About Us

​Welcome to Vaporizer For Weed

Welcome, on behalf of myself, Jake, and my girlfriend, Natalia; welcome to our blog.

We've been avid vaporizers and medical marijuana enthusiasts for closer to 10 years now. It dawned on us more recently that there was a big void in the "types" of websites online that offer REAL USER information on the best types of vaporizers to use with your bud.  So I built out this website in order that Natalia and I could blog a little bit about which models are our favorites.

I'm a web designer by profession and Natalia's a tattoo artist. We love the outdoors, traveling, growing, vaping, and now our new hobby; blogging together.

Our goal is to continue to offer as much free and valuable information and insight as possible into the wonderful industry that is vaporizers. Together we own over 27 vapes ourselves (I know it's quite a collection); and between using our friends' we have tried just about every recognizable model under the sun.

Natalia is more of a connoisseur of the "premium model" vapes while I personally am a fan of the durable and portable vapes. So you'll notice the voice of each review probably switches off depending on who is doing the blogging.

We hope you guys find this site and our experiences with various vapes useful. Our plan is to do some more video demos soon so keep and eye out for those and of course if you have any questions feel free to reach out. 

Cheers to high quality vaping and good times.  -Jake and Natalia