Best Atomizers

Best Atomizers

The Top Atomizers on the market

When we are talking about an atomizer it is the portion of the vaporizer that is going to heat your material and turn it into a vapor. It is arguably the most important part to a vaporizer. Atomizers contain at least one coil if not more and a wick to hold the material.


There are a variety of atomizers on the market because there are a number of ways to make one and each comes with its own style of vaping. You can change the amount of coils you use, their position, and the resistance they give to alter your vaping experience. No one is going to be able to say that any one atomizer is the best because there is not one way to vape. Vaping is all about the users personal choices and preferences.

Single, Dual, and Quad Coils

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Before you make any decisions about what type of coil is the best I would try all variations. They all have their own benefits and drawbacks so it is good to try them before you choose what works best for you. You may be surprised to find that if you are an avid believer of a single coil that you actually prefer dual coils or vice-verse.

There are a variety of choices when it comes to purchasing or building coils. You are able to use a single coil, dual coil, or quad coils. Depending on how many coils you use will change your flavor and vapor production. When you use more coils, dual and quad, you are going to find that you produce more vapor in less time. With this type of vaping you are going to have a thicker cloud of vapor because more of your liquid is being used at one time. The added liquid is going to allow you to get more powerful taste. This is preferred by many people because it can make for a more satisfying vape but there are some drawbacks to using multiple coils.

Multiple coils are going to use a lot more liquid than a single coil. There is more power going to running your device so your battery is going to deplete much quicker. Which means you will need to charge more and risk damaging your battery with repeating charging sessions. With more coils you are going to have a larger area that is going to heat your liquid which means that you are going to have a higher temperature and a much more powerful throat hit. All of these aspects to coils can be good or bad depending on how you like your vaping experience to go. If you are someone that prefers to rebuild your coils you are going to want to have a single coil because it will be a more simple build.

Innokin Axiom RTA Tank

This detachable tank is designed to match Innokin’s Disrupter 75W mod. The powerful ultra-compact 22mm tank offers a surprisingly strong sub-ohm smoke for its size. The bottom airflow allows for a rich flavor and impressive billows of smoke.

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The Axiom offers many useful design features which make it a very versatile tank. It has various settings for the pre-built Kanthal coils and the option to add an RBA Atomizer deck. The pre-built coil has large juice ports and two horizontal coils on the inside. A big plus is that you can build on these while its still connected to the base using virtually any type of coil using a 2.5mm drill bit.

If you don’t plan on building any coils on the RBA section yourself, you can buy separately a handy 5-pack of pre-built atomizer heads for under $10.

The top-fill Axiom can hold up to 3.5ml of vape juice, which is slightly more than many of its competitors of a similar size. The glass viewing section is a ring around the whole of the tank that is strong enough so that it shouldn’t break if the Axiom gets knocked about in your pocket or bag.

If you are looking for other RTAs, check out our article on the best RTA Atomizers. 

Quad Coil Atomizer

Smok TFV4 Sub-Ohm Tank Full Kit


When purchasing this device you are going to get a lot choices.  In fact, there are over 10 atomizer choices for you to make your vaping experience everything that you prefer. There are few other devices that are going to give you this many options which is why we really like the Smok TFV4 kit.  (we do like prefer the smaller sister model referred to as the "baby" or "alien"). It fits in your hand and pockets much easier and still produces a ton of clouds so the convinces beats out the bigger tank and batter of the regular. 

This kit also comes with a wide variety of products. You are going to get a TFV4 tank (t3 coil), TFV4 TF-R1 coil, a TFV4 Q4 coil, two drip tip seal rings, a white silicone band, black silicone band, a Tyle C sealing pad, an accessory kit, indicator card that can be used to refill the tank and a user manual. There are a variety of coils that you can used that range from single up to octo cores.

Most beginners should stick with the builds that contain ones a single or a dual coil. They are easier to build on and do not present the issues that more coils bring forward. People that are more advanced are able to use quad coils or more, but should still be careful. There are much more ambitious to build onto and you also run into having problems with battery. More coils are going to give you better vapor product but you are going to use up a lot more liquid and your battery is going to deplete quickly.

Kanger Aerotank V2 Dual Coil Clearomizer

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This is the upgraded version of the Aerotank. The original Aerotank was a great device, but it did have some drawbacks that were rectified with this version. Even with the improvements on this device you still show keep it about 1/3 full to be able to have the best vaping session and less leaks. You are going to be able to access adjustable air control, a bigger tank at 2.8mls, and bottom dual coil atomizer heads. This device is going to give you resistance of 2.0 or 1.5 ohm. It is now compatible with 510 drip tips. You are able to replace the atomizer heads that come with the device. It is made from food-grade stainless steel.

