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Best Weed Grinders ​For Dry Herb

There are a few aspects of grinders that are important to consider when you are deciding which would be the best to buy.  You want to ensure the best quality for your dry herb vaporizer.

First off, you should make sure you are buying a grinder that is made out of good quality material. I would avoid buying anything that is coated with metallic alloys and instead look to buy something that was made from an aluminum material.

Good material will ensure your grinder is going to last you for a long period of time and give you a good grind on whatever material you are using. Not to mention it should help you avoid any metal shavings that flake off of the cheaper grinders.

I prefer to use a weed grinder that has a magnetic lid so I do not lose any material as I am grinding. Even though I try to be careful as I grind, it is inevitable that I may accidentally drop my device. Nothing is worse than getting the material you ground up all over the floor.

Some of the weed grinders out there feature clear lids which are useful so you are able to see how much of your material has been ground. This article is going to discuss all of these features and more to assist you in finding the best grinder for your own personal use.

When you first start using a weed grinder, you might think that there is not going to be much of a difference between a "high" or "low" quality grinder. This is simply not true. Most people start using a grinder that is at the bottom of the food chain, so to speak.

These grinders are the ones that you can pick up for a cheap price at any random gas station. They will get the job done. However, grinding is done crudely and eventually your device will break down.

Herb Grinder

Using one of these grinders may not be pretty, but they work if you do not want to spend money on a good grinder. If you are someone that is ready to graduate to a more advanced grinder, this list will help you sort through the ones available. These grinders are going to give you a better, finer, smoother grind so you have a great product to use.

Build Material

As mentioned before, what material your grinder is made out of is important. The cheapest, more plentiful grinders are going to be those made of acrylic materials.

These acrylic weed grinders are likely to break on you after a couple of uses. While you can purchase them for very little, you will need to buy them in bulk to use many over a long period of time. 

There are also wood grinders. Many people are pulled to these grinders because they do have a very unique look to them. Even though you may like the way it appears, you are going to have to deal with an uneven grind. Typically, you can only find wood grinders with one chamber which reduces the chance of getting a good grind.

The grinder that is best for grinding is going to be made of aluminum. If you purchase one of these you may find them with different coatings like a titanium-coated inside to make it stronger and stick-proof. These weed grinders are, in my opinion, the better option because they are less likely to break and you can find one that has multiple chambers. They may cost more than the other two grinder materials, but you will be much more satisfied by the end product of these grinders.

Number of Chambers to Choose From

There are a few different choices when it comes to how many chambers your grinder has. Weed grinders vary from one chamber to three chambers. One chambered grinders are the most simple of the grinders and have only two parts to them. They are the most common grinders available and are clean and simple to use. That being said, one chamber grinders are certainly not the best grinders to use if you want a perfect end result. The grind is often uneven and it takes you a longer time to get an even grind if you are able to get one at all.

Two chamber grinders have three parts to them. They give a smoother grind than that of the one chamber grinders. Two chamber grinders use small holes in the bottom of the first chamber to allow the smaller material to fall through as you grind. This allows you to get a more even grind since the material that is already significantly broken apart is in another portion of the device.

There are also three chamber grinders. Three chamber grinders give you the smallest grind possible. These grinders are able to extract and collect kief. When you are grinding, it will fall through the screen at the bottom of the grinder to be collected. It will leave you with a very even-textured, pulverized herb. These are the grinders that most people choose to use if they need to get a fine grind to use with a vaporizer.

Material Types and Grinders for Different Uses

To figure out how many chambers you want, you will need to think about what you are going to use your material for. For anyone that is serious about grinding their material, you will almost always want a weed grinder that has more than one chamber. A one chamber grinder is fine for anyone that is not picky and is looking to smoke their material. Two chambers works fine for anyone that is looking to break up their material to vape or smoke.

Some vaporizers can use material that is broken by hand, but it is typically better to get a decent grind first. If you want to make hash, you are going to need a three chamber grinder. You need the kief, or powder, that this type of grinder collects. The other grinders, or breaking it up by hand, loses this powder and you are unable to use it. With all of these characteristics in mind, we are going to go through a list of the top ten best grinders.

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​Top 10 Marijuana Grinders That Compliment a Vaporizer

The Cali Crusher Grinder

This weed grinder features some of my favorite characteristics in a grinder. It is a more affordable product by Cali and still has good quality output. The grinder is made up of four different pieces.

There is a micron count screen that is made from stainless steel, teeth that are very sharp, a chamber to capture all of the pollen, and a neodymium magnetic lid for easy closure.

The whole device is made from aircraft-grade billet aluminum, making it a long-lasting device. The unit does have an anodized black coating to prevent sticking. For anything that does stick to the sides of the machine, there is a scraper that is provided.

