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e cigarette starter kit

Electronic Cigarettes are quickly gaining popularity and for a good reason. They are far more cost effective than traditional smoking and far healthier as well. Consuming nicotine will always have some drawbacks, but consuming it in a way that reduces second-hand smoke and chemical exposure is certainly the way to go, which is why e-cigs have become commonplace. They can be a great tool to help break a nicotine addiction for even the most stubborn people because the level of nicotine can be gradually reduced as well. Many individuals who have never been nicotine addicts enjoy e-cigs simply for the flavor and doing fun vapor tricks with e-liquids that do not contain any amount of nicotine at all, just a variety of fun flavors!

FeaturesFeaturesBest Price Here
V2 Ex Series Starter Kit

V2 Ex Series Starter Kit

Best E-Cig Starter Kit For Beginners
The G-6 Halo E-cig starter kit

The G-6 Halo E-cig starter kit

Great Quality
Basic E-Cig Starter Kit by Mig Cig

Basic E-Cig Starter Kit by Mig Cig

Produces Large Vapor Clouds
e cig starter kit

Trying to find the very best electronic starter kit can be cumbersome. Every e-cig website you go to will have different options, and every site you go to will have different ads. Some will be for products that are decent, and others will be for e-cigs that are not worth your time and certainly not worth spending your hard earned money on. The number of electronic cigarette starter kits available on the market today is endless. They come in many different styles and colors to fit anyone's unique preferences and fashion sense; there's no need to settle for boring black if you like to stand out and there's no reason to stand out if you like to be subtle!

To help save you time and prevent wasting money on inferior products, we've put together a collection of our top three choices currently available in the e-cigarette market. These starter kits have everything you need for an enjoyable vaping experience without all the hassle of collecting supplies.

V2 Ex Series Starter Kit

What's Included?

electronic cigarette starter kit

The V2 starter kit consists of two sets five red tobacco cartridges that contain 1.2% nicotine, for a total of ten flavor cartridges. Each flavored cartridge lasts over 400 puffs for the average user, and each battery lasts about 300 puffs per charge. The kit includes two batteries so you can always have one charged and ready to go. The batteries even come in your choice of four colors! There are two different types of switches available, automatic and manual. For ease of charging, the kit includes a USB charger and a wall adapter so you can charge your e-cig at home or on the go.

The V2 kit is a budget friendly way to start your journey and switch from regular, unhealthy cigarettes to a healthier electronic version without all the exposure to chemicals. Purchasing the starter kit also saves you a considerable amount of money when comparing to buying each component individually.

Cartridges and Flavors

electronic cigarettes starter kit

There are currently twelve different flavors available for the V2 including Cola, three tobacco versions, vanilla, menthol e juice, coffee e juice, peppermint, chocolate, green tea, and of course, cherry! Each flavor is also available in different nicotine strengths such as 2.4%, 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6%, and even 0% to cover any smoker's needs. The 1.8% version is recommended for those individuals looking for nicotine content closest to the average cigarette. Each cartridge contains an atomizer, which is the part that heats the flavor. This means there are no tricky parts to clean or replace because you get a new one each time you change the cartridge.

The red tobacco cartridges included have the flavor of cured tobacco, which is the perfect taste for people used to smoking lucky strikes, Marlboros, or even pall malls. Those who have been smoking Camels, American Spirits, or Kents will likely prefer the Sahara tobacco flavor that is available for purchase separately.The cartridges available for the V2 e-cig have a leak proof design and smooth flavor, so you always know what to expect. There is a visibility window on each cartridge that lets you see the level of e-juice is remaining, so you won't run out unexpectedly.

Although each cartridge pack is reasonably priced, you can save additional money by purchasing them in bulk packs of twenty or even eighty.As previously mentioned, each cartridge gives three hundred or more puffs. To help you understand how much this is, the average smoker takes about fifteen puffs on a standard cigarette. That's the equivalent of twenty regular cigarettes per one V2 cartridge. The convenience and cost savings between the two is incomparable.

We previously mentioned having a switch and automatic option. This is a battery option. Manual batteries need the user to push a button each time they inhale, while automatic batteries are initiated by the act of inhaling, and there is no need to press a button. Many users will prefer the automatic feature for convenience, but the manual batteries offer more control and generally have a better life expectancy than the automatic batteries, which can be initiated on accident. The color choices for the batteries include blue pearl, brushed steel, matte black, opal, and trendy rose gold.

The G-6 Halo E-cig starter kit

What's included?

ecig starter kit

This kit comes with two batteries, five cartomizers, a USB charger, wall charger, and disposable or refillable cartridges. The cartridges are available in nine different colors, and the batteries currently come in eight different colors, allowing the user to customize their e-cig. Low resistance cartridges are also available for this unit.

Cartridges and Flavors

Halo is an American brand that is considered premium and is known for its top of the line e-juices. They are particularly famous for their menthol and tobacco e juice flavors, which are better than most other options on the market today.

