located above them. The bottom of the button does have an insulation ring that is going to give you come circuit protection. The linkage for the device is different because it has a hybrid adapter along with 510 connectors.

Best Tube Mod

Flawless Tugboat V3

best mechanical mod

The Tugboat V3 has better conductivity than other hybrid connection units. It uses a copper body as well as copper contacts which allow for this added conductivity. This is going to make your battery last longer and also give it the extra power needed to make a great vaping experience.

This unit comes with a 24mm matching cap that is able to fit flat with the body of the unit. The unit has a 24mm body. The top cap does have air holes that are located on either side and are 7mm. There is also a 14mm wide bore black Delrin competition cap that is included with the device upon purchase. This device is an American-made mod. It produces high end results which is certainly reflected in the price.

mechanical vape mods

If you are interested in buying a cap separately, there is an Anarchist Tugboat competition cap that you can purchase. It does cost a little under fifty dollars. The cap is built from materials that are built to last. The switch for this is made with silver plated spring and a copper contact. The competition cap does have massive airflow because it has six air holes on each side. With the many holes in the cap, the air is forced into a swirling around the device that will help gain vapor production.

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There is also a choice of a Tugboat Slam Cap that is made from stainless steel. This is going to help get more airflow than that of the regular Tugboat cap because there are three airflow holes. It is smaller than the regular Tugboat RDA at about half the size.

Tesla Three 150W Mod

Tesla is renowned for the quality and longevity of its vaping tech. The company rarely gets a bad online review. Also, they also sell their devices at very competitive prices.

mechanical mod kit

The innovative Tesla Three is no exception to this track record. The mod’s wattage can be adjusted up to a maximum output of 150 W for various types of coils, including kanthal wrapped coils. It has a 0.1-ohm minimum atomizer resistance.

The trigger operated, 5000mAh battery trigger fire button also lets you vape for a lot longer than other portable power sources.

authentic mechanical mods

The Tesla Three is unregulated, causing its output to vary quite a bit with the same setting. This makes power delivery a little uneven. When the battery starts to run low, the coils also take more time to come up to power. If the battery does run down, the Tesla also works as a pass through vaper. This means you can smoke while it is plugged in and charging.

The battery bank inside can be recharged via an USB port at a rate of 2A.

This ‘’power bank’’ not only vapes it can also charge your cell phone. This mod offers an output of 5V/1 A that can be sued to charge mobile phones or other devices with a USB plug.

Measuring 81mm x 52mm x 25mm, the Tesla Three is built to a high standard. Its ergonomic design means if fits nicely in your hand. The mod is available in either red, black, white, or blue.

Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod Kit

This is a stylish mechanical mod with high-quality components and build that is capable of delivering an excellent vape.

The body of the Lone Wulf mod comprises two tubular pieces of copper, one inside the other. The top cap can be adjusted in two ways – one screw to change the height of the atomizer and a second one to stop the battery rattling.

mech mod vape

The copper contacts ensure good connectivity and very low voltage drop off. You can use pretty much any 18650 battery. A concaved firing button on the bottom means the mod is not going to accidently fire up when sitting on a table.

mechanical box mod

The rebuildable atomizer is really easy to work with. You just remove the wall and the top of the RDA to get to the 4-post deck with enough room for even the chubbiest of fingers. The positive posts are in the middle of the deck which means centering the coils is much easier. The RDA provides the perfect platform to build just about any type of coil arrangement in singles or doubles. The airflow, via large air slots, is also fully adjustable and there is a very broad ‘bore’ drip.

The O-rings on the RDA are good and tight and should be leak-free for a reasonable amount of time.

Mechanical mods are relatively simple bits of kit, what differentiates them is the precision and materials used to make them. This is where the Lone Wulf stands out, and to prove it each handcrafted mod has a personalized serial number for authenticity.

Kamry K-100 Mechanical Mod

best mechanical

This is a fully mechanical mod with a cool looking anodized aluminum finish. It is compatible with most 510 threaded atomizers as well as cartomizers such as the Evod and Vision Ego.

This mod has quite a few safety features that make it suitable for relative newcomers to the mechanical mod world. A telescopic tube can be screwed down over the switch at the base of the mod. This lockable fire button should prevent it being accidentally activated while in your pocket. There are also vents holes dotted around the central tube for added protection and a stainless steel drip tip.

However, there are a couple of things to look out for when using the K-100. Make sure the telescopic collar is screwed down just far enough to allow the atomizer on/off switch to work. Any further and the collar will keep the spring pushed down and stop the e-cigarette from turning off. This will cause the battery to overheat with unpleasant results.

To operate the direct draw K-100, you just press the battery switch and inhale from the filter. Just release the button after smoking. Be careful to avoid holding the button down for too long as this will overheat the battery.

The mod comes with two 3.7v Batteries (18650 and 18350) and an 110V Li-ion battery charger. There are two 510 cartomizers and a cartomizer cover.

The K-100 measures 63.5mm x 101.6mm x 190.5mm and fits snugly into a blue zipper carry case that comes with the kit.


Safety is always our number one concern whether it comes to vaporizers, regulated mods, or mechanical mods. Mechanical mods should only be used by experienced vapers. These types of devices have a variety of aspects that can go wrong so you should know about how watts, volts, and ohms work together in a device. You need to be able to interpret the connection between these terms and know how to measure them.

The mechanical mods will not have the safety features that other devices have that prevent you from making mistakes with voltage or wattage. You will not be able to depend on the units to shut off automatically if something goes wrong. If the device has something going wrong with the battery, they can often be damaged in the process. This can lead to the device and the batteries being destroyed or damaged. Not to mention there can be explosions of the batteries that could potentially hurt you or anyone that is using your device.

Typically, mechanical mods can have one basic safety feature. There is a lock for the firing button. This will at least help you know that when you are carrying your mechanical mod in your pocket or bag you will not be pressing on the button and causing the device to run. Some people do have problems with falling asleep while they are using the mod. With this problem, most mods do have ventilation holes. These holes are there to help your device stay cooler so it will not overheat. Overheating can ruin the battery and even allow gases to leak if you damage the vape battery enough.

When looking at batteries, always check the voltage to make sure you are not going to have them overcharged or undercharged. When looking at this, it is most important if you are getting to the point where your batteries are dying and needing to be charged. If you have a battery that is consistently undercharged, it's going to give you a shorter battery life. It can also make the battery more unstable as you use it.

If you are new to mechanical mods and you are adamant about needing one to get the vaping experience you want, please consult a veteran or someone with vape experience. If you have anyone that has used these mechanical vape mods before, try them out and have them teach you what they have experienced. This is going to give you the knowledge of mistakes and aspects that work without ruining your own units.

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