People have found that is device is an ideal size for grinding on the go. The top of the device can be removed easily for you to place your material in it. The pieces continue to fit together well even after many uses. With the material it is made out of and the way it fits together perfectly, it feels like a higher quality quality grinder. Since it is more portable in design, it can be hard to grind a lot of product at once. You will have to choose what is more important to you, the portability or the speed in which you can grind a lot of material.

One of the bigger problems with this device is that you have to keep the threads clean. These threads can start to grind down and pull off metal shavings as you use it. If you do not pay attention to this, you are likely to allow some of these shavings to escape into your product.

The Space Case Grinder with Sifter Mag

Grinder Weed

This is a grinder that Space Case Grinders has produced. Much of the reviews are similar to other products that they have put out. This weed grinder is made from aerospace aluminum and has a very nice outside appearance to it. It features the typical sharp teeth that Space Case Grinders always deliver on. This grinder will grind your material to a finer grind than others by this company. When the material is ground, you are able to catch all of the pollen that comes off of it.

There is a magnetic component to this grinder so you never have to worry about spilling your material. Some people have gotten faulty grinders and found that the magnets were not very powerful. For those that did not receive the faulty grinders, the magnet has been reported to work very well. It has four pieces that are magnetized together to capture all of your material and keep it inside.

The most common complaint about the Space Case Grinders is that they do charge on the higher side. While these grinders do tend to cost more than their competitors, they are made with higher quality materials that back up the price. One problem that some people have with this grinder is that it is categorized as a medium grinder, but many people have found it is actually closer to a large grinder.

If you want something that is small enough to carry around with you easily, this may not be the best grinder to purchase.

The Space Case Grinder with Large Titanium Sifter

Herb Grinders

This is another grinder from Space Case and is one of the more expensive grinders. That being said, you are getting your money's worth when you purchase this grinder that consists of 4 separate pieces. It is another grinder that is made to be durable and can be used for a long time. The teeth of this weed grinder almost never dull and are made from aircraft-grade aluminum.

If you are looking for a quality vaporizer to pair this with, check out the Pax 3 Vaporizer. It is the best on the market!

Many people have said that the tightness of the teeth is impressive and can cut through any material you use. The teeth on this device are not only sharp, but they are also very strong. This durability makes it very easy to turn the grinder through your material for a quicker grind. The Space Case Grinder can hold more than 14 grams of material which means you can grind a lot of material at once to save yourself time.

It does have an anodized titanium coating to help the grinder maintain strength and last longer. This coating also helps your material to withstand sticking to the teeth. No sticking helps when you are cleaning the grinder since there is virtually no product left over to clean out. 

The screen also requires very little cleaning because it is made to avoid clogging. Since you will rarely need to clean the screen out and the teeth always give you a fine grind, you will save a lot of time grinding your material. The screen is used to separate the pollen in your material into a different chamber. This allows you to get a great vape if that is how you are using your material. This weed grinder also features a neodymium magnet to keep the grinder together as you use it.

The weakness of this weed grinder is that it tends to capture moisture and that build up makes it harder to turn the device. Even if this does happen, it typically is not bothersome enough to get a new grinder. It is a minor inconvenience. One of the biggest complaints about this grinder comes back to the price you are paying for it. Many people say, while it seems high, it is still worth the quality you are getting.

It could be considered an investment for your future grinding and smoking since it lasts for a long time. However, this grinder does not grind your material to a fine enough point for some vaporizers. It is hard to get that really fine grind. After a while, this grinder can lose the powder coating that helps keep the material from sticking to the sides of the grinder.

The Space Case Grinder with Cali Crusher Press

Weed Grinders

This is a product of Space Case Grinders and is made with a high quality material that lasts for a long time. The grinder is coated with a titanium that helps your material avoid sticking to the grinder. The teeth on this grinder are of great quality as they are diamond cut and stay sharp for a long time.

This weed grinder is held together with neodymium magnets. Many people have said this feature has allowed them to save waste material if their grinder has been dropped in the process of grinding. The magnets are strong enough to withstand the impact of falling without bursting open.

The weed grinder is also supplied with a Cali Crusher press. Many people prefer this grinder because of the threading on the device. It threads together very well and does not stick very often. This grinder can capture pollen with an outstanding retention and does produce a very nice grind on the material. Many people have said that Space Case Grinders are one of the best brands out there.

One complaint of this weed grinder is the fact that it is not able to hold as much material in comparison to its competitors. When you do try to load this grinder with a larger amount of material, it will seize up sometimes and force the material to stick to the grinder. This can make it harder to get a good grind and to clean the grinder out. It is best to load a smaller amount of material into the grinder to avoid this.

