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The Best Coffee E-Liquid for 2018

There are so many different flavors of e-juices currently available. With the popularity vaping has developed, there will always be new juices hitting the market. Within every category there are a variety of brands to choose from.

Coffee E-LiquidFeaturesBest Price Here
Vaporfi Catch Ya Latte

Vaporfi Catch Ya Latte

Best Coffee E-liquid
Vaporfi ChocoJava

Vaporfi ChocoJava

Coffee & Chocolate
Vaporfi Java Jolt

Vaporfi Java Jolt

Coffee Taste With No Other Flavors
Vaporfi Rasberry Mocha

Vaporfi Rasberry Mocha

Coffee Taste With Raspberry & Chocolate.
Vaporfi Fancy Latte

Vaporfi Fancy Latte

Rich Coffee Taste That Evokes A Smooth Latte
Miss White by Alpha Vapes

Miss White by Alpha Vapes

Helps With Calming

Each brand uses their own unique take on the flavors that they produce. Coffee is such a versatile taste because it pairs well with so many other flavors.

My e-liquid producers are taking advantage of this to create unique combinations that will keep you coming back time and time again. This list is going to help you find the best e-juice in terms of coffee oriented flavors.

The Top Coffee Vape Juices

Vaporfi Catch Ya Latte

coffee e juice

VaporFi is a company that has taken their time to perfect their products and their flavors. They are one of the leading brands in the industry because of their dedication to their brand's quality and safety for their consumers. All of their e-liquids are created in FDA registered labs. They use ingredients that are better than food grade to create wonderful flavorful e-liquids.

Some ingredients that they use include high quality glycerin, kosher grade bases for their liquids, and high quality nicotine. If you want to you are able to access their certificated and lab reports on all of their products. You can review each flavor's profile and tests that they have endured before making a confident purchase in a safe product.

One aspect that I look for in a good e-liquid is the lack of acetyl propionyl or diacetyl. These are two chemicals that some companies will put into their e-liquids that can cause damage to your body when inhaled. VaporFi liquids never use these types of chemicals in their e-liquids. Most companies that include these chemicals are selling them for very cheap and are of bad quality.

coffee e liquid

There is a collection of flavors that VaporFi produces called the Grand Reserve. Within this line of e-liquids each flavor has been meticulously calculated to have just the right balance of flavor, strength, and PG/VG levels. This means that it is not a customizable line as any change to this combination would change the taste.

You will not be able to change the different ratios for PG/VG. Nor will you be able to change the strength of the e-liquid.

Even though this is a downfall for some people these flavors are perfected before they reach you. Once you try them you will not feel like you are missing out on anything with the lack of customization. Each e-liquid in the Grand Reserve collection has either been aged or steeped to create robust flavors.

best coffee vape juice

The Catch Ya Latte is a flavor in this collection that is available in either a 30mL bottle for $21.99 or a 60mL bottle for a discounted price of $35.99. You are able to get any variety of nicotine typically found in e-liquids. There is also an extra light option at 0.15% that is ideal for dripping.

best vape e liquid

This flavor was voted the best coffee e-liquid in 2015 at Vape Summit. It is a great flavor and super popular still. The main components to this flavor include hazelnut, steamed milk, espresso, and caramel. When you use this e-liquid to vape it tastes like you are enjoying a hazelnut latte with a hint of caramel at the finish. It is one of the best coffee flavors on the market still and it works well for ADV.

Vaporfi ChocoJava

Who doesn’t like the taste of coffee and chocolate - especially as a morning pick me up. This chocolate and java vape allows you to enjoy both flavors while also getting your shot of nicotine.

Delicious coffee is the primary flavor, but the rich, creamy chocolate taste really comes through strong making an almost equal balance and ice the e-juice a mocha feel. If the taste is too bitter, you can always add a touch of sweetener to the juice. Vaporfi also sells this type of sweetener, which is a handy little accessory to have.

best vape e juice

Depending on which strength you buy, the juice gives a decent throat hit.

You can buy the ChocoJava in five different nicotine levels, ranging from 0mg up to 18 mg. You can also choose between various PG/VG ratios. These include 50/50 for the best taste, 70/30 for the most cigarette like smoke, and maximum VG for high wattage, sub-ohm vaping

Vaporfi Java Jolt

This e-liquid is perfect to start your day off with a coffee flavored jolt. It is simple, no thrill straight to the point coffee taste with no other flavors to dilute the cup of Joe effect.

The Java Jolt is quite a bit stronger compared to other brand’s take of coffee flavored e-liquids. It comes in three flavor strengths – single shot, double shot and triple shot. While the single is relatively mild, the triple is potent enough to satisfy the most hardened of caffeine addicts.

java jolt coffee eliquid

As with all of Vaporfi’s e-liquids, Java Jolt is free from acetyl propionyl and diacetyl. The glycerin is sourced from soybean and thus safe for most people with peanut allergies.

If you are looking for that caffeine and cigarette spark to get you going in the morning, then you should check out Java Jolt. You will get the desired nicotine without the coffee and cigarette breath and yellow stained teeth.

Vaporfi Rasberry Mocha

This is a slightly different take on a coffee flavored e-liquid with a twist of raspberry and chocolate.

The primary flavors are raspberry, espresso, steamed milk and dark chocolate. The smoke also gives off the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. The premium espresso flavor comes through on the back note offering a delicious brewed coffee taste, while the blend of chocolate and raspberry adds a little bit of sweetness and tang. Perfect to start the day or for a quick break from work.

The juice comes in four strengths – no nicotine (0mg), Drippin Level 3mg, Ultra-Light 6mg and Light 12mg. As with all Vaporfi e-liquids, only premium Kosher grade ingredients are used to make the Java Jolt.

In a stylish touch to pay homage to the art of the barista, the 30ml or 60 ml bottle is designed to look like the cardboard cups found in popular coffee stores and cafes.

Vaporfi Fancy Latte

This is one the most popular coffee-based flavor vapes. The main flavor is a rich coffee taste that evokes a smooth latte. The hazelnut and vanilla add a nice twist that is not overpowering. The nutty tang combines well with the slightly sweet vanilla on the latte back note.

coffee vaporizer e liquid

The sweetness also means there is no nasty aftertaste to spoil your smoke, as is the case with some coffee flavored e-liquids.

This is a great flavor for vape newcomers giving up cigarette smoking as it provides a good throat hit despite not being all that strong. The flavors are also not so strong as to be too fruity or different from what ex-smokers are used to.

The 30ml bottle comes in various nicotine strengths ranging from 0mg to 12mg (‘’Light’’) and even an 18 mg (Regular) version which a lot of other vape flavors don’t offer.

Alpha Vapes Miss White

Miss White coffee e juice

This is another company that is based out of America. Specifically in southern California, much like other top companies in this industry. The founder of Alpha Vapes is a man named Sam Rosenberg. Sam originally started creating e-liquids for personal use and for friends and family. The e-liquids he created were so flavorful that they became popular within his small circle and it propelled him into creating a company based around them.

Miss White coffee e liquid

The Miss White is a different take on the coffee category. Technically it is considered a herbal tea blend that can help with calming. The mixture is unique and flavorful with three different flavors coming together in harmony. There is a passion fruit, dragon fruit, and raspberry flavor that when put together creates a very juicy flavor that is not too sugary. It gives you the right amount of sweetness paired with a bit of tangy to balance out. You primarily will be tasting the raspberry flavoring. This e-liquid is available in a 30mL bottle for $21.95. It has 30 percent PG and 70 percent VG.

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