Tribeca ecig juice
Torque 56 e cig e liquid

This e-cig was designed to give smokers a method to consume these particular liquids. It should be noted that any e-liquid brand can be used in this e-cig, we just highly suggest the ones made by Halo!Everything you need for your e-cig smoking experience is included in the Halo starter kit. You can even pick your flavors and the level of nicotine you want in them. If you want blank capsules, those are available as well.

People who smoke menthol will want the subzero flavor while those who smoke normal cigarettes should consider Torque 56 or Tribeca flavors. The 1.8% nicotine cartridges will be closest to the experience of smoking a traditional cigarette, and those who smoke lighter versions will want the 1.2% nicotine level.Individuals who are looking for the most cost-effective way to smoke with an e-cig should use the refillable cartridges and purchase e-juice in bulk.

The blank cartridges even come in nine color varieties to mix and match with your choice of battery color.Low resistance atomizers are available as well. These produce a warmer vapor temperature, smoother throat hit, better flavor, and bigger vapor clouds. That can be especially useful for people who like to show off with vaping tricks.

Basic E-Cig Starter Kit by Mig Cig

What's included?

Basic E-Cig Starter Kit by Mig Cig

This e-cig kit comes with five refills, a battery, and a charger. There are both manual and automatic battery options available as well as low resistance cartridges that are refillable and even clearomizer tanks. Several different versions of this kit exist including one that is meant for two people, which is ideal for couples who want to make a viable purchase.

Cartridges and Flavors

Green Apple e cig cartdridge
Red Zeppelin e cig cartdridge
Green Tea e cig cartdridge

The cartridges in this kit can last anywhere from two hundred to three hundred puffs based on the individual. There is also a large variety of flavors for refills. Sahara light tobacco, blueberry hookah, Red Zeppelin, Coffee, green apple, green tea, berries and tobacco, and menthol just to name a few. Vanilla is another popular flavor enjoyed by most people. There are five different nicotine strengths available and one version that contains no nicotine at all.The refillable cartridges are low resistance at just 2.5ohm. Just like with the other e-cigs, low resistance means larger vapor clouds, hotter vaping temps, and better performance in general.

If you select the pre-filled cartridges, there are several color options to choose from including pink, green, white, and blue.

How to make your final decision

Any of the three starter kits listed are worth trying. Before making your final decision, you'll want to consider their prices as well as their individual options compared to what you look for in a smoking product. If you're trying to quit, look for a kit that lets you use any kind of e-liquid you want. This way you can gradually reduce the level of nicotine you consume until you are using a liquid with no nicotine at all.

The quality of flavors across brands are also not created equal nor are the individual parts. Kits that contain multiple batters are ideal for heavy smokers who don't want to end up without something to smoke simply because the battery dies. Likewise, the kits that contain two full sets of e-cigs make a great gift for couples or a smart purchase for couples who smoke and want to transition to vaping for health or convenience reasons.

E-cigs are considerably safer than traditional forms of smoking such as cigars and cigarettes. These contain thousands of harmful chemicals and toxins that can lead to cancer and cause an array of illnesses when consumed. They also smell bad and are harsh to inhale, unlike electronic cigarettes.

ecig review

Electronic cigarettes are more widely accepted in the public nowadays because they do offer a virtually smell free way to consume nicotine. Some of them do produce a slight smell, but it is typically pleasant and coincides with the flavor of the liquid being vaped in the device.Also keep in mind that many e-cigs and starter kits can be further customized by making additional purchases. You may want a different size tank, for example. Many brands offer larger tanks for people who want to have access to more e-liquid while they are out and about so they don't have to refill it. On the other hand, some people prefer smaller tanks so that the electronic cigarette has an overall smaller size for greater portability and in order to be more discreet while smoking. Whatever your reasoning may be, there is certainly going to be an option out there for you!

Try to avoid getting cheap kits with e-liquids that appear questionable. You should be able to easily find the ingredients for the liquid as well as the country of manufacture of the e-cig parts. We believe there are several countries that can produce great quality items and some that aren't as desirable, so spend a few minutes completing some research if you aren't sure about the product you're thinking about buying.

Caring for your new kit

The care your new e-cig needs will depend on the design. Electronic cigarettes that have the atomizer in the cartridge require little to no cleaning and upkeep because you replace them each time you replace the cartridge, which helps prevent malfunction due to lack of cleaning. Even if you do have one that doesn't need the atomizer to be cleaned, it is a good idea to regularly wipe the tool down and sanitize the mouthpiece using a special cleaner or rubbing alcohol. Do not use harsh chemicals on the mouth piece or battery as you do not want to ingest harmful chemicals or corrode the finish of your new electronic cigarette.

When charging your e-cig battery, try not to leave it plugged in overnight. You want to let the battery gain a full charge without burning it up by leaving it plugged in for hours on end, which can shorten the life of the battery. If you tend to forget once you've plugged it in, try setting a timer or reminder on your phone to unplug it. These small things will help prolong the life of your new e-cig and make your investment even more cost effective, who doesn't like that?

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