The Santa Cruz Shredder Black with Cali Crusher Pollen Press

This is a medium grinder that is made by Santa Cruz Shredder. It is 2 1/8 inch in diameter and 3 1/8 inch in height. It was made to be easy to use and to avoid catching as you try to grind. It uses a 7 catch thread design to avoid those moments where your grinder will seize up.

Another comfort feature that they have added is a helpful grip pattern. This grip pattern allows you to hold the device easily as you turn the grinder. Many people have said that this design has made it very easy for them to use without getting hand or wrist pain that can come from continual grinding.

This is a medium grinder that is made by Santa Cruz Shredder. It is 2 1/8 inch in diameter and 3 1/8 inch in height. It was made to be easy to use and to avoid catching as you try to grind. It uses a 7 catch thread design to avoid those moments where your grinder will seize up.

Another comfort feature that they have added is a helpful grip pattern. This grip pattern allows you to hold the device easily as you turn the grinder. Many people have said that this design has made it very easy for them to use without getting hand or wrist pain that can come from continual grinding.

To make sure that this grinder is going to last, Santa Cruz has built the grinding teeth into the body of the grinder. The inside of the grinder is also coated with a black anodized coating. This feature makes it stronger and scratch proof so the grinder will continue to look new as you use it. There is also a Cali Crusher press for the pollen that is pulled off of the product. The screen has a very good knit so you can collect the most material at a time.

This grinder is very easy to clean out. There are four pieces to this weed grinder and it is very easy to take apart and put back together. When you do pull your ground material out, it is very easy to get everything out of the machine so you are not going to waste any product.

To ensure that you have a good, even grind of your material you can turn the device upside down and grind again. You can also tilt the grinder at a 45 degree angle with the lid pointing down. When you do this, you can collect all of material in the corner. You can continue to grind the material here to get a better grind.

The downfall of this product is that it is more expensive than a typical grinder on the market. This grinder can be purchased for around $50. Most grinders max out at $30 so many people are put off by its price.

Some products have too high of a price without any added quality. This grinder does not have that problem. When you put out the extra money for this product, you are getting a great unit in return. Because of the way this grinder was built, you are getting an even-textured grind every time. Some people have reported that their material can get caught in the top of the chamber where the teeth are unable to reach.

If this happens, you may have to shake the material loose and regrind those portions that were stuck. Anyone that I have seen use this grinder says that they do not feel like they are ever going to need to replace it because of the quality.  It's built to last. Overall, this is a very satisfying weed grinder in all aspects.

The Black Tie Grinder

best weed grinder

When you purchase this grinder, you are purchasing quality. It is made by a small company that has a goal of giving the best customer experience possible. This goal has made this product a dream to use and I have not found anyone that has had anything really negative to say about it.

The company takes extreme care to make sure every detail of this grinder is perfect down to the last tooth. This unit has a sleek finish which makes it feel like the grinder is ready for a black tie event. If you do feel dissatisfied by this product ,you can cash in on their 100% money back guarantee.

This grinder uses around 50 teeth to grind your material until it is very fine. It has four pieces with a three chamber design that allows you to filter your herbs as you are grinding. It uses a micron steel mesh screen to filter out all of your product.

Like many of the better quality weed grinders, it uses neodymium magnets to makes sure all of these pieces stay together and keep your product fresh and inside of the container during transit. The grinder is made of an aluminum which is also CNC aircraft grade material. This is one of the reasons it is able to deliver on such great quality.

The amount of teeth this weed grinder has allows you to get a very fine grind on all materials. However, sometimes the material can become packed into these teeth if it is too crowded in the chamber. Once you loosen the material, you are able to start grinding again and it will still produce a good, even grind.

The AfternoonDelight Grinder

This weed grinder from AfternoonDelight features a large deep container for your material so you can grind more product at once. There is no waste with this device because AfternoonDelight thought ahead and made the inside corners of the device curved so you are able to access all of your material.

It is made from aluminum that is made with metallurgy science making it a very high-class product. This material has made the device a lighter unit to carry around.

There are five separate pieces to this grinder. It does come completely apart so you can clean it efficiently. It uses magnetic parts to keep the grinder together.

The magnets are strong and never falter when you are putting the machine together. When you do have it put together, you can turn the grinder and it will not release any of your product inside.

The inside of this device does have a non-stick coating that helps your material come out easier when you are trying to extract it. It is easier to clean then some of the other products on the market. If you do manage to get the grinder very messy, you can remove the sieve that holds the product to clean it out.

