Caviar Weed

Cannabis Caviar

What is Caviar Weed?

Cannabis is available in many different strains and forms now that it is becoming legal in a growing number of localities. The increase in acceptance has had a significant impact on the quality of products available. Cannabis is no longer only available in unknown strains from shady dealers. Instead, it is being careful grown in specific strains and hybrids for specific results on the users. One form of cannabis that utilizes these strains is known as cannabis caviar.

Not sure what is Caviar Weed? You're certainly not alone. This new phenomenon instantly makes most people think of either tiny little fish eggs or some overpriced weed concoction that is not of much interest. However, neither of these things have any resemblance to what Cannabis Caviar is. Weed caviar is the equivalent of top shelf alcohol such as champagne and is now being sought after by both medical users and recreational users for the intense and one of a kind experience it produces.

Caviar weed is a magical mixture of different weed components. It consists of cannabis buds that are dipped in hash and then coated in kief. Sometimes the bud will only be soaked in the hash oil, but other makers may use a high-powered sprayer to coat the herb in the oil for an even more impressive effect. If the bud is completely covered in kief with no visible bud, it is sometimes referred to as a moon rock, which is a highly sought after form of weed across all markets. To fully appreciate this, the consumer needs to understand some cannabis basics.

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The Basics

Most people are familiar with buds, which are the most common form of weed. It is easy to come by and available in a wide variety of strains in any dispensary. Each bud is covered in a sticky substance known as trichomes, which are extremely desirable when grading cannabis. The more trichomes, the better the weed. Hash, also referred to as hashish, is a substance made out of compressed trichomes. It does not burn well and is usually mixed with other substances for consumption in various ways. It holds a valuable amount of precious THC and is beneficial to utilize because of this. Trichomes naturally fall off buds when they are handled or jostled around in storage.

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Hash caviar

Many people think that hash and kief are the same thing, but this is not the case. Kief, the substance that weed caviar is coated in, is the fine powder produced when cannabis buds are put through a grinder. Most people are familiar with three part grinders that have a kief catcher in the bottom, even if they don't realize what the substance is. The fine particles in the very bottom segment of the grinder that is under the mesh screen are the kief, which still possesses THC. Some people may consider this waste and not use it for anything, but smart cannabis consumers know that it is worth using, there is just no sense in wasting any usable portion of a cannabis plant!

Why are buds, hash, and kief combined?

While the origin of this mixture is unknown, the end result is fantastic.

Sativa & Indica

Caviar Weed is an exhilarating way to mix different strains of weed for various effects. It is possible to create any combination of Sativa and indica or hybrids by turning various components of each into a part of the caviar. If you are familiar with high-quality bud, you will notice some differences in the look and feel of weed caviar. The buds will appear to be covered in a shimmery substance (the trichomes) when under a light and will look and feel considerably more moist than the buds you are accustomed to seeing, but may also appear darker in color. This is a result of being soaked in the hash oil. Sometimes this oil is also referred to as honey oil, but rest assured honey oil isn't actually made from honey!

How to use Caviar Weed

Using weed Caviar

Because this type of weed is a mixture of different cannabis forms, there are several ways it can be consumed. The most common means of consumption is going to be smoking. Weed caviar is an excellent product to smoke in a traditional pipe or bong. It also works well in dry herb vaporizers. We do not recommend trying to use it in cheap quality dry vaporizers because the hash oil may cause a sticky residue build up that will hinder the vapes function. However, any quality dry herb vaporizer that is designed for different marijuana forms or that can be cleaned easily should work well.When smoking weed caviar, the process is the same as smoking dry herb. Simply load your favorite smoking tool, and you will soon be experiencing the most intense high you've ever had from weed.

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It's usually a good idea to only pack a tiny bowl to help conserve this very expensive form of cannabis. Fortunately, you also need very little to get some significant effects. It may even be a good idea to dig out that one hitter you didn't think you'd ever use again. You don't want to accidently burn too much of this using a big bowl, and you certainly won't need more than a hit or two! It should also be noted that caviar will burn longer than traditional weed because of being soaked in the concentrated hash oil. It produces an extremely thick, dense smoke compared to burning traditional dry marijuana buds as well. This also means it will keep longer than dry herb will because of the resin in the hash oil, so long as it is stored properly.

Be sure to use extra care when cleaning whatever smoking or vaping tool you use for your caviar because it is very sticky. If not properly cleaned, your utensils may acquire a stale or burnt taste, as with any improperly cleaned smoking tool used for any form of a dry bud.

What to Expect

The exact results experienced when consuming weed caviar will vary based on the individual and the strains used to produce the caviar marijuana. As long as it was genuinely created with top quality marijuana, all users can expect a potent high with an extremely long duration compared to average weed use. Because of this, people new to using this type of pot should begin very slowly while they learn how they will react to the product. When changing strains of weed caviar users should also be cautious because each different mix will produce significantly different effects. Since it is very potent users will require less of it to achieve the desired results.

Caviar Weed expectations

A set amount of the caviar will last significantly longer than the same amount of bud alone because less will be used each time, which helps balance the high cost of the product. It certainly is not something users are going to casually puff on all day long because of the price and the intense effects the user will undoubtedly experience when using the product. The flavor of this product can also be very harsh compared to other forms of marijuana, but since you only need to take a hit or two to get a strong effect, most people find it tolerable.

Where to find Caviar Weed

Although it is not found everywhere, the popularity of this product is quickly increasing, and people are eager to go out of the way to find it once they've tried it, mainly medical users who fully appreciate the effects it can have. It is most commonly found in dispensaries located in California but may be available in other places as well. If you want to be sure your choice of stores has it, call ahead of time and see what their current stock is to prevent wasting a trip. You will also want to inquire about the price, so you will not experience sticker shock when you arrive to make the purchase.

California Caviar Weed

It is also possible to make caviar at home, but the results generally will not be as good as the product you can buy in a specialty store. Please be sure to note that cannabis caviar is not a type of weed, but rather a form of marijuana. If you're ever presented caviar as a strain of marijuana, rather than a specialty form of it with bud, hash, and kief, you are being misled and should continue your search for the product elsewhere.

Is it worth it?

Ultimately only the individual user can make this decision. The consensus does seem to be that the new concoction is very much worth the high price tag but casual users or people who don't want to budget for the steep up-front cost may be better off selecting a different product for their needs. True marijuana consumers will not be disappointed by purchasing well-made caviar weed, whether it is for medical purposes or special occasions.

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