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Top Kanger Tanks for 2018

This article revolves around Kangertech brand tanks. Kangertech is a well-known brand that creates vaporizer tanks. They have been able to rapidly increase in popularity since their first debut in 2007. They have developed into a large company that is trusted by their consumers. They produce products that any user will love. They are praised for the quality of products that they produce, the first-rate performance that they run at, and the fact that their products are designed to look more attractive than other tanks on the market.

Kangertech also has a bunch of different starter kits that they offer. Check out kanger starter kits if you are new to vaping and want to purchase a Kanger kit. 

There are many different products that Kangertech produces, each with its own capabilities and features. With all of these products in mind, this article has five assorted categories that we will classify these tanks into to find the best within each class. There will be RBA Atomizer, Cloud Chasing, Low Cost, eGo Connection Capability, and portability. Depending on how you are going to want to vape, how often you prefer to fill your tank, and if you want to use certain mods, you are going to want to choose a different tank. 

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RBA Kanger Tank

Kanger Subtank Mini

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The Kanger Subtank Mini is an average size for a sub ohm tank from Kangertech. This tank is versatile in that it will allow you to change from an RBA which allows for your own builds to organic cotton coil head depending on your preference.

One thing to note about the subtank mini is that it will not work with lower powered mods

This tank has a decent capacity at 4.5mls. It is smaller than what you get with the Standard Kanger Subtank, but that is because this is the mini version. With the tank's smaller size, but decent capacity, most users find it to be just the right fit for vaping all day. It is 22mm in diameter meaning you will be able to use it with many different mods and still let it sit flat against them. Most clearomizers are 22mm in diameter so this is a standard sized tank. The Standard Kanger Subtank is a bit larger at 25mm in diameter.

There are a few different accessories included with the Subtank Mini. They are Japanese organic cotton, screws,  screwdriver, mini RBA base, two RBA 0.5 ohm coils,  a 1.5 ohm OCC , and  a 0.5 ohm OCC.

kangertech mini
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Cloud Chasing Kanger Tank

Kanger Protank 4 Evolved Sub-Ohm Tank System

This is an update of Kanger’s flagship platform ProTank4 after over a year of research and development. It has quite a few new features offering versatile and well-rounded sub-ohm system.

kanger mini

The ProTank 4 has a new Pro RBA Coil which features a two post, dual 2mm terminal build deck along with dual 3mm air holes. This increases the range of capacity options available to you. When used with Kanger’s 0.5 ohm and 1.5 ohm replacement atomizer heads made from stainless steel organic cotton coils (SSOC), the tank has a 5ml capacity. This drops down to 4ml if you use the Pro RBA with its larger coils. The ProTank 4 kit comes included with the 0.5 ohm Ceramic SSOCC and the 1.5 ohm NiChrome MTL SSOCC.

Ample airflow comes via a bottom air slot design, with each opening measuring 10mm by 2 mm.

This ProTank 4 version also features a refined sliding top fill system that incorporates some welcome safety aspects. The top is made with a thread that allows you to lock the sliding mechanism into place, with an additional twist needed to open the fill port. This gives you the convenience of a sliding system combined with the safety of the fully threaded fill arrangement.

The tank is 22mm in diameter and made from durable 304 Stainless Steel. It comes in either silver or black.

Lowest Price Kanger Tank

Kanger Mini Protank 3

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This Mini Protank is one of the smaller tanks on the list. It holds about 1.5mls which means you are able to vape around 480 puffs before needing to refill. It is a clearomizer that has a bottom dual coil atomizer. With this coil arrangement, the tank produces vapor that is warmer than other vaporizers, but it makes much more vapor at a time. The biggest appeal of this tank is that it is just a fraction of the cost of some tanks on the market. It can be bought for under ten dollars, so it is not surprise that it does have a lower price.

If you want something that is cheap, but still can provide you quality vapor, the Protank 3 will not disappoint.

The Kanger Mini Protank 3 is unique in that is is able to use EGO threading. You will not need to purchase an adapter to use your EGO devices. When you do need to clean this unit, it will come apart into five separate pieces to really get every nook and cranny clean. The unit is entirely rebuild able and simple to put back together.

eGo Kanger Tank

Kangertech EMOW


This best Kanger tank is able to use eGo batteries or 510 threaded batteries depending on your needs at the time. The EMOW clearomizer can hold up to 1.8mls of liquid at a time and does have adjustable airflow. There is an airflow vent that you can open or close depending on how much air you want to come into the tank at the time.

If you want a lot of draw resistance you are able to close the vent, but if you want to be very little resistance you are able to open the vent all the way. The tank itself is made from a stainless steel tube with a Pyrex glass tank.


One of the more appealing features of this tank is in its aesthetics. You are able to choose from a variety of colors depending on your preferences. There is the plain steel, brown, blue, black, red, iridescent, white, green, and purple. When you purchase this device, you are going to get a drip tip that is included as well as a 1.5 ohm dual coil.

Most Portable Kanger Tank

Kanger Subtank Nano

Kangertech Subtank Nano

If you are looking for a very small portable tank then the Nano is the way to go. It is smaller than the Subtank Mini, which is the already smaller version of the Standard Subtank. This line of Kanger Subtanks have top notch performance across the board regardless of the size of the tank, so you will not be disappointed in which ever one you choose to go with. The most important part is to consider the size you are wanting for your tank. The Subtank Nano is one of the top selling tanks in the recent months and has proved time and time again that it is going to be a great tank for a long time to come.

To get some perspective on the size of this tank, the Standard Subtank has a diameter of 25mm, then there is the Mini which is 22mm in diameter which is what you typically see out of the clearomizer tanks. The Nano is only 18.55mm in diameter. All of the tanks in this line are sub ohm tanks for vaping in this manner. With the Mini, you are going to get a sub ohm coil that is 0.5 ohm OCC with a range of 15W to 30W and coil that is 1.2 ohm OCC with a 12W to 25W range.

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