The manufacture provides a pick to help to scrape all of the material out of the device. Once the weed grinder is clean to your satisfaction, you can simply put it back in and be back to grinding in no time.

There are 30 sharp teeth to grind material through to get a good grind. If you find that your material is not ground to a fine enough texture, it is easy to put it back in and run it through again. This will get your material to a finely ground level.

Rocket Grinder

The Rocket Grinder is a pretty amazing, innovative piece of kit. A compact, multi-functional item, it combines a grinder, storage container, and one-hitter all into a single keychain.

The grinder breaks down into three separate parts. Starting at the top, there is a grinder with a magnetic cap. This works in the same way as every other manual grinder and will grind your herbs into a fine mixture just right for smoking.

grinder for weed

The middle section is a herb container. The mixture from the grinder above falls through a funnel into this chamber as you grind. Depending on the freshness of your herbs, you might have to tap or shake the Rocket to get them to fall through the grinder and funnel into the container. The fresher the herbs, the more sticky they tend to be.

There is a screen that comes with the kit which you can fit between the grinder and the herb container. If you use the screen, you can tap your herbs directly out of the grinder itself onto whatever surface you want. Without the screen, the herbs will automatically, with a little bit of coaxing, fall into the carrying container.

Lastly, the bottom of the rocket is the real icing on the cake. The base of the container has a part that screws off to allow you to funnel the ground herb directly into a heating chamber or bowl. However, this removable piece, kind of like a small tube with a little button on one end, also doubles as a one-hitter pipe. Very handy if you are on the move but really need a hit.

The Rocket Grinder is made from stainless steel and leather making it a very stylish keychain in which to carry around your herb - not to mention your grinder and one-hitter as well.

The Sharp Shredda Grinder with Pollen Catcher

marijuana grinder

The Sharp Shredda Herb Grinder will shred anything you put in it in a very short time. This product can be used with many materials from tobacco to any type of herb that you are using. It does have stumpy metal teeth that are able to cut through the material without the worry of them breaking or getting too dull. It also has the capability to capture the pollen that comes off your material.

The screen that is used to capture the pollen is made to avoid fraying, which can be very annoying and create a hard-to-use device. To capture the most pollen possible, this machine does use magnets to close the device so there is not a chance that you spill your product before you extract it.

To help you pull the pollen from the device, they do provide a scraper which does help get into the smaller portions of the unit. This unit does have a steel screen insert that allows you to capture sap as well. If you are someone that likes to use separate accessories for your devices, this manufacturer does have multiple that you can purchase for this weed grinder.

For those that are on the go, this unit is a smaller device and comes with a carrying pouch. Some people do find the price on this device to be a little high, but it does deliver good quality grinds that can be worth the extra money. Since it is a smaller unit, it can be harder to clean.

There are more areas on this device that get packed of material and the corners are hard to clean out. It does give you a good grind, but you must be diligent in cleaning the device so that it will continue to provide that even-textured material.

The Golden Gate Ultimate Grinder

Best Grinder

This grinder is highly recommended. It is made from anodized aluminum that is aircraft-grade and has a scuff resistant black finish. This not only makes it look very clean and glossy but it also prevents the device from depositing any metal shavings into your product.

There are almost 50 diamond cut teeth to grind your material into a fine material. One problem with this product is that the teeth are so sharp that some users have found it dangerous. This is not a weed grinder that you should ever leave where any children can get to it. While it is considered a problem, it  is also a benefit because it gives you a great grind.

When you grind you can feel the quality that it produces. It does not feel like you are crushing your material, and it grinds soundlessly. The device is held together by neodymium magnets to make sure none of your material will slip out and all of the scent from your material is going to be captured in the device.

Many people enjoy the way this weed grinder feels. It is not one that feels like a light pocket grinder. You can tell you are getting a quality grind as soon as you pick up this strong, heavy grinder. Because this grinder will not become scratched up, you can use it for a long time.

The only aspect of this grinder that can become a problem is that the teeth of the grinder can go loose. The top teeth are the ones that usually become loose and should be watched closely to judge if this is happening.


When you are choosing from this list of weed grinders, you will get a satisfying grind no matter what. All of the grinders on this list can give a good, clean grind and will last for a decent amount of time. The main difference between many of these grinders is in the price and the size. When choosing the right weed grinder, you should consider how much you are willing to spend to get a good quality grind on your materials.

If you are someone that is going to grind a lot of material at a time, you should focus on trying to find a larger chambered grinder to give you the most room for a quick grind. You will not need to worry about the quality of these grinders.

Many of them feature the best characteristics of weed grinders on the market including non-stick coating, magnetized parts, and non-clog screens. All it comes down to is choosing the one that will give you the best grind for your money.

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