Top Coils and Bottom Coils

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If you are someone that is using a vaporizer to help you stop smoking you may want to look into purchasing a vaporizer with a top coil. Top coil vaporizers are going to give you warmer vapor that is going to give you a similar experience to a cigarette. This warm vapor comes from the coil being close to the mouthpiece, which means there is less time for it to cool down.

When you have a top coil you are going to have a device that does not leak as often. Even though this is a huge benefit you are likely to get many dry hits from top coil vaporizers. To help avoid this problem you are going to need to twirl and shake your device often to try to keep the wick wet. The flavor that comes from this type of vaping does tend to be lessened.

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On average you are going to find that bottom coil atomizers are going to give you better quality overall. Even though there are benefits of using a top coil design, there are many more for the bottom coil design. You are going to have more uniformity with your wick and increased vapor production.

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You are going to have a few different disadvantages when using a bottom coil atomizer. Sometime the device is not made with enough wick and you will end up with a leaking device. While you use these devices you might hear some extra fizzling and bubbling as it heats your liquid. You do have the risk of flooding this type of device.

Flooding can be caused by taking smaller breaths while vaping or by thin e-liquids. A benefit that I like is that the atomizer is closer to your battery. This can allow you to have better power as it is going to transfer to the device better which will allow your battery to last longer.

Vertical and Horizontal Coils

When looking at vape coils you are more likely to find ones that are horizontal. This is because they are much more simple to build on. When you have a device with a horizontal coil you are going to be able to have airflow that is improved when you want to rebuild a tank atomizer. When you have small base atomizers they are going to use a vertical coil and airflow. This is because smaller devices will not have the space for a horizontal coil.

Aspire Atlantis 2 Sub-Ohm Bottom Vertical Coil Tank

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The Aspire Atlantis V2 is a sub ohm tank that has a vertical coil atomizer that is located on the bottom of the device. This is the successor to the original Atlantis. The original device was the first sub ohm tank that was introduced to the industry. The Atlantis V2 has been designed to help them stay at the top of the industry for sub-ohm devices.

The tank is made from pyrex glass and stainless steel. You are able to fit about 3mls into this tank. There are also adjustable air holes that are located on the base with a drip tip and a wide bore drip. You are able to fill this tank at the bottom of the device.

You are going to be able to purchase different replacement heads including 0.3 ohm Clapton coil, 1.0 ohm, 0.5 ohm sub ohm, and a 0.3 ohm. All of the wicks that come with these heads are made from 100% organic cotton. When you get this clearomizer you are going to have a wide bore drip with a 0.3 ohm coil that is already installed. This device is going to be able to have a wattage that goes up to 80W. You are able to replace this with a 0.5 ohm coil that will work up to 30W.

Macro, Micro, and Nano

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When speaking about these terms there are not going to be set ways to explain what they entail. There can be variations in definitions depending on your source. A nano coil is some that is very small in diameter. Everything is so close together that you are not going to be able to put any wicking material in between them. You will put a ball of cotton under them and on the sides instead. A macro will have coils that are not going to touch. A micro will have no spacing between the wraps.

Clapton Coils

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This coils have some conflicting views. The work that goes into building clapton coils can take a lot of time and it is harder to build. The reason people do build these coils is because they are suppose to provide the user with more flavor and possible more vapor. This increase in vapor and flavor comes from the bigger surface area that you get by wrapping a resistance wire around a larger gauged resistance wire. There are going to be more spaces between the wires which will allow for more liquid to be captured and touch the coil.

Aspire Triton 2 Clapton Coils

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If you would like to use clapton coils you may want to invest in ones that are prebuilt. This will allow you to have all of the benefits without all of the work. You are able to purchase these coils at about $4 each. These coils are to be used with a Aspire Triton 2 Tank which is a sub-ohm tank. This specific pack is going to give you five additional coils that are 0.5 ohms. They are made of organic cotton and stainless steel. Like typical clapton coils they are larger than normal to help you get a better flavor and more vapor.

There are a number of coil variations that are on the market. This is because with every change in a coil including the number of coils, their resistance, and their position you are going to see a change in the vaping experience. There are many different types of people who vape out there so there needs to be a vaporizer that matches all styles. You are going to be able to use this list to find the perfect vaping coil for your specific vaping needs whether it be with a single, dual, quad coil.

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