APV Mods

APV Vape Mods

Best APV Vape Mods for 2018

An APV mod, short for Advanced Personal Vaporizers, also known as a regulated box mod is a device that allows you to adjust your voltage and wattage.

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The advanced personal vaporizers mods are going to be larger than the electronic cigarette. They often have many different features depending on what you purchase.

With an advanced personal vaporizer mod you are going to have a device that is shaped like a box or a tube. 

The regulated box mod has much better performance in comparison to electronic cigarettes.

APV mods typically allow you to change the device's output voltage. Usually this can vary from 3.0V to 6.0V in increments of 0.1V. When you change the voltage on your device, you are modifying the rate in which the coil in the device's atomizer heat up and to what temperature it will increase to.

Best APV Mod

Being able to change this type of setting is going to give you different vaping experiences depending on what you set it to. You will find that your vapor production, throat hit, and flavor can be modified as the voltage is changed.

 A problem that can occur with a non-regulated mod is when you change the wattage your voltage may be currently set at a level that is too high. This will lead to damaging the coils or your battery, and burning of the e-liquid that is in the device. With an APV, your mod will typically find the resistance of the atomizer coil and then will change the voltage so the wattage will be even across all of the devices coils. You do not need to calculate out what level you need your voltage and your watts with Ohm's law. Instead, it is done for you to avoid any mishaps.

IMR 18650 APV Battery

There are certain batteries that are better to use for this type of mod. These batteries are IMR or safe chemistry batteries. These are batteries like Li-Mr(IMR), Li-ion, and Li-FePo4. With these batteries the most common sizes are 18650 and 18350. While these numbers can seem complicated, when broken down they actually make a lot of sense. They are what displays the diameter and height of the battery.

 Advanced Personal Vaporizers battery

Top 3 APV Mods

Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro Express Kit

 Advanced Personal Vaporizers

Innokin has introduced another APV box to the market in the form of the iTaste MVP 3.0. This kit can be purchased for $47.95 and will include the battery, box mod, and a charger cable. For this price, you might be surprised to find out its output voltage and watt range. The device is able to increase its voltage in increments of 0.1V at a time and starts at 3.0V up to 9.0V. The wattage can be changed in increments of 0.5W from 6.0W to 60.0W. The battery that comes with the kit is a 4500 mAh Polymer Li-Ion battery which many report that it is able to last for days at a time. The clearomizer minimum resistance that is supported is 0.2 ohm.

The Innokin MVP 3.0 is the next generation of the MVP 2.0 which was a popular choice for many people. With this mod, you are able to sub ohm vape. With the minimum resistance being at 0.2 ohms there is a wide variety of sub ohm tanks that can be used with this mod. If you are going to use an RDA and sub ohm clearomizer you are going to have decent power output at 60.0 W.

The device is easy to read with an OLED screen. This screen will display the current wattage and voltage as well as your resistance of your atomizer. For ease of use, there are buttons close to the OLED screen that act as the plus and minus for your output voltage and wattage.

If you want a smaller APV, this one will not be a great choice. It is larger than others on the market, but that is due to it having many features and a larger battery than other devices. The device is heavier as well. The materials it is built from are high quality and durable being made from stainless steel instead of the typical plastic. With this material, it feels like a more well put together device if you do not mind the added weight.
 Advanced Personal Vaporizers reviews

This regulated mod has safety features that are very appealing for a vaper on the go. The unit will turn itself off after 15 seconds of no use. This helps if the unit accidentally gets bumped in a bag or pocket and turns on. When your device is running, the battery with a capacity lower than 3.3V the device is going to activate the low voltage warning which means it will flash red and then turn itself off.

The APV is able to sense the resistance of your atomizer as you use it, so it is able to balance out what the vaporizer is able to run. If it cannot run correctly it will not turn on. There is also an integrated short circuit protection that will help deter your device from being damaged from any atomizer that have shorted out. The kit also comes with a mini USB that is very handy when you use your vaporizer on the go.

Joytech eGo One Starter Kit

 Advanced Personal Vaporizers starter kit

If you are looking for something that is easy on your pocket book, but will also give you great quality vapor, you will want to go with the eGo One. It is one of the lowest priced APV mods available that is actually able to deliver in performance. This device pairs well with the eGo battery. It is an extremely small mod that fits nicely into your pocket and your palm. It has a wonderfully stylish design which can be seen below. The Joytech eGo One Starter Kit is a small silver finished tube that is available in many different colors.

Joytech eGo one apv
Joytech eGo ONE advanced personal vaporizer

The capacity for this mod is decent compared to its smaller size. You have a capacity of about 2.5mls. The name of this mod is derived from the idea that it will be the one device you use for all of your vaping needs. It is versatile and you can customize it to fit how you prefer to vape. You are able to use it for direct lung inhale, mouth to lung, and mouth inhale.

With the purchase of the starter kit, you are going to get three coils including a CL-Ti head with 0.4 ohm resistance, CL head with 1.0 ohm resistance, and Cl-Ni head with 0.2 ohm resistance. The eGo One has constant temperature output settings and constant wattage output settings. When choosing your output, your device is going to automatically adjust the voltage to match the atomizer that you use to make sure your device is running at the optimum settings. If you are using a temperature control mod, you do have to use a titanium coil or a nickel coil.

SMOK GX350 350W TC Vape Starter Kit

APV Mod Smok G

The SMOK GX 350W TC vape Starter Kit is SMOKS newest addition of higher end vaporizer mod/tank combo kits to hit the market. This vaporizer kit is not shy of boasting its tremendous cloud production potential as it is powered by 4 18650 batteries providing the MOD with the capability of reaching a staggering 350 watts of variable wattage power. This abundance of power would be almost a hindrance if not for SMOKs very high quality temperature control ensuring a powerful yet smooth pulling vape that delivers when necessary.

However, despite this mods high power capability the unit itself is a relatively compact size which ergonomically fits comfortably in your hand. This mod is compatible with 0.1 ohm to 3.o ohm coils that pair well with the included Smok TFV* high performing Cloud Beast tank which boasts a rather large 5.5 ml reinforced glass e-liquid capacity.

This MOD/tank combo comes ready to vape with all the high end features expected from SMOK. These features include but are not limited to an impressive 1-350w range (200-600 degree Fahrenheit), top-style intuitive OLED display, poly angular frame, the ability to support several different heating elements, and microUSB port for firmware Upgrades. Available in four different but equally appealing finishes (gold, purple, red or grey) this Starter kit looks as great as it functions.

This starter kit comes complete with all necessary vaping essentials to make a solid high end MOD/Tank combo that provides some of the largest cloud production of any starter kit on the market today. (E-liquid not included)

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