Best eGo Vape Tanks for 2018

eGo Tanks are a perfect starter kit for those who just started using E-Cigarettes to quit smoking. Here are our top picks for the best eGo Tanks in 2018.

Ego Vape

Top 5 eGo Vaporizer Tanks

Kanger Evod 

ego t atomizer

The Evod  unit is composed of four separate pieces. There is the tank, base, head, and drip tip. With this type of set up, you are able to change the build of the unit however you would prefer. There is a 1.5 ohm clearomizer that comes with this tank when you purchase it.

The Kanger Evod  has bottom dual coils for its clearomizer. With this type of design, you are going to have a much larger area for your material to be heated which will produce more vapor and give off a stronger throat hit. A benefit of placing the coils on the bottom of the device is that you will have a lesser chance of getting any dry hits as your tank runs lower on e-liquid.

ego t tank

The drip trip does have 510 threading which means you are able to change it with almost any drip tip available depending on your preference.

This is a smaller tank in terms of eGo tanks as it only holds 1.6ml. To refill this eGo tank, you do need to use a bottom refill method. The tank must be turned upside-down and the base can be unscrewed to reveal your liquid chamber.

VaporiFi Pro-L II

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VaporFi produces fantastic products and the Pro-L II is the best eGo tank from their line up. They provide a sleek and colorful design with mechanics that run smoothly. This eGo tank is on the cheaper side and is available in ten different colors. I have known people that will purchase a couple of these tanks and keep different flavors in each one and use the color as a system to track what tank holds what liquid. At this low of a price, why not? It has a capacity of about 1.5ml and is under 3 inches tall.

The atomizer in this tank is going to last up to three weeks, but it depends on what level you vape. If you are a very heavy vaper, you may see that it wears out in about a week. The coils come in packs of five and cost about twenty dollars. 

ego tank

There is a 1.5 ohm OCC atomizer that comes with the Pro-L II. The OCC means that it is an organic cotton coil meaning that the wick you are using is made from organic cotton.

Kanger Protank 4

Many people know the name Kangertech and that is because they make durable and reliable products. This Protank is the very best eGo tank that is currently up for sale. You will be able to trust that this tank is going to last a long time and it has a larger capacity than others on this list at 2.5ml. It is made from stainless steel and has a glass clearomizer with a replaceable atomizer head.

best ego tank

If you like to customize the look of your vaporizers and tanks, you will be able to with the Protank. It has replacement glass pieces that come in many different colors. The tank is made from five components that all can be taken apart and cleaned. All of these parts are replaceable for when something is damaged or wears out. One of the best parts about the Protank is that Kanger has managed to produce a tank that does not leak. Many eGo tanks are known to spring leaks, but the Protank will not.

ego vaporizer

You are going to use a bottom filling method to get your liquid into this tank, but it is less cumbersome with a slightly larger capacity. It uses a dual bottom coil to get a maximum amount of heat to your product. This will also help with avoiding any dry hits.

Joyetech Ego AIO

ego clearomizer

The Joytech Ego AIO is a simplistic all in one vaporizer pen with a sleek and elegant design available in fifteen unique and stylish finishes. These finishes range from the simple yet classic polished stainless steel or glossy black to the unique faux wood or the colorful “dazzling” finish allowing for enough options to suit any vapers style or personality.

This vaporizer comes equipped with a 2ml e liquid capacity tank hidden away into an all in one design that ensures a leak proof and mess free vaping experience in small and discreet size that easily fits in the palm of your hand. Additionally, this pen is equipped with a simple one button to use system making this pen user friendly.

This vape pen is perfect for the first time vaper or the vaper who is seeking simplicity immediate use. At its low price point this vape pen provides a great Vaping experience at a convenient and affordable entry level rate.

Joytech eGo One XL Tank

ego vape tank

This eGo tank had one intention in mind when it was created, to be the one tank for everyone. It has many different features to fit the needs of all vapers. You are able to change the atomizer heads depending on what type of vaping you prefer. There is one for mouth inhale, direct lung inhale, and mouth to lung inhale.

There is a 0.5 ohm atomizer that is already installed in the unit that works well for sub ohm vaping. You are able to purchase a 1.0 ohm atomizer as well. With the sub ohm coil that is in the One XL tank, anyone that is looking for massive clouds of vapor will love this tank. It does have a great capacity for an eGo tank at 2.5ml. This allows you to get large clouds of vapor for longer sessions.

ego vaporizer tank

Depending on what type of inhale method you would like to use, you will need to choose a different coil. If you want large clouds of vapor and getting a mouth to lung inhale or a direct lung inhale you are going to want to use the 0.5 ohm coil. If you want to have more of a feeling of smoking on a cigarette with a mouth inhale you will need to use the 1.0 ohm coil.

Joyetech eGo ONE XL colors

This tank is available in multiple colors; white, blue, light blue, red, silver, and black. If you are looking for adjustable airflow, it is going to be hard to find in eGo tanks. This is one of the few that does include this feature. You can simply twist the ring that is located on the base of the atomizer to change the airflow to what you